Chapter 249: Slim Hopes (4)

Yun Feng opened the curtain and walked inside.
The mercenaries couldn’t help mumbling in confusion after seeing that, “Where are you from? Don’t you know where this is? Get out of here now!”

However, Yun Feng looked cold as she glanced around.
It turns out there are only a dozen of them? Haha, even though it’s a small number, this is just the first one!

A ball of fire suddenly came out of the tent of the Royal Mercenary Group and miserable cries also sounded continuously, but the other mercenary groups didn’t do anything at all.
They didn’t even stick their heads out to have a look.
This space had already been separated by Yun Feng completely!

In less than a minute, a small figure walked out of the tent of the Royal Mercenary Group.
When Lan Yi in the air saw that, he immediately flew over and Yun Feng’s body also flashed as she hopped out of the area of the two-star mercenary group.
After stepping back on Lan Yi’s back again, Yun Feng looked in the direction ahead.

“Go to the Mercenary Union in Ge Yuan.
I have to eliminate the Royal Mercenary Group completely!”

How much could happen in a night? In the dozen hours when people were in their dreams, something weird happened in several places.

In some alley in Park City, the walls around were damaged by someone and none of them were intact.
There were also burnt marks everywhere in the scene.
A huge area of black color covered the ground and there was a pungent smell flowing in the air.
A lonely wheelchair was left there.
There was a blurry print on the back of the burnt chair.
That was a logo that people in Park City were familiar with.
It belonged to that domineering, infamous Huangzu family.

Who was the person in the wheelchair? This was the question in the minds of people in Park City.
Many people were guessing if this was a fight of revenge.
Judging from the large area of traces, the two people involved in the fight were both someone who couldn’t be trifled with!

The next day when sunlight shone over Park City, this messy alley entered people’s sight.
In a blink, news spread like the wind.
There was another thing that people in Park City could discuss.
Apart from the magic exam of Masang School of Magic this year, this messy alley that was full of mystery and what exactly happened there became the subject that people in Park City talked about.

When Ted rushed to the alley, he, as a mage, knew clearly what was left in the air, even though the others might not be able to feel it.
It was the fire element!

After one night, a little fire element was still floating in the air.
This proved that whatever happened here yesterday involved a mage! It was even a fire-element mage with excellent ability!

Thinking about this possibility, Ted’s face couldn’t help turning pale.
Among the teachers who came to Park City this time, no one was a fire-element mage, except for that kid! Ted looked at the messy scene here.
There must have been a brutal fight last night.
The burnt mark was so large.
It seemed that this kid used the fire element out of anger.
Who exactly wasn’t afraid of dying and provoked that girl?

Ted looked around the scene and saw the remaining wheelchair.
The wheelchair was made of extremely good material.
It seemed to be a fire-proof material, or it wouldn’t stand until now.
Perhaps Yun Feng didn’t notice that it was still here.
When Ted saw the blurry logo on the back of the chair, Ted frowned slowly again.
That logo should belong to some family.

“Move! Get out of my way!” A rude, deep shout came.
The crowd around was pushed away abruptly.
People all looked at the husky man who pushed them furiously.
When they saw the few people behind him, they were all angry but dared not speak as they gave way.
The arrogant Huangzu family was here!

The husky man pushed the crowd away and the two people behind him came to the front.
When Huangzu Fu saw the wheelchair at the scene, his face immediately turned pale.
He stared firmly at the wheelchair with his black eyes.
After a while, he finally spoke slowly, “Yelian…”

Ted turned around and had a look.
When he saw that the people who came were from the Huangzu family, he couldn’t help feeling a bit shocked.
He also realized in his mind afterwards that only someone from the Huangzu family, who didn’t know their place, would dare to provoke that kid.
Although Ted had just come to Park City for a few days, the Huangzu family’s “prestige” in Park City was truly far-reaching!

“Who did this? I want to know who! I want that person to die!” Huangzu Fu shouted with a hoarse voice.
Looking at the messy traces at the scene, he felt a bit dizzy and enraged.
His face flushed and turned pale at the same time.
He asked her to stay at home to rest.
He said she should let this matter go.
And yet, he had never thought that this kid would refuse to listen to him and sneak out alone.
When the Huangzu family couldn’t find her in the morning, they heard the news.
Huangzu Fu immediately came over without caring about anything in the Huangzu family.

“Send someone out for an investigation.
We must find out what happened!” Huangzu Fu said fiercely.
He wanted to know the truth no matter how much it would cost!

Ted stood there with a little anxiousness in his mind.
Even though the Huangzu family weren’t people to be afraid of, they were still trouble.
Would that kid truly be fine by herself? The girl still couldn’t be considered an official student at Masang School of Magic right now.
Even if Masang School of Magic wanted to protect her, they couldn’t really have a reasonable reason.
Ah, kid, you really have a lot of troubles!

Huangzu Fu asked someone to carry the burnt wheelchair home and sat in the main seat silently for a long, long time.
In fact, he didn’t have to investigate this matter.
Huangzu Yelian must have provoked someone.
Who else could she provoke? It must be that double-element mage!

When Huangzu Fu went to the scene, he was still thinking how impressive a double-element mage could be and he wanted to take revenge for Huangzu Yelian.
However, when he saw the large area of scorched ground and Huangzu Yelian’s body that didn’t have anything left, Huangzu Fu’s heart started pounding.

One daughter died, and that was it.
In fact, there wasn’t only one child in the Huangzu family, but Huangzu Yelian was the most favored one.
Huangzu Fu was more or less a bit heartbroken.
However, offending a double-element mage, especially an extremely talented one, because of the death of a child… Huangzu Fu knew what was more important.
Comparing the Huangzu family with a child of the Yun family, the Yun family would certainly be the priority.

Huangzu Fu only said those things earlier as a formal remark.
Even though he knew Yun Feng did that, he was also planning to put this behind him.
Huangzu Yelian’s death was a consequence of her own actions.
She just reaped what she sowed.

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