Chapter 247: Slim Hopes (2)

Yun Feng really wanted to roll her eyes at the sky! The ancestor said something like this at this moment.
“Ancestor, can Mu Canghai come back to life or not?” Yun Feng repressed her emotions, but she was still very nervous.
Mu Xiaojin looked at Yun Feng with changing expressions and asked in confusion, “Xiao Feng, what’s wrong? Please be okay, Xiao Feng…”

Yun Feng gave Mu Xiaojin a beaming smile as she wiped off the tears in her eyes that were about to drop out.
“Don’t cry first.
I’ll explain to you later.”

Mu Xiaojin nodded obediently.
The pain of losing her brother still lingered in her heart.
Yun Feng was the only person Mu Xiaojin could rely on right now.
Mu Xiaojin obeyed what Yun Feng said and forced the tears in her eyes back.
Her little face was entirely red, which made Yun Feng anxious when she saw that.

“Alright, alright, you kid, really…” The ancestor complained again before finally saying seriously, “Theoretically, Mu Canghai is dead, but he’s still alive for some people.”

“What does that mean? Who are those people? What method is needed? What do they need?”

“Kid, which of your questions do you want me to answer first?” The ancestor said with a smile.
Yun Feng immediately blushed a little.
“Ancestor, go ahead.
I won’t interrupt.”

“Tut-tut, do you have a crush on Mu Canghai? Ahem, forget about it.
Let’s not talk about this right now.
I’ll carry on.
For some people, normal death can’t be considered real death.
In the perspective of these people, only when the soul and body completely vanish can the person be regarded as truly dead.
As long as there’s still a part of the body or memory left, it means that this person is still alive and not dead.
The remaining part of the body and memory is the source of rebirth, so people with a normal death can be reborn and even reshape their bodies!”

There was a burst of shock in Yun Feng’s heart.
What kind of a theory was that? These people could manipulate death and rebirth.
Didn’t it mean that they completely controlled life and death in their hands?

“There’s a unified name for these people.
They’re someone that people are familiar with but seldom see, dark mages!”

A dark mage!

The ancestor continued, “Among the seven elements, the light element and the darkness element are special elements.
There can only be one light or dark mage in ten thousand mages, and it isn’t necessarily the case.
Light mages have the most powerful healing power.
They advocate the restoration and return of life.
Although most dark mages use offensive magic, they have a powerful ability that brings people back to life.”

“Ancestor, do you know any dark mages?” Yun Feng asked as she pondered in her mind.
As long as she found a dark mage, Mu Canghai would still have the chance of coming back to life!

“Do you think any dark mage can bring people back to life? Haha, kid, only dark mages who have reached the Lord Level have this ability!”

The Lord Level… Yun Feng’s body shook slightly.
The Monarch Level was above the Commander Level and the Lord Level was above the Monarch Level.
How would there possibly be a mage of the Lord Level on the East Continent?

“I know a mage who’s reached the Lord Level, but kid, do you really want to take care of someone else’s business? After all, Mu Canghai isn’t related to you.
However, if you have feelings for this kid, I’ll certainly support you, even though I’m not quite satisfied with him.”

Yun Feng was truly speechless.
What did it have to do with this matter? The ancestor could really think about these two things together.
“It’s not that.
I am responsible for Mu Canghai’s murder.
It was my negligence that caused his death.
Besides, the two of them are my friends.
If there’s a way that can bring my friend back to life, how can I possibly give up just like that?”

The ancestor burst into laughter.
“Kid, you really inherited the Yun family’s personality of cherishing affection and personal loyalty.
Great, great! You must know that due to the physique of people on the East Continent, there are a total of less than ten thousand mages, but that isn’t the case on the West Continent.
The numbers of mages and warriors on the West Continent are always balanced.
The magic level of the West Continent is far beyond that of the East Continent, so there can only be mages of the Lord Level on the West Continent.”

“What about the Central Continent? Can’t there be any mages at the Lord Level?” Yun Feng asked.
If she couldn’t find one on the West Continent and there were some on the Central Continent, she would still have a second chance!

“Speaking of the Central Continent, they don’t really have much contact with the East Continent and the West Continent.
I haven’t been there either.
It’s very mysterious.
Kid, if you have the chance in the future, you can travel there and broaden your horizon.”

Yun Feng agreed at the bottom of her heart.
The ancestor then continued, “Even though the West Continent has far better magic skills than the East Continent, they have only a few mages at the Lord Level.
As far as I know, the number stays a single digit.
The mage of the Lord Level I know about is the titular president of the Magic Union on the West Continent.”

“The titular president?”

“Yeah, because this titular president has never showed up before like a ghost, whether it’s before or after becoming the president.
Apart from the few senior management personnel, other people don’t even know if the president is a man or a woman and they have no idea about the whereabouts of this titular president.
Perhaps the president is right before you and you won’t know about it.”

Yun Feng frowned tight.
There were already very few mages at the Lord Level.
She wouldn’t expect to find any on the East Continent and there were only less than ten on the West Continent.
How many of them would be a rare dark mage? The high hanging ratio truly made the original hope become even slimmer!

“This titular president is a dark mage?”

“Haha, I’m not sure, but might be.
Kid, do you still want to go in this case?”

Yun Feng didn’t even take time to think.
“Yes! As long as there’s a glimpse of hope, I’ll bring Canghai back to life no matter what!”

The ancestor smiled with satisfaction.
The personality of the children in the Yun family was like this.
In fact, Yun Jing was the same, but there wasn’t a brother he could do this for in the previous circumstance of the Yun family.
And yet, Yun Feng was different.
She made friends.
Although she hadn’t known the brother and sister for a long time, she had already given them a definition in her heart, friends!

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