Chapter 242: A Life for a Life (1)

On the level of magic, Yun Feng was stronger than her.
On the attainments of magic, Yun Feng was stronger than her.
And on the momentum and stealing the limelight, Yun Feng was still stronger than her!

“Did you see that? Another double-element mage!” After a deadly silence, a shout suddenly came from the crowd.
After that, everyone shouted their heads off.
Some of the audience were disgusted by Mi Lingli’s arrogant attitude.
She looked down on people because of her identity as a double-element mage, and now? Yun Feng was also a double-element mage.
Mi Lingli, a person who lost in level, strength and momentum, was no longer a treasure!

A wave of applause came and the shouts shook the sky! Park City was completely stirred at this moment! Even though this was the exam of Masang School of Magic, Yun Feng could be considered Park City’s pride after all! Only such a humble girl deserved to be the first.
Only she truly deserved the identity as a double-element mage! Mi Lingli should move aside as quickly as possible!

Mi Lingli’s rare, treasurable identity as a double-element mage became completely useless at this moment.
When you weren’t the only one anymore, what awaited you was the embarrassment left by pretending to be arrogant and the inability to get out of the awkward situation.

Mu Xiaojin and Mu Canghai were the most surprised ones.
They were different from other people.
Other people thought that Yun Feng was a double-element mage, because she had only shown water-element and fire-element magic.
And yet, Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin knew that Yun Feng was also an earth-element mage!

Mu Xiaojin covered her mouth with her little hand abruptly, so she wouldn’t shout.
Her huge eyes were full of excitement and pride.
Yun Feng was a dear friend in Mu Xiaojin’s heart.
She knew that Yun Feng wasn’t just a double-element mage, but a three-element mage.
She wanted to cheer hard, but she had to try her best to control herself.

Mu Canghai gazed at that girl, who was shining bright, for a long time.
She had such a gorgeous face, a confident expression and manners that surpassed everything.
Mu Canghai couldn’t look away even after a long time.
That radiant girl was the only thing he saw in his eyes.

Deafening cheers came like raging waves.
Ted smiled abruptly.
“Hahahaha, you kid hid your strength really deep.”

Yun Feng smiled as she glanced at Mi Lingli, who had a pale face at this moment, and she waved her little hand again.
The two giant beasts then immediately disappeared, leaving only blue and red elements floating gently in the air.
After which, they completely dissipated.

Non-professionals came to watch the fun, while the professionals knew the ropes.
The crowd watching the exam felt a bit sad because the two giant beasts suddenly disappeared before they could appreciate them carefully.
However, the teachers from Masang School of Magic were completely stunned by what Yun Feng did.

She waved her hand and the level-6 magic simulations vanished completely? How strong was Yun Feng’s control of magic? She perfectly dispelled the magic so effortlessly.
She… She was a lot more powerful than they were!

Ted’s eyes brightened when he saw that, as if he was looking at a rare, precious treasure.
His judgement three years ago was right.
This little girl truly gave him too many surprises.
Even the Vice Principal would be thrilled if he met such a genius girl!

“Haha, great! Masang School of Magic has really made a fortune this time!” Ted smiled very happily.
The few magic teachers standing on the side also gave a smile in difficulty, but they felt like a hint of bitterness flashed across their faces.
The younger generation truly surpassed the older!

Mi Lingli stared at Yun Feng firmly and she felt like all the organs inside her body shook violently.
The cold giant snake just then was gazing at her.
It fiercely glared at her with its blue eyes, and Yun Feng commanded it to do so! The fear and anger in Mi Lingli’s mind were constantly mixing together at this moment.
She really wanted to shout out the anger in her heart at Yun Feng loudly.
The first place of the admission exam and the thought of making herself shine, not only did she fail to fulfil these things, her worth also dropped tremendously at this moment.
All this happened because of her existence, because of Yun Feng!

However, Mi Lingli didn’t have the courage to shout even if she wanted to.
The shock that the two giant beasts brought her wasn’t something she could endure anymore.
The level-6 magic simulation made her eyes red!

The legs of Mi Lingli, who had a pale face, shook slightly and disappointingly.
If she didn’t grit her teeth and force herself to hold on, she would probably have fallen on the ground the moment those two giant beasts came out.
Yun Feng glanced at Mi Lingli.
It hadn’t ended yet!

Ted, do you still want the respect right now?” Yun Feng looked at Ted with a smile.

There was suddenly a trace of embarrassment on Ted’s laughing face.
Well… Both of them were double-element mages.
In comparison, Yun Feng was certainly better and she was also more precious.
In this case…

“Ahem, kid, just put this aside.
How can you take a kid’s words seriously?” What Ted said apparently elevated Yun Feng’s identity several times.
The conversation between the two of them was more like one between adults.
Mi Lingli’s face completely flushed.
She felt like it would be better if Mr.
Ted didn’t say this, because now, she had another title, an unreasonable kid!

“Haha, Mr.
Ted, if you say so, I’ll just put this behind me.
A kid’s words indeed can’t be taken seriously.” Yun Feng smiled, while Ted nodded in satisfaction.
As the two of them talked, Mi Lingli could only stand there with a flushed, extremely embarrassed face.
She truly had no idea what to do.

Ted looked around the situation in the exam venue.
The results of the other candidates were already out.
He immediately announced that the exam was over.
Some booing burst out of the crowd.
Apparently, these people still hadn’t had enough at all.
It would match these people’s minds if Yun Feng and Mi Lingli could have a fight.

The first place of the magic exam of Masang School of Magic this time definitely belonged to Yun Feng, while Mi Lingli was in second place.
Although this was quite a good result, the second place this year wasn’t as glorious as the ones in past years, under Yun Feng’s influence and after Mi Lingli was cast aside fiercely because of her high-profile appearance and arrogant attitude.
She had a feeling like she couldn’t look up instead.

Mi Lingli had indeed become famous, but other people were all judging her.
“Look, it’s that pretentious double-element mage!”

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