Chapter 253: A Fight Between Powerhouses (1)

“Hahaha, you’re indeed quite interesting, kid.
No wonder Fitch speaks highly of you.” A smile appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes.
Yun Feng was shocked after hearing that.
Fitch? Wasn’t that the General of the Army of the Karan Empire? It seemed that this man in front of her had quite a close relationship with Fitch.
Perhaps he was a heavy hitter in the royal family?

Yun Feng frowned and pondered.
Why would a heavy hitter from the royal family come to find her?

“Yun Feng, I came here today only to return a favor.
Have you heard of the Huangzu family in Park City?”

Yun Feng frowned tight.
“Of course.
I’ll be honest with you, Senior.
I did all that to the Huangzu family.
Senior, are you here to do justice for the Huangzu family this time?”

There was already coldness coming out of Yun Feng’s eyes.
She had never thought that such a heavy hitter would owe the small Huangzu family a favor.
The Huangzu family was quite impressive.

“Hm! Do justice for them? They should look at themselves to see if they deserve that!” The middle-aged man grunted, then remembered why he was here.
“Haven’t you gone too far? It’s fine you killed his child, but is it really necessary to destroy what he built?”

Yun Feng laughed loudly.
Facing this man who had a higher strength level, she didn’t yield at all! The members of the Yun family never bent their backs! Whoever it was, even a powerhouse couldn’t make the members of the Yun family bend their spines and arrogant bones! They would rather die standing than live lying! This was the arrogance of the members of the Yun family!

“Senior, Huangzu Yelian ran wild and was domineering in Park City, while the Huangzu family is also a notorious gutter.
Why do you have to lie in the dirty water? Aren’t you worried that you’d make yourself stink as well?”

The middle-aged man became anxious.
“Yun Feng, I won’t argue with you for the sake of your young age, talent and intelligence.
And yet, I want to tell you that you shouldn’t go too far when doing things.
You must leave a way out for yourself!” This was actually quite right.
The middle-aged man didn’t have a hint of evil intention.
Yun Feng then nodded with a smile.

“I remember what you said in my mind.
However, I also have something to say.
If other people don’t give me a way out, why should I give them a way out? Huangzu Yelian was cruel.
She took my friend’s life.
Senior, may I ask you how I can do nothing at all?”

The middle-aged man was startled.
He didn’t ask about this.
Huangzu Fu didn’t tell him anything important at all! The Huangzu family was the one who was wrong in this matter, and now, they wanted him to stand up for them.
They’re clearly making him a scapegoat!

A fire immediately rose in the heart of the middle-aged man.
“I didn’t know about this.
The Huangzu family, this dog, indeed bit someone first.”

Yun Feng smiled, then cupped her hand in the other and bowed.
“Senior, you’re a righteous man.
I appreciate that.
Since you owe the Huangzu family a favor, you should return it.”

Yun Feng thought this powerhouse was taking revenge for the Huangzu family.
And yet, he didn’t look like he was trying to hurt her at all.
Perhaps it was because he treasured talents.
Perhaps there was justice in his heart.
He wasn’t the kind of person who hurt people indiscriminately and did whatever he wanted because he was strong.
If Yun Feng encountered such a person, she wouldn’t let the other party take any advantage, even if that person was more powerful than she was!

“Huangzu Fu originally asked me to kill you, but I changed my mind and said I’d give you a lesson.
Yun Feng, since I’ve already said that, I certainly have to do it.”

The middle-aged man laughed as his momentum of the Commander Level burst out abruptly.
He looked like he was already in his 50s, but there was a trace of excitement on his face right now.

“Don’t worry.
This dimension has already been sealed.
Even if we fight fiercely, people outside won’t have any response.
I’ll suppress my strength to your level but I won’t let you take any advantage at all.”

Hearing what the middle-aged man said, Yun Feng smiled speechlessly.
Why did she always meet some strange powerhouses? Now that things had come to this point, this Senior wasn’t trying to take advantage of her and probably just wanted to learn from each other, so why not? This was also the first time she had ever fought with a powerhouse of the Commander Level!

Thinking of this, Yun Feng was also a bit excited.
She twisted her wrist as the wand with six holes and six crystals appeared in her hand.
The middle-aged man couldn’t help but burst into laughter after seeing that.

“Isn’t your weapon too tacky?” The middle-aged flipped his palm as a sophisticated sword appeared in his hand.
There was a faint luster on the blade of the sword, but there weren’t any holes on it at all!

“What weapon is this?” Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked at it for a while.
There wasn’t even one hole on the sword, but it was exuding a very powerful energy, which made Yun Feng really confused.

“Even though you’ve entered the Commander Level, you really don’t know much about this level.
Yun Feng, let me give you a lesson!”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Enlighten me, Senior!”

“Enlighten you? I’m not doing that by talking.
Pick up your wand! I heard that you’re a double-element mage.
It’s been so many years since I fought with a double-element mage.
Allow me to relive the old dream again today.
Yun Feng, if you don’t exert yourself, you’re going to suffer!”

Yun Feng burst into laughter as the wand in her hand suddenly emitted strong light.
The six Magic Beast Crystals suddenly lit up and there were eventually slight fluctuations around Yun Feng.
Her mental strength was communicating with the elemental force in the dimension.

This was a fight between powerhouses at the Commander Level, so Yun Feng certainly couldn’t let down her guard.
She also knew that if she didn’t do her best this time, she would definitely be the one who suffered.

“Please take my attacks then, Senior!” Yun Feng shoute as she raised the wand in her hand.
A beam of light suddenly flashed in the sky and claps of thunder came one after another!

“This is… the thunder element!” The middle-aged man widened his eyes abruptly and looked at Yun Feng in shock.
After that, he seemed to understand something.
He immediately burst into laughter, laughing unpleasantly!

“Hahahahahaha! It turns out Fitch was being tricked! Alright, let me greet you multi-element mage!” There was a smile at the corners of the middle-aged man’s mouth.
Buzzing sounds burst out of the blade of the sword in his hand, as if a dragon was growling!

“Thunder!” Yun Feng shouted as a few thunderbolts struck fiercely in the sky! The twisted thunderbolts that were as thick as an arm were like white silver snakes in the sky, striking at the middle-aged man viciously.
The middle-aged man was breathless.
He quickly moved to the side and avoided the thunderbolt.
The ground was completely burnt because of it.

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