Chapter 239: What Is So Special About a Double-Element Mage (3)

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Many candidates in the exam venue had already reached their limits.
Without anyone noticing, most people were already focusing on these two girls, whether it was the audience outside, the students taking the exam or the few teachers from Masang School of Magic!

“Teachers, what do you think?” Ted came over and looked at the two competing candidates with a smile in his eyes.
The other few teachers smiled and looked a bit confused.

“Miss Mi, who’s a double-element mage, is at around level 4, but the girl from the Yun family…”

“You can’t detect her strength, can you?” Ted said indifferently.
The other teachers all nodded.
They were all at level 5.
If they couldn’t detect Yun Feng’s strength, did it mean that she had already surpassed them?

“These two girls are the new stars of Masang School of Magic this year.” A teacher exclaimed.
Either one of them could be named a genius.
Mi Lingli was a rare double-element mage, while Yun Feng was an impressive talent to have such strength at this age!

Ted smiled and didn’t say anything..
He only stared at Yun Feng with his black eyes, which were full of exploration and anticipation deep inside.
Kid, it’s been three years.
How much has your strength grown? I’m really looking forward to it…

All eyes were on Yun Feng and Mi Lingli.
The two of them had already lifted the level-3 stone successfully right now.
Mi Lingli looked at Yun Feng with a smile and used her mental strength to lift the level-4 stone slowly!

There was a sudden burst of enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.
A level-4 double-element mage! Hearing people’s cheers, Mi Lingli turned her head slightly.
“Bumpkin, it’s not too late to admit defeat right now.”

Yun Feng looked down slightly and chuckled.
Admit defeat? This phrase hasn’t been in her dictionary so far! She used her mental strength to envelop the level-4 stone gently and lifted it up without putting any effort.
Even more enthusiastic cheers burst out of the crowd again!

“Yun Feng, bravo!”

Mu Canghai, watching from outside, also smiled gently.
He knew in his heart that level 4 was far from reaching Yun Feng’s standard.
After all, she was a person who could deal with a group of Lion-Tailed Baboons alone!

Mi Lingli’s expression changed after seeing Yun Feng lift the level-4 stone successfully! She had reached level 4? Mi Lingli bit her lips.
No, she must get first place no matter what!

There were only stones of level 1 to level 4 in the admission exam, but the two of them tied right now.
According to the rules in past years, they would be the top students together.
However, this year was destined to be different from the past.
Who was going to win? There must be only one person in first place!

Ted!” Mi Lingli yelled loudly.

This shout immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
The two of them tied.
What else did she want?

The candidates all looked at Mi Lingli curiously as Ted walked over.
“Miss Mi, what’s wrong?”

Mi Lingli smiled.
Ted, even though the first place can be shared, I have a strong self-esteem.
I don’t like being the first with other people.
It’s either me or her!”

After hearing that, Ted asked Yun Feng on the side with a smile.
In fact, he also agreed in his mind! Done after lifting the level-4 stone? How boring was that?

“Yun Feng, what do you think?”

Yun Feng smiled.

Ted smiled even happier.
Yun Feng looked at Ted’s smile as a thought flashed through her mind.
Even if she refused, Ted wouldn’t let her go easily.

Ted waved as the four stones that both of them lifted in the air went into his hand.
Ted waved again and four other stones were put on the table.
Yun Feng sensed that these four stones all had level-5 energy, but they corresponded to the early stage, mid-stage, final stage and peak stage respectively.

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
As expected, Ted had already prepared everything… No wonder…

Ted faced the crowd around and said with a smile on his face, “Mi Lingli and Yun Feng are both students that Masang School of Magic is very proud of this year.
Both of them are outstanding and have strong self-esteem.
They certainly have to finish the competition.
So, I decided to increase the difficulty for them and continue the exam!”

What Ted said caused another wave of crazier discussions.
People only thought that the admission exam this year made them even more excited than the ones before and they couldn’t calm their emotions!

Apart from having these two geniuses, the difficulty of the exam was also increased right now! This should be the first time the exam difficulty of the admission exam of Masang School of Magic had been increased!

The few magic teachers were a bit dumbfounded.
They looked at Ted’s smug smile.
Ted, this…” Do you want them to finish the fight?

Ted smiled.
“Don’t you want to know which one of them is stronger?”

The few teachers blushed a little after hearing that.
As teachers, their enthusiasm was aroused by these two kids who still hadn’t been admitted yet.
This was truly a bit…

The other candidates had already completed their exam.
Only Yun Feng and Mi Lingli were having an additional test.
The two of them continued competing for the first place of the admission exam this year.
Who would win the crown?

Mi Lingli looked at the four stones in front of her and smiled complacently.
She slowly lifted the stone of the early stage of level 5 with her mental strength.
The few magic teachers couldn’t help but exclaim, “It turns out that she has hidden her strength!”

Mi Lingli looked at Yun Feng.
“Bumpkin, continue! Come on!”

Yun Feng smiled and she still took no effort to use her mental strength.
This level-5 stone was only a normal stone for Yun Feng.
It wouldn’t cause any burden for her.

Mi Lingli gritted her teeth after seeing that.
“Didn’t know you were quite impressive.” Mi Lingli focused again and wrapped her mental strength around the stone of the mid-stage of level 5 slowly.
She looked serious.
The stone of the mid-stage of level 5 was successfully lifted!

Cheers burst out of the crowd.
A mid-level 5 double-element mage! This was a greater surprise than the one before! Mi Lingli turned her head slightly.
“Bumpkin, carry on.”


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