Chapter 255: A Fight Between Powerhouses (3)

“Integrated?” Yun Feng asked in confusion.
The middle-aged man smiled and was very willing to explain for Yun Feng.
“That’s right.
After reaching the Commander Level, all the weapons are about one thing, integration! The level of Magic Beast Crystals integrated represents the level of the weapon.
My light sword is integrated with the Magic Beast Crystals of the Monarch Level, so it certainly will be a weapon of the Monarch Level.”

“Senior, this sword is indeed something that makes people jealous!” What Yun Feng said made the middle-aged man burst into laughter happily.
“You’re right! My sword is indeed something that makes people jealous.
A lot of people want to have it.
It truly makes them envious!”

“Senior, your weapon is probably the only one that has the Magic Beast Crystals of the Monarch Level, right?” Yun Feng pondered for a while.
How would anyone get things like Magic Beast Crystals of the Monarch Level easily? Only humans at the Monarch Level could possibly fight with Magic Beasts of the Monarch Level.
The chance of killing them was very slim, which emphasized how precious the weapon in this Senior’s hand was.
Being able to hold such a priceless weapon, it meant that this person’s strength couldn’t be underestimated either!

“You’re right.
As far as I know, mine is the only weapon at the Monarch Level in the Karan Empire.
The other old people all use either weapons at the Commander Level or even weaker ones.”

Yun Feng smiled.
The strength of the middle-aged man in front of her must be higher than the Commander Level.
Since he dared to wield a weapon of the Monarch Level everywhere, he certainly must have the strength that deserved this weapon.

Thinking about what he said about the integration, thinking about the Magic Beast Crystals that her Master gave her, Yun Feng smiled from the bottom of my heart.
A weapon at the Monarch Level… This wasn’t urgent, but she should make a weapon of the Commander Level.

If possible, she had to make weapons of the Commander Level for her sullen father and big brother as well.
Even though she couldn’t give the weapons to them right now, she could make them ahead of time.
With the boost from the ultimate ores, it was a bit difficult for them to not reach the Commander Level!

“I said I’d give you a lesson, but I still haven’t done that.
I better finish what I promised other people.
Just bite the bullet and let me teach you a lesson!” the man said as his body dashed towards Yun Feng again like a shooting star.
Yun Feng immediately adjusted her mind and directly turned into a shadow, but the middle-aged man penetrated right through it with a powerful momentum!

“Whoosh!” Yun Feng watched the man rush straight over.
Even though her speed was increased by the wind element, it was still far from the speed of this man! It was already impossible to dodge anymore!

The man’s hand smacked directly, coming towards Yun Feng’s body! “Don’t worry.
I just need to injure you a bit, so that I can finish my job!” the man said as he smacked his hand down.
Yun Feng frowned and swung her fist without thinking!

The man smiled.
When he saw Yun Feng take a punch in a flash, he immediately smiled.
A mage, this kid was a mage, but she wanted to use the weak body of a mage to fight with a warrior? Haha, interesting idea!

The man smacked and hit Yun Feng’s fist!

“What?” The man widened his black eyes abruptly, feeling a fierce force come to him from Yun Feng’s fist penetrating through his palm.
The man’s body was pushed away and Yun Feng also went backwards while panting.
She felt a bit uncomfortable because of the power from the man’s hand just now.

“You…” The man immediately narrowed his eyes and glanced over Yun Feng again.
“You’re a warrior?” After looking at her, the man asked in uncertainty, even though he was extremely confused and couldn’t believe it.

Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m flattered, Senior.
I’m not a warrior.
I just have better physical fitness than ordinary people.”

The middle-aged man’s face immediately darkened.
Just… better physical fitness than ordinary people? The strength just then was the strength of a warrior! How would a mage possibly have such powerful body strength?

“Although I don’t know why you said that, I’m already done with my lesson.
As for what the Huangzu family is going to do next, it’s between you and them.
I won’t interfere anymore,” the middle-aged man said as he waved his hand.
The air shook several times and the seal was removed.
The man’s body flashed and he was about to leave, but he suddenly turned around.

“Yun Feng, perhaps the School of God of War is more suitable for you.”

Yun Feng was startled and a bit speechless.
“Senior, I’m really not a warrior.”

The middle-aged man’s mouth spread wider.
He had already dashed forward without saying anything, disappearing from Yun Feng’s sight in a blink.
Yun Feng looked at the back of the middle-aged man for a long time.
A powerhouse at the Commander Level, or perhaps above this level, was indeed different… When both of their hands contacted just then, Yun Feng clearly felt how much this Senior suppressed his power, so that he wouldn’t hurt her.
Even if she didn’t block the attack with her hand, nothing would happen.
She would only have a minor injury.

However, Yun Feng still took it.
The short moment of contact that lasted a few seconds made her realize how delicate the powerhouse’s control of power was.
He could release and take back his power freely.
In fact, in the fight between the two of them just now, both parties held back.
Yun Feng kept her identity as a summoner a secret, while that man didn’t exert his full power either.

This was a fight in which nobody exerted themselves.
Even though the things Yun Feng realized were just a drop in the ocean, it was kind of a huge gain for her.

A name suddenly flashed in her mind, the Huangzu family.

If this Senior didn’t have such a bearing, there would have been a brutal fight today and she might have even died.
Huangzu family, you’re truly shameless people.
It’s indeed right to kill Huangzu Yelian and destroy the business of the Huangzu family!

Yun Feng looked somewhere in Park City.
The Huangzu family was like a cockroach.
Even though cockroaches were small, they had the ability to reproduce very quickly.
If she let them be, they would become a scourge sooner or later.

Coldness flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes.
She must exterminate them.

Her slender body flashed in the night sky, rushing towards the house of the Huangzu family.
Meanwhile, some people in the house of the Huangzu family were worried.
The things that happened in the Huangzu family lately had made everyone lose their confidence.
They were guessing if they offended someone they couldn’t offend, leading to such a result.

The children in the Huangzu family were all a bit arrogant and Huangzu Yelian was one of the most arrogant ones.

While Yun Feng hid in a dimension, she saw a few teenage boys gathering together and talking about something loudly.

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