Chapter 246: Slim Hopes (1)

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However, no matter how loud and how miserable she shouted, nobody could hear her.
This dimension had already been covered by Yun Feng’s mental strength.
No one could hear a single sound inside!

Huangzu Yelian looked at the constantly burning fire elements on her body in panic.
She couldn’t put out the fire no matter what she did.
These terrifying elements seemed to have their own consciousness and they went inside her body like crazy.
Huangzu Yelian’s exposed skin was immediately completely burnt.
The skin turned black and peeled off her body, but there wasn’t even a drop of blood, because the blood that oozed out also evaporated instantly because of the fire elements!

“I’m wrong, I’m wrong! Just let me go.
I’m begging you.
I won’t do it again in the future.
I swear I’ll never lay a hand on you and that girl.
Don’t kill me.
Don’t let me die!”

Huangzu Yelian kept twisting her body and yelled desperately..
She shouted her head off, but found that nobody came after a long time and she realized that the cold, gorgeous girl in front of her wasn’t someone she could provoke.
So, she begged.
Huangzu Yelian, who never begged, finally shouted and begged for mercy, but the cold girl didn’t waver at all.

Mu Xiaojin slowly lowered her head and looked at her dead brother in her arms as tears rolled down drop by drop.
The blood flowing on the ground had already transpired.
Other than having blood stains on his cheeks and a hole at the back of his head, everything else of Mu Canghai’s body was intact.
If people didn’t look carefully, they might think that he was just asleep.

Yun Feng’s desire to kill surged out at this moment.
A strong evil energy rolled around her, showing that she was enraged right now! Huangzu Yelian’s continuous begging and painful cries merged together completely.
However, Yun Feng didn’t even move her eyebrows and the quiet fire wolf next to her also looked at Huangzu Yelian with the viciousness of a beast in its fiery red eyes.

The skin on her body had already fallen off.
Huangzu Yelian looked like a fetus without skin.
The blood clots on her face were ghastly.
Regardless of those eyes and the human shape, people would think that she was a monster when they saw her.

Huangzu Yelian didn’t have the power to shout anymore.
The fear and panic in her eyes at first became struggles and prayers, then returned to cruelty and viciousness as usual.

“Yun Feng, the Huangzu family won’t let you go.
My father won’t let you live!” Huangzu Yelian smiled ferociously.
Her mouth that had no lips suddenly opened wide, looking vicious.
Yun Feng also gave her a smile.

“I’ve heard this a lot of times.
The first person to say this has already gone down there.
And now, there’s you.” A trace of viciousness flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes.
The giant beast next to her suddenly opened its mouth wide and the wolf body formed by the fire elements pounced on Huangzu Yelian abruptly.
It opened its huge mouth, swallowing Huangzu Yelian.
The fire elements immediately formed a ball and wrapped tightly around Huangzu Yelian!

“Argh!” It sounded like the last cry before dying.
Huangzu Yelian’s painful shout echoed in this dimension.
The fire elements soared to a height and there were some small crackling sounds, like a giant beast chewing a bunch of bones, which sounded extraordinarily miserable in the silent night sky.

The fire elements gradually dissipated and the place where Huangzu Yelian was located just now had already been swallowed until nothing was left!

Yun Feng slowly turned around and saw that Mu Xiaojin was still sitting there dumbfoundedly while holding Mu Canghai.
She walked over and tried to carry Mu Canghai’s body, but Mu Xiaojin stopped her.

“Xiao Feng, can you burn my brother too… I want his ashes.
I want to carry him with me and stay with him forever…” Mu Xiaojin cried again and she spoke intermittently while choking strongly.
Yun Feng felt her heart ache and she nodded quietly.
A ball of fire elements then surrounded her wand as Yun Feng waved gently and the fire elements went to Mu Canghai’s body.

Unlike the original personality of the fire element, this ball of fire elements carried incomparable tenderness, like a gentle fire caressing Mu Canghai’s closed eyes and cheeks.
Mu Canghai’s body gradually deformed and became smaller in the fire, while Mu Xiaojin’s tears fell inside drop by drop, integrating closely with Mu Canghai’s body, which had completely turned into ashes.

There was no wind in this dimension, so Mu Xiaojin didn’t have to worry about the ashes being blown away.
She carefully took out a small bag and put Mu Canghai’s ashes inside.
She was so careful that she didn’t miss a bit of the ashes.
When Mu Xiaojin put all the ashes into the bag, she tied it up and put it in her clothes in front of her chest.

Yun Feng came up and patted Mu Xiaojin’s shoulder.
Mu Xiaojin pouted as she went into Yun Feng’s arms and the crying she had been suppressing was released at this moment.
Yun Feng felt that the clothes on her chest were soaked by Mu Xiaojin’s tears.

She cried so hard that her heart was torn and her lungs cracked.
She cried so hard that her liver and intestines broke.
Her only family member, her only brother, died just like that.
If Yun Feng were her…

Imagining if something bad happened to her brother, Yun Sheng, and her father, Yun Jing, Yun Feng felt a burst of enthusiasm in her brain.
She truly believed that if something really happened to her family, she would kill them, regardless of their strength and identity.
If they were Gods, she would kill the Gods.
If they were demons, she would kill the demons!

“Hey… Kid, comfort that little girl and ask her not to cry quickly.” The ancestor’s voice came slowly.
Yun Feng didn’t answer.
If she didn’t let Mu Xiaojin vent her emotions at this moment, it would be a torture to her.

“Kid, you’re not listening to me? Hey, tell this little girl, if she keeps crying, her brother will never be able to come back!”

Yun Feng only felt that a beam of harsh light suddenly shot out of the cloudy sky.
The sorrowful atmosphere just then was cast over by a layer of hope!

“Xiaojin, don’t cry, don’t cry!” Yun Feng dug Mu Xiaojin out of her arms in panic and quickly wiped off her tears with her hand.
Mu Xiaojin looked at Yun Feng in confusion and had no idea what she was doing.

“Ancestor, tell me quickly.
Will Mu Canghai be able to survive?” Yun Feng anxiously yelled at the ancestor in her mind.
The ancestor mumbled pretentiously, “This kid shouted at me for a man.
I shouldn’t have said that…”

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