Chapter 252: The Powerhouse Is Coming (3)

This was the house where Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin stayed together.
There was another bed next to Mu Xiaojin’s, where Mu Canghai originally slept.
Ever since that night, Yun Feng had been here with Mu Xiaojin, staying with her all the time.
Although Mu Xiaojin didn’t have the sorrow and pain she had that night again, her expressions still showed that sometimes she wasn’t feeling good at the bottom of her heart.

Even though there was a possibility that Mu Canghai would come back to life, the chances were really slim.
Even so, it was enough for Mu Xiaojin.

Yun Feng watched Mu Xiaojin sleep while frowning and felt heartbroken.
She couldn’t help but caressed Mu Xiaojin’s frowning eyebrows gently with her hand.
Sitting quietly next to her, Yun Feng was also in a bad mood.
Injuries needed time to heal.
Only through the healing of time could Mu Xiaojin forget the pain gradually.
Hopefully, after getting to Masang School of Magic, she would be better.
Yun Feng suddenly remembered her brother.
By then, Mu Xiaojin would have a brother to love her as well.
With her brother’s gentle personality, he would definitely be able to make Mu Xiaojin feel better.

Yun Feng was more or less comforted in her mind when she thought about this.
When she remembered what the ancestor said about the West Continent, a thought came to her mind.
Among the things that her Master had given her so far, there was a chorography about the continents.
With her Master’s experience, he should have quite a deep understanding of the West Continent!

Thinking of this, Yun Feng immediately took out the chorography.
A very thin booklet appeared in Yun Feng’s hands.
There were a few vigorous and powerful words on the surface of the booklet, which also highlighted the arrogance of her Master: The Vast Chorography.

Yun Feng turned to the first page and saw the brief summary of the continent, the distribution of the few continents and some other places on this planet, other than the Vast Continent.
Yun Feng looked at the simple map drawn by her Master and was slightly astonished.
Her Master was indeed an extraordinary person.
He had already explored places other than the Vast Continent? Seeing the few islands marked beyond the border by her Master, Yun Feng finally realized that this world was countless times larger than she imagined.
Her Master still hadn’t explored everything, because this simple map only showed part of the places.
There were still a lot of blank areas!

Yun Feng was in awe of how vast this land was and she was also guessing which level her Master was at secretly.
The Lord Level? Or a level higher than the Lord Level? Thinking of the strength level above the Lord Level, Yun Feng’s mind became warm out of excitement.
What would such a level be like? And what would people at that level encounter? If even her impressive Master was trapped and couldn’t escape, which level would she need to reach to save him?

A strong fighting spirit surged abruptly in Yun Feng’s mind.
No matter what, she must put her Master’s matters first, since she took on his mantle.
Her Master was still alive, waiting somewhere for her, his disciple, to save him.
She would definitely work hard.
She must work hard to improve her strength!

Yun Feng looked at the chorography briefly.
Her Master’s descriptions of the East Continent and the West Continent were very accurate.
There was even a detailed description of every place in the East Continent.
Everything was there.
Although information about the West Continent was relatively little, it still gave Yun Feng a general idea that there were three kingdoms.

What made Yun Feng most surprised was the Central Continent.
Master’s description of the Central Continent was only a short note, nothing more!

“It’s so mysterious…” Yun Feng stared at the spot on the map that was marked as the Central Continent and murmured.
Why was this continent so mysterious? Who lived on this continent? Perhaps not human beings? Why was it so isolated? What other secrets were there on this continent?

The Central Continent that was the size of a hand expanded infinitely in Yun Feng’s eyes with layers of fog.
Yun Feng had a feeling that she would have some encounters and meet some people, and that something would happen…

The night sky was silent.
However, Yun Feng suddenly glanced out of the window and quickly put the chorography in her hand back into the Bracelet of Dimension as she used her mental strength to envelop Mu Xiaojin’s entire body swiftly.
After doing all this, Yun Feng’s body immediately turned into a shadow, disappearing from the house.
The wind element in her body emitted a faint green color around her, which made her entire body look like a beautiful flying firefly.

Yun Feng stood outside of the hotel quietly.
After a few seconds, someone walked right towards her.
He seemed to show up in a blink, so quickly that people couldn’t see where he came from at all.

Yun Feng curled up the corners of her mouth slowly as she looked at the middle-aged man getting close to her.
The middle-aged man also sized her up curiously.
The middle-aged man waved his huge hand and there were some slight fluctuations in the air, but Yun Feng didn’t mind at all.
She let the man make his move with a smile.
She was familiar with this skill, sealing the dimension!

“You’re Yun Feng?” The middle-aged man sized her up with shock in his eyes.
Yun Feng nodded as she stood there with her slim body upright.
Her black eyes didn’t glitter at all.
Even facing a powerhouse who was at the same level as she was, she didn’t panic!

Right, this man, who could seal the dimension, was at the same level as she was.
Both of them had reached the Commander Level! Yun Feng thought secretly.
Would tonight be the first time she fought with someone with comparable strength?

In an already sealed dimension in front of a small hotel in Park City, a slim teenage girl and a middle-aged man were standing with a distance between them.
There wasn’t even the sound of wind in this dimension.
The two of them weren’t talking at all.
They only looked at each other with their eyes, detecting each other’s strength.

“You kid are Yun Feng? Haha, you’re indeed extraordinary.
You’ve already reached the Commander Level at such a young age.
This truly surprises me.” After sizing her up, the middle-aged man said loudly.
The momentum around him struck like a mountain, making Yun Feng feel a bit irritated.

Yun Feng smiled as she frowned slightly.
The strength of this middle-aged man was above hers.
She had just entered the early stage of the Commander Level not long ago.
This man should be at the mid-stage of the Commander Level and his aura was also much stronger than hers.

“I’m flattered, Senior.
I’m just a junior.
How can I compare to you?” Yun Feng smiled gently.
Although she knew that this man was looking for her, she still had to make a polite remark.

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