Chapter 244: A Life for a Life (3)

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“Yelian, just let go of this matter and treat it as an argument between children.
Forget about it.” Huangzu Fu rubbed his forehead.
Things in the Huangzu family were a bit troublesome lately, which made the leader of the family distressed.
If something like this happened to Huangzu Yelian in the past, Huangzu Fu might be able to do something about it.
And yet, at such a worrying time, fights between children should be put aside.

Huangzu Yelian still wanted to say something, but she held back after seeing her father’s exhausted face and buried her unwillingness and anger in her heart.

“Take Yelian out and let her rest these few days.”

Huangzu Fu sent Huangzu Yelian away in one sentence.
Huangzu Yelian didn’t say anything either.
She was taken out with a gloomy face.
After returning to her house, Huangzu Yelian smashed a chair fiercely with one hand..
Her eyes were glittering with cruelty and her heart had already distorted completely!

“Yun Feng, don’t you think that I dare not do anything to you! And the fucking brother and sister, none of you can get away with this! Hahaha, hahahahaha!”


After the exam of Masang School of Magic ended, all the candidates had five days of preparation time.
Then, they would gather in Park City and the magic teachers, who came to the city this time, would take all the candidates that passed the exam to Masang School of Magic.
When they officially entered Masang School of Magic, they would truly become the students of the school.

These five days could be said to be the most relaxing.
Mu Canghai also stayed.
He was planning to go home after Mu Xiaojin left.
Under Mu Xiaojin’s strong request, Yun Feng also stayed with the two of them.
They had fun wandering in Park City these few days and bought a lot of interesting stuff.

The Magic Beast Crystals from the group of Lion-Tailed Baboons gave Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin enough coins.
Although dozens of level-3 and level-4 Magic Beast Crystals weren’t something rare, people would be interested in them and they could be sold at a pretty good price.
So the brother and sister didn’t have to worry about money.

As for Yun Feng, the business of the Yun family had already taken the cake in Chunfeng Town.
Her sullen father’s economic skills were top-notch and money kept flowing into the Yun family constantly.
There was nothing Yun Feng had to worry about.

Tonight, the three of them came to a pub.
Yun Feng wanted to treat the brother and sister to a big meal, and Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin also agreed happily.
This was the best pub in Park City.
They had attentive service and the food was really delicious.
The three of them were delighted.
When they finished eating the feast, the noisy crowd outside also gradually became smaller.
They looked at the sky and thought it was time to go back.
Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin held their hands and walked back, while Mu Canghai followed them by himself.
Looking at the backs of the two of them, a warm feeling rose in his heart.

They walked towards the hotel they stayed in along the way.
When Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin turned at a corner as they chatted happily, Mu Canghai walked forward and kept up with them, but a black shadow suddenly flashed behind him, smacking the back of Mu Canghai head with a hammer.
Mu Canghai’s body swayed and fell down.
He only felt something warm flowing from the top of his head slowly, covering his eyes.
He could only see a cloud of blood, and nothing else.

Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin walked a few steps and suddenly felt something wrong.
They looked back and didn’t see Mu Canghai.
Yun Feng’s heart stopped.
She immediately walked back along the same road with Mu Xiaojin without saying anything, but found that Mu Canghai was already lying in a puddle of blood.

“Brother!” Mu Xiaojin ran over as she cried, holding Mu Canghai’s head up from the puddle of blood in panic and enveloping Mu Canghai’s injured head with the light blue water element.
Yun Feng looked up and saw that there was already a hole in Mu Canghai’s head.
Blood was oozing from inside out and something white could even be seen!

Yun Feng immediately clenched her fists and felt a sudden pain in her heart.
Mu Canghai was dead!


“Brother, Brother, hang in there.
I have only you left, Brother…” Mu Xiaojin was completely flustered.
She used her blue water element desperately, making her forehead covered with sweat, but it was still useless.
Mu Canghai lay there quietly with his eyes closed.
His handsome face was full of blood stains and Mu Xiaojin’s boiling drops of tears.

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes abruptly as her body suddenly flashed rapidly and ran towards the other side of the road.
Mu Xiaojin didn’t care about what Yun Feng was doing anymore right now.
She only held her motionless brother dumbfoundedly and cried her heart out.

Yun Feng’s body had completely merged with the dark.
She was much faster than the wind.
When that person carrying a blood-stained hammer was about to leave, Yun Feng had already swung her hand quickly and greeted him with a slender but powerful fist.
That person fell on the ground without making a noise.
His head was already smashed to pieces.

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes.
The person in front of her was apparently the one who killed Mu Canghai.
He was a level-5 warrior, the same as Mu Canghai.
Mu Canghai might not be prepared for a sneak attack.
“Argh!” Mu Xiaojin’s scream was so bright in the somewhat empty alley.
Yun Feng became anxious and she immediately rushed over!

When Yun Feng appeared in front of Mu Xiaojin, there were already five people and they were all at around level 5 and level 6.
Mu Xiaojin was surrounded by these people with fear in her huge eyes.
She looked around in panic, while holding Mu Canghai in her arms.
Her face was covered with traces of tears, looking very messy.

“Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng!” Mu Xiaojin was like seeing a savior when she saw Yun Feng.
These five people immediately turned around when they heard Mu Xiaojin’s shout and they saw Yun Feng, who had a sullen expression on her face like a killer!

The few of them were all holding weapons in their hands, but they couldn’t harm Mu Xiaojin no matter how they wielded the weapons, because Yun Feng formed a dimension around Mu Xiaojin with her mental strength.
Unless there was a powerhouse of the Commander Level here, nobody would be able to break it! Mu Xiaojin was completely safe under the protection of this dimension!

Five people gave way and Yun Feng also saw the girl sitting on the wheelchair.
Her cruel eyes and exasperated look made Yun Feng’s heart burn with anger, raging fiercely!

“Bitch, I can’t believe you’re quite smart.
You know you have to prepare for defense.” Huangzu Yelian sat in the wheelchair with an evil smile.
Looking at lifeless Mu Canghai who was lying in the puddle of blood and had already died without any chance of fighting back, she laughed without restraints.
“Hahaha, whoever hurts me has to die! Do you see that? This bastard is the first one to end like this! This bitch will be the second and you’ll be the third!” Huangzu Yelian said viciously with a lot of craziness in her words.
The five warriors standing next to Huangzu Yelian also looked at Yun Feng with a ferocious smile.

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