Chapter 241: What Is So Special About a Double-Element Mage (5)

Everyone stopped breathing!

“Level… Level… Level-6 stone.
Did you hear what Yun Feng said? The level-6 stone!”

“Fuck, do you think she’s pretending?”

“I don’t think so.
When she lifted the stones, it looked effortless.
Her strength may have really reached level 6…”

“I think she’s pretending.
How would the double-element mage’s talent be worse than hers?”

“You can’t be sure about that.
I have faith in the members of the Yun family!”

There were heated discussions among the audience and two different parties were formed.
Mi Lingli also heard them clearly.
She smiled coldly with disdain in her eyes.
“Stop pretending.
If you continue to pretend, you’ll make a fool of yourself.”

Yun Feng only raised the corners of her mouth and ignored Mi Lingli.
Ted was a bit dumbfounded after hearing the question, but he really prepared it.
It could be said that he prepared it especially for Yun Feng! He originally thought he wouldn’t need to use this level-6 stone, but it really came in handy now!

Ted took out a stone and slowly put it on the table, explaining to everyone that it was a level-6 stone.
The audiences were stirred again.
They all shouted and asked Yun Feng to lift the stone.

In the cheers, all kinds of gazes gathered on Yun Feng, contemptuous, disdainful, skeptical, anticipated, believing.
Under different complicated gazes, Yun Feng only put up a gentle smile slightly as elegance appeared on her gorgeous facial features.

Her mental strength wrapped around the surface of the stone tight and the level-6 stone rose slowly, but surely, before everyone’s eyes.
It stopped steadily in front of Yun Feng in front of the eyes that were about to pop out!

Mi Lingli was dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded.
She looked at the level-6 stone in shock.
Watching it float constantly in front of Yun Feng, her lips shook so much that she couldn’t speak.
There was even a trace of panic in her eyes!

“Mi Lingli, it’s your turn.” Yun Feng put the stone down and glanced at Mi Lingli.
Mi Lingli had a wolf by the ears right now.
The crowd also looked at her with anticipation, hoping that this double-element mage wouldn’t let them down.
And yet…

“I lost!” Mi Lingli shouted with her face flushed.
Everyone glanced over and she was almost drowned in the countless gazes.

Some people in the crowd started cheering, some pouted in disdain, some even scolded loudly, saying that double-element mages were nothing.
Mi Lingli stood on the stage extremely embarrassedly.
She was famous now, but with a totally different scene.

“Xiao Feng is the best!” Mu Xiaojin cheered loudly with joy in her huge eyes.
The candidates also applauded Yun Feng.
Everyone was shocked by Yun Feng’s performance!

Mi Lingli couldn’t bear the attack of thousands of words and gazes anymore.
She turned around and wanted to leave, but what Yun Feng said made her legs freeze right there.

“Mi Lingli, shouldn’t you slap your own mouth?”

Once she said this, the expressions of the teachers of Masang School of Magic couldn’t help changing slightly.
Mi Lingli was a double-element mage.
There would be a lot of trouble if she was humiliated in front of everyone else! Besides, no matter how talented Yun Feng was, she wasn’t as precious as a double-element mage!

“Kid, can you show me some respect?” Ted came over with a smile.
How could she ask Mi Lingli to slap her own mouth in front of so many people?

Yun Feng smiled.
Ted, since you said that, I can certainly show you some respect, but I’ll only do so once.”

Ted frowned slightly.
This kid really abhorred evils as deadly foes.
Mi Lingli was so arrogant and domineering.
She must have offended this kid, otherwise how would this kid refuse to let her go?

The Vice Principal still wanted to meet this kid.
If she didn’t show him respect, by then…

Ted pondered for a while.
“Kid, she’s a double-element mage after all.

Yun Feng smiled.
“A double-element mage?” Hearing that Ted was protecting her like this, Mi Lingli also stood upright.
She didn’t look as fearful as she was just then and started to become arrogant again.

Ted smiled in embarrassment.
He had always liked Yun Feng, but the current situation really wasn’t easy to deal with… Yun Feng burst into laughter abruptly as she waved her hand hard.
An ice blue giant python and a dark red giant wolf then appeared in front of everyone’s eyes!

The giant python hissed and the giant wolf howled!

“What’s so special about a double-element mage?”

The exam of Masang School of Magic this year was much more amusing than any other year.
Towards the end of the exam, the two candidates that had the biggest chance of winning competed with each other, which made people constantly excited.
Although the winner wasn’t that double-element mage in the end, people still found it very enjoyable.
And yet, they had never thought that the move made by the top student of the exam would make everyone’s jaw drop and their eyes pop out completely!

In the huge area that was protected by the transparent level-6 magic shield on the central square, an entire giant, ice blue python and a giant, dark red wolf appeared on the left and right of a teenage girl!

“Hiss…” There was a blue line in the eyes of the giant python.
Its entire body carried an extremely freezing temperature and those terrifying snake eyes stared at Mi Lingli, who had already become dumbfounded like a retarded person.
“Aowww…” The fiery red giant wolf on the other side howled at this moment.
It raised its neck, opened its dark red enormous mouth and howled at Mi Lingli!

“This… This… This…” Ted was also a bit stunned.
He felt like what his heart endured today was truly as much as everything he had endured in the last few decades! A double-element mage, this kid was a double-element mage!

The other few teachers of Masang School of Magic were completely frozen as well.
They looked at the two giant beasts on the left and right of Yun Feng in disbelief as they rubbed their eyes.
One of the teachers murmured, “What’s wrong with the kids nowadays… They don’t tell anyone about their strength and just hide it.
They really make teachers like us fearful…”

All the candidates in the venue were completely astonished when they saw this scene! Their jaws dropped in shock.
Even though Mi Lingli was also a double-element mage, she had never shown her power before.
She hadn’t reached level 6, so she couldn’t use the simulation magic that only level-6 mages knew either!

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