Chapter 248: Slim Hopes (3)

“You must plan everything well.
The West Continent isn’t like the East Continent.
You can’t rush this,” the ancestor said.

Yun Feng also knew that she couldn’t just go to the West Continent.
Her current strength was far from enough for traveling across continents.
Besides, dark mages were so rare.
There was only slim hope.
She wasn’t sure if that titular president was one or not.
Even if she was certain, it was difficult to find him as well.

All kinds of problems were placed in front of Yun Feng.
Even though she was struggling in this matter right now, she wouldn’t give up.
She would definitely not give up!

“Xiaojin.” Yun Feng said.
Mu Xiaojin looked at Yun Feng with her huge watery eyes.
Yun Feng gently caressed her little face.
“Would you believe me if I say that we can still save Canghai?”

Mu Xiaojin immediately widened her eyes as tears dropped again uncontrollably.
Yun Feng instantly wiped the tears off with her hand gently when she saw that.
Mu Xiaojin’s lips shook slightly.
“Are… Are you serious… We… We can still save my brother?”

Yun Feng smiled with a hint of frustration in her tone.
“There’s a way, but the chance that he can come back to life is very small, or even a little slim…”

“I believe you! I’ll believe whatever you say, Xiao Feng!” Mu Xiaojin suddenly interrupted Yun Feng as light burst out of her huge eyes.
That was complete trust and support!

“Good! As long as you believe me, I’ll do everything I can to bring Canghai back to life!” Yun Feng nodded and promised Mu Xiaojin.
She also made a promise in her mind.
No matter what, as long as there was a glimpse of hope, she wouldn’t give up and she would try her best to bring her friend back to life, even if there was only a slim chance!

Mu Xiaojin suddenly stopped crying and smiled.
Having experienced the sadness and joy just now, she could be considered to have experienced a rare stage in life.
Mu Xiaojin seemed to have grown a lot at this moment and her original innocence had faded.
At some point, this little butterfly had undergone a metamorphosis.

“Put away that bag.
Without that, Canghai won’t be able to come back.” Yun Feng said as Mu Xiaojin nodded.
“I’ll take it with me.
I won’t put it down at any time.”

Yun Feng nodded as she waved her hand gently and removed the blockade she formed with her mental strength.
In a blink, the choking smell of smoke and an unknown smell in this space continued to spread and the messy situation in here was also exposed.

Yun Feng gave it a thought and the green Ring of Contract appeared in her hand.
Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help widening her eyes in shock.
She looked at Yun Feng with endless surprise in her black eyes.
Yes, a summoner that was hard to find showed up in front of her.
It would be weird if Mu Xiaojin wasn’t stunned.

Yun Feng smiled gently.
“Xiaojin, you’ll be my family from now on.”

This made Mu Xiaojin’s mind, which had just been calmed, emotional again and she was about to burst into tears.
She just lost her brother, but got another family.
Mu Xiaojin wanted to cry.
She really wanted to cry…

“Lan Yi, come out.” Yun Feng said gently as a beam of green light shot out of the Ring of Contract.
The handsome Lan Yi appeared in front of Mu Xiaojin.
Mu Xiaojin opened her mouth slightly and wasn’t able to speak.
Was that… a Magic Beast? A Magic Beast that could transform into a human being? What level was Xiao Feng at exactly?

Lan Yi looked at Mu Xiaojin in slight confusion, but he didn’t ask any questions as Yun Feng wasn’t saying anything.
Yun Feng told Lan Yi what she wanted to do in her mind and Lan Yi immediately transformed into his original Magic Beast form.
When the giant, beautiful Griffin appeared on this small street, half of the walls of the street were cut off completely by Lan Yi’s wings, which made the originally messy place even more chaotic.

Yun Feng held Mu Xiaojin with one hand and hopped gently on Lan Yi’s wide back with her.
While Mu Xiaojin was still dumbfounded, Lan Yi’s wings had already flapped abruptly.
In the thunderous sounds caused by the collapsing walls, a beam of blue light shot from a corner in Park City straight into the sky!

“Xiaojin, hold on tight!” Yun Feng whispered in Mu Xiaojin’s ear as Mu Xiaojin nodded in the wind and held Yun Feng’s clothes with her little hands.
Under her body was the soft and smooth fur of the Griffin.
Mu Xiaojin looked at Lan Yi curiously.
When she saw the patterns on Lan Yi’s giant wings, she felt dizzy.

What Magic Beast was this? It was enormous and beautiful.
She had never seen one before… Xiao Feng could get such a Magic Beast.
That was truly… impressive!

A beam of blue light flashed over the night sky above Park City.
It was so swift that it looked like a blue shooting star.
People in Park City who were still awake looked up and shouted out of surprise.
Some of them even started closing their eyes and made a wish.

After the beam of blue light left Park City, it flashed towards the Shiny Plains rapidly.
After a while, it arrived in the place where the mercenaries were stationed on the Shiny Plains.
Lan Yi hovered in the sky a few rounds as Yun Feng looked over carefully with her black eyes.
There were over a hundred small tents in the two-star area.
Lan Yi suddenly stopped above the two-star area.
Yun Feng could still see quite clearly at such a far distance.
Because of the transformation of the Array of Life, her altered bodily functions had already reached an extremely terrifying level.

Looking around briefly, Yun Feng finally found the logo of the Royal Mercenary Group.
Her red lips curved up slightly and she gently let go out Mu Xiaojin.
“Lan Yi, protect her.”

“Yes, Master.”

Yun Feng stood up on Lan Yi’s back as her black hair fluttered in the wind in the night sky slowly.
Her beautiful black eyes gazed at everything below from high above like God!

She waved her slender hand gently and her mental strength burst out silently, enveloping the tent of the Royal Mercenary Group completely and sealing the dimension!

Yun Feng suddenly jumped off Lan Yi’s back, creating a whooshing sound of the wind.
Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help yelling anxiously after seeing that, but Lan Yi said with a smile, “Such a height isn’t a problem for Master.”

Mu Xiaojin sat on Lan Yi’s back carefully and was relieved after seeing Yun Feng land on the ground safely.
She knew what Yun Feng was doing and everything she did was for taking revenge for her brother!

In the Royal Mercenary Group, everything was the same as any other day.
A dozen slack mercenaries were taking a nap inside the tent, while a few other brothers were out and hadn’t come back yet.

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