Chapter 250: The Powerhouse Is Coming (1)

Thinking of this, Huangzu Fu finally calmed his mind.
He was still a bit heartbroken, but as the leader of a family, family affection had already turned into interests.
He would just discard people who were useless.

Huangzu Fu sat there and he gradually began to look better.
What happened to Huangzu Yelian only stayed in his mind for a few minutes before he had already put it behind him.
Huangzu Yelian was truly a tragedy from the beginning to the end.

Huangzu Fu was worrying about other matters of the Huangzu family.
The Royal Mercenary Group couldn’t succeed in the Mercenary Union after all.
Even though the Royal Mercenary Group had tried their best to recruit members, the ones they took in were all low-level people.
Even though the two-star mercenary groups in the Mercenary Union were similar to that, it was difficult for the Royal Mercenary Group to develop further.

They couldn’t establish any relationship with the three-star mercenary groups.
The two-star mercenary groups were mostly as bad as they were and they didn’t want to have anything to do with the one-star mercenary groups.
As for the four-star and five-star mercenary groups, the Royal Mercenary Group didn’t even dare to think about it.
Huangzu Fu pondered for a long time, thinking about how he could open the passage for the Royal Mercenary Group.
This was also the problem that had been bothering him these few days.

While thinking of this, someone suddenly opened the door and ran inside.
He staggered and directly collapsed on the ground without standing still.
Huangzu Fu couldn’t help but frown when he saw that.
“Why are you in such a panic? What’s wrong?”

The person who came in stood up as he trembled and he glanced at Huangzu Fu several times.
He then said with a tremor in his voice, “M-Master, something… something happened… to… to the mercenary… the mercenary group…”

“What did you say?” Huangzu Fu suddenly shouted furiously.
The person who came was so scared that his legs became like jelly and he almost fell on the ground.
He immediately knelt down without lifting his head and yelled, “We’ve just got news that the bases of the Royal Mercenary Group on the Shiny Plains and the Mercenary Union in Ge Yuan were all destroyed last night! No one survived!”

“How is that possible?” Huangzu Fu was so shocked that he got up from the chair.
Blue veins appeared on the backs of his hands.
All destroyed? No one survived? In one night?!

The person who reported the news trembled as he knelt there.
His head was still touching the ground after all.
Seeing that Huangzu Fu wasn’t talking, he said fearfully, “M-Master, I… I’ll leave first…” Before Huangzu Fu said anything, he quickly got up and ran away until he disappeared.

Huangzu Fu stood in the main hall alone dumbfoundedly.
A few thunderbolts seemed to have struck in his mind.
In one night, the Royal Mercenary Group was exterminated by someone!

The fire of rage burnt fiercely.
Huangzu Fu was so enraged that he gritted his teeth! He spent so much effort in building the Royal Mercenary Group! And he spent so much effort to enter the Mercenary Union! He spent so much effort in making it a two-star mercenary group!

After putting in so much energy in it, everything was destroyed in one night, and was destroyed so completely! Wasn’t this person trying his bottomline?

Anger, heartache, hatred, all kinds of emotions constantly surged in Huangzu Fu’s chest, making his eyes slightly red.
He might be able to forget about the matter of Huangzu Yelian, but definitely not the matter of the mercenary group! How could he just let it go after his roots were pulled out?

The Huangzu family relied on the mineral veins of the mercenary group to make a living.
And now that the mercenary group was gone, the Huangzu family would soon be gone as well! Huangzu Fu clenched his fists abruptly as he gritted his teeth, making some clattering sounds.
Double-element mage, Yun Feng? Even if you’re a talented genius, even if you have outstanding abilities, so what? You killed my daughter and destroyed my family business.
You won’t be able to resist my anger no matter how talented you are!

Huangzu Fu suddenly took out a white jade pendant from his sleeve and sent his thoughts inside as the Sound Transmission Jade flashed several times.
Huangzu Fu waited while holding his breath, as if he was waiting for a heavy hitter to arrive.

The jade pendant flashed a few times again.
Finally, a deep and impatient voice sounded, “Are you looking for me?”

Huangzu Fu looked surprised after hearing that.
His expression seemed to be a bit ferocious.
“Master Baili, I indeed want to ask for a favor.”

The other side of the jade pendant went silent for a few seconds and it flashed again.
“Have you made up your mind? I only owe you once.”

Huangzu Fu choked.
This heavy hitter only owed him once and the favor was owed by accident.
Huangzu Fu could be said to have gotten a huge bargain.
Being able to get a favor from a powerhouse was even more exciting than receiving a piece of high-level ore!

Huangzu Fu had never asked this heavy hitter for help for so many years, because there was only one favor.
He certainly had to use it well! Even when the Royal Mercenary Group needed help the most, Huangzu Fu wasn’t willing to use the chance, but now, it was different.
The Royal Mercenary Group was gone! The business he established with hard work was destroyed and uprooted by someone! A huge amount of energy was wasted and all the ideas were just empty talk.
If he didn’t get back everything he had, he would probably be unable to sleep well every night!

Huangzu Fu gritted his teeth secretly.
Thinking about the burnt, chaotic scene, thinking about the mercenary group he established being destroyed in one night, hatred rose like raging waves in his mind.
It couldn’t be calmed.
It was clamoring and wanted to swallow everything!

“Yes, I’ve made up my mind.
Master Baili, please help me this time.” Huangzu Fu said softly.
The other party seemed to be relieved as well.
A powerhouse wouldn’t owe favors easily.
A favor represented a request from someone, not to mention this someone was a person like this.
The other party didn’t seem to be comfortable in his mind either.
And now, he could finally return the favor, which was a good thing.

“Hm, what do you want me to do? I must tell you that if this person isn’t someone I can provoke, you should ditch the idea as soon as possible!” The voice suddenly became fierce.
Even though the person wasn’t right before Huangzu Fu’s eyes, Huangzu Fu still couldn’t help trembling.
Powerhouses had their own rules.
Although this person owed Huangzu Fu, it didn’t mean that he would risk his life for him!

A few drops of sweat fell from Huangzu Fu’s forehead and his face also became a bit pale.
“Don’t worry, Master Baili.
I want you to kill an enemy of the Huangzu family this time.”

“How’s the strength of the other party?”

Huangzu Fu gritted his teeth, creating some clattering sounds.
What a cunning powerhouse.
If she was truly as powerful as he was, wouldn’t this request be screwed? Huangzu Fu chuckled.
“It’s just a level-6 mage, one that you can kill with one hand, Master Baili.”

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