Chapter 254: A Fight Between Powerhouses (2)

“It’s not over yet!” Yun Feng’s red lips curved up slightly as she raised the wand in her hand again.
The snakes that were ready in the sky immediately moved.
Silver snakes danced around! A few silver thunderbolts struck towards the middle-aged man’s head!

“Tut-tut! Mages are indeed different.” The man mumbled.
His body flashed between the few silver snakes rapidly and the thunderbolts, which were like dancing silver snakes, didn’t injure the man at all!

Yun Feng stood right there, watching the man dodge easily.
The wand in her hand lit up again and some earthy yellow elements gathered around it!

“Earth Chains!” As Yun Feng shouted, the man only saw a giant earthy yellow chain coming towards him.
The man burst into laughter.
“You want to chain me up with this?” The man dodged to avoid the earth yellow chain gently before it arrived in front of him.
The speed of the two of them couldn’t be compared at all.

The smile on the man’s mouth didn’t last long before he felt a current coming from behind him.
His body subconsciously dodged.
“Clang!” Another earthy yellow chain came from behind and plunged deep into the ground.
The man was shocked for a while.
In just a few seconds, dozens of chains suddenly appeared in all directions, flashing towards the man’s body!

The man was startled.
His body flashed and was about to jump out of the dimension, but chains inexplicably appeared in the air, rushing down directly and wrapping around the man’s body completely!

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!” Four sounds came consecutively.
The man’s limbs were immediately restrained by the Earth Chains.
The man moved his body slightly as the Earth Chains tightened abruptly!

Yun Feng looked at the middle-aged man who was tied up.
“I certainly can’t use just one chain to restrain you, Senior.” The middle-aged man was tied up by the Earth Chains and his limbs were bound, while Yun Feng stood there without any difference and wasn’t injured at all!

This was the difference between mages and warriors, especially those at the same level! If the warrior couldn’t get close to the mage, the mage would be at a huge advantage!

The situation right now was a very good example.
Yun Feng didn’t even move.
She trapped the man with just two spells!

“This is indeed interesting.
Looks like I have to use my real strength as well.” The man, who was bound by the Earth Chains, suddenly chuckled as the muscles on his limbs bulged abruptly.
The stout chains shattered in an instant!

Yun Feng frowned tightly after seeing this scene.
The earth magic was just a level-9 magic and the level of the middle-aged man was perhaps above the Commander Level.
Although he kept his strength at the early stage of the Commander Level, it was effortless for him to get rid of Yun Feng’s level-9 earth magic!

After the Earth Chains shattered, the pieces also disappeared.
The man rubbed his shoulder as the sword in his hand let out an astonishing momentum.
Yun Feng also slowly became vigilant.
The few attacks just then were only little games.
The middle-aged man was going to be serious now!

“The thunder element, the earth element… Tut-tut, what other elements do you know? Just use them!” The man waved the sword in his hand abruptly as his body flashed towards Yun Feng like a huge shooting star, making the air flow and creating buzzing and howling sounds!

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes and moved her body rapidly.
The man’s sword suddenly stabbed Yun Feng’s body, but the body immediately disappeared! A shadow!

The middle-aged man stopped and looked at Yun Feng, who was already a hundred meters ahead of him, and was shocked in his mind.
Such a speed? Was she also a wind-element mage?

“The wind element… Together with the water element and the fire element Fitch told me about.
Yun Feng, you truly surprised me.” The middle-aged man looked quite emotional and the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth raised.
“It’s my honor to have your appreciation, Senior.”

Yun Feng waved the wand in her hand as the giant ice blue snake and the giant fiery red wolf appeared next to her.
Heat of excitement couldn’t help but surge out of the middle-aged man’s eyes when he looked at the two enormous beasts.

“She looks really like a summoner… No wonder people in the royal family never give up on finding summoners among mages.
It truly makes sense.”

Yun Feng listened to the middle-aged man mumble and the smile at the corners of her mouth remained the same.
Mages were indeed the closest to summoners, especially the magic simulations.
If it weren’t that their simulated giant beasts didn’t have a real body and couldn’t survive for a long time, they truly had no difference from summoners.

The Karan Royal Family had always been obsessed with summoners.
Yun Feng guessed that if her identity as a summoner was exposed and went into the ears of the members of the Karan Royal Family, she wouldn’t be able to live a peaceful life anymore.
She was now only at the Commander Level.
There were certainly powerhouses at such a level in the Karan Royal Family, like the person in front of her.
He had a close relationship with Fitch, so he must have something to do with the royal family as well.

If her identity as a summoner was exposed, the Karan Royal Family would definitely ask her to join them.
Did she have the right to reject it? Not at the moment.
Did Yun Feng have to work for the Karan Royal Family? Impossible!

She said that the Yun family would no longer have to work for anyone.
The Yun family would be their own master!

“Let me greet you multi-element mage!” The middle-aged man growled as he wielded the sword in his hand abruptly and a dazzling halo shone from the blade of the man’s sword!

Yun Feng immediately sent out the Earth Shield to protect herself, but the two giant beasts next to her immediately disappeared in the dazzling halo!

Yun Feng was startled in her mind! What was that sword? Her fire magic had reached the Commander Level! But the beasts disappeared right after a slash!

The middle-aged man looked at Yun Feng’s astonished look and spun the sword in his hand gently a few times.
“After reaching the Commander Level, even if your weapon has nine holes and nine crystals, it can only be regarded as a piece of trash! And I can kill you easily with the sword in my hand!”

What the middle-aged man said made Yun Feng frown tight.
Weapons would become totally different after reaching the Commander Level? The Commander Level was indeed a whole new level.
It was far different from even the peak of level 9 and was completely incomparable!

“Weapons at the Commander Level aren’t about holes, but crystals, the level of the Magic Beast Crystals! My sword has the energy of the Magic Beast Crystals at the Monarch Level.
You can’t resist it at all.”

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