Fire elements immediately surged out of the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body and went towards the girl.
Even though it was severely injured, it could still kill this ignorant human easily!

The girl had no idea that her arrogant declaration had made the Magic Beast feel deeply stripped of its dignity.
She could make a level-1 Magic Beast her pet, but a level-5 Fire Cloud Wolf would never become a human’s pet even if it had to die!

“Watch out!” The young boy and the few warrior servants shuddered with fear.
The boy’s body flashed and he dragged the girl backwards immediately, dodging the Fire Cloud Wolf’s dangerous attack.
There was a layer of cold sweat on the boy’s forehead.
Wasn’t this girl too arrogant? If the Fire Cloud Wolf wasn’t severely injured, they would have been running for their lives right now, let alone making it a pet!


The girl was startled by the sudden attack.
After getting to safety, a strong resentment and rage surged in her heart.
How dare the beast attack her! It was already its greatest honor to be her pet, but it dared to attack her!


Some humans were ignorant and complacent.
They thought they were superior, but they had no idea that they were miserably weak in the eyes of the Magic Beasts.
The Magic Beasts didn’t even bother to care about the grace they offered.

Among all the humans, the Magic Beasts would only lay eyes on the summoners and nobody else.

“That beast attacked me! Then, I’ll just kill you first! The Blade of Earth!” The girl pushed the boy’s arms away and released the mental strength in her body.
A ball of yellow elements immediately appeared in her hands.
The girl was a mage and had even reached level 3!


The ball of earth element in her hands kept expanding.
In the end, it smashed the injured Fire Cloud Wolf following a shout of the girl.
When the earth element got closer to the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body, it only felt sorrow in its mind.
A level-5 Magic Beast died in the hands of a level-3 mage.
If it wasn’t injured by that little girl, how would it die here like… a loser?

The ball of earth element fell from the sky fiercely and it turned into a stone blade, stabbing deeply in the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body.
The Fire Cloud Wolf died just like that in the hands of the teenage girl.
It could be said to be the most miserable one among the dead Magic Beasts.


“Hm, just an animal.
It died in my hands after all!” The girl grunted in disdain and completely regarded herself as a master who could hunt a level-5 Fire Cloud Wolf.
The others felt embarrassed for the girl’s arrogance when they heard what she said.
Let alone killing the Fire Cloud Wolf, if it wasn’t severely injured, how would a level-3 mage like her be capable of hurting the Fire Cloud Wolf a bit?


“Clean up the animal.
Let’s go deeper!” The girl said.
The young boy gave the servants a hand gesture with an upset look.
The Magic Core of the Fire Cloud Wolf had been taken out.
A level-5 Magic Core was worth quite a large amount of money.

Seeing the girl still want to keep going further, the young boy immediately said no without thinking about it.

“No? Why not? This Foggy Forest isn’t that special? Where are the powerful Magic Beasts? I don’t see any!”

The girl’s savage words made the young boy look not so good.
Everyone in Chunfeng Town knew how dangerous it was deep inside the Foggy Forest.
He didn’t want to risk his life for a willful, ignorant girl!

“If the Fire Cloud Wolf wasn’t injured by someone, we would have had to escape.
There are countless Magic Beasts stronger than the Fire Cloud Wolf living deep inside the Foggy Forest.
We can’t go in there!”

The girl was also a little shocked when she heard that.
Seeing that the young boy’s face darkened, she knew that she was too willful and she no longer forced them to go further.
However, she didn’t want to go back like that as well.
The boy was frustrated.
Since this was his father’s request, he could only continue wandering around the outermost area of the Foggy Forest with this lady.


When Yun Feng entered the central area of the Foggy Forest, she spread her mental strength and felt the obvious difference between the central area and the outermost area.
Level-5 Magic Beasts, which were the ones with the highest level in the outermost area, were only at the bottom in here.
Under the detection of Yun Feng’s mental strength, the lowest level of elemental force was level 5 and there weren’t many of them.
A few were level 6 and she couldn’t detect the rest anymore.

Yun Feng was very cautious along the way.
She sensed fewer elements, which meant that this place was dangerous.
There were too many Magic Beasts with a higher level than she was.
If they encountered each other, there was nothing she could do, except for running.

“Kid, what’s the highest level you detect right now?” The ancestor’s voice came.
Yun Feng smiled gently and carefully identified the levels.
She then replied, “Two level-6 elements, a fire element and an earth element.”

The ancestor nodded contentedly.
Level 6, such a talent was enough to defeat everyone else.
Even he in the past wouldn’t be able to catch up with her at all.

“Which one do you want to contract with, kid?”

Yun Feng smiled.
She had already had an answer in her mind.
A Magic Beast of the earth element had astonishing defensive power, but its speed and attacking power were too weak.
Her body was comparable to that of a warrior.
In the real battle earlier, even the Magic Beasts couldn’t cause her much harm.
A Magic Beast of the earth element was in fact worthless to her.
However, a Magic Beast of the fire element was different.
Its violent attacking power was what Yun Feng needed.
If that Fire Cloud Wolf back there wasn’t so careless that she could injure it seriously, she would have had to put in more effort to really fight with it.

After making her decision, Yun Feng mobilized the wind element and her body flashed like a shadow, speeding towards the direction of that fire element!

Not many humans would go into the central area of the Foggy Forest, since most Magic Beasts here were at level 5 to level 7.
Magic Beasts were much more powerful than humans of the same level, which made humans feel greatly threatened.
Even if a level-7 warrior met a level-6 Magic Beast here, he wouldn’t be confident that he could kill it.
If he encountered a level-7 Magic Beast, he had no other choice but to run.

Nobody would take the risk and be willing to become a meal in the belly of the Magic Beasts.
So, apart from people who were obsessed with money, those, who could enter the central area through the outermost area, were either desperadoes that didn’t care about life and death, or one other type of people, the summoners!

However, the summoners rarely showed up.
The possibility was lower than one over ten thousand.
There hadn’t been any summoners on the East Continent in the last two centuries, so the Magic Beasts living in the Foggy Forest could be said to be the most pleased ones.
Without the threat of the summoners, other humans were nothing at all.
If some high-level people really came, a move from the few Magic Beasts deep inside the Foggy Forest would be enough to frighten them.

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