Chapter 238: What Is So Special About a Double-Element Mage (2)

“You’re right.
She indeed has the right to be arrogant…”

The sound of discussion came into Yun Feng’s ears clearly again.
Yun Feng only smiled.
She had already discovered Mi Lingli’s strength a long time ago.
It was definitely impossible for her to get the first place, no matter how hard she tried!

Ted had finished setting up the exam venue.
Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes.
Even though Mr.
Ted’s strength hadn’t improved significantly in the last three years, it had become much stabler and the transparent level-6 magic shield was also stronger.

After Ted came out, the candidates flooded into the prepared exam venue one after another.
However, Yun Feng and the others weren’t in a hurry.
They followed behind slowly.
The pretentious Mi Lingli had already entered.
The group of lackeys behind her were all smiling flatteringly.
“Our Young Lady will definitely get first place!”

“That’s right.
It really won’t make sense if my Lady doesn’t get first place!”

Mi Lingli’s face, which looked a bit sullen earlier because of Yun Feng, was also relieved a bit.
She gazed in Yun Feng’s direction with endless provocation in her black eyes, then finally raised her chin and walked inside arrogantly.

“It’ll definitely be fine,” Mu Canghai said to Mu Xiaojin.
Mu Xiaojin nodded.
If she was alone, she might be a bit nervous, but with Yun Feng here right now, Mu Xiaojin didn’t seem nervous at all.

“Yun Feng, you must get first place.
I’m waiting to see that girl slap her own mouth!” Mu Canghai whispered and couldn’t help chuckling.
Yun Feng nodded.
She would definitely not miss this good show either!

“Xiao Feng will surely be fine! Don’t worry, Brother!” Mu Xiaojin said happily.
She held Yun Feng’s hand and walked inside.
Mu Canghai looked at the two of them from outside and felt gratified in his heart, especially when he saw how delighted his sister was.

Mu Canghai turned around and saw the group of people who were following Mi Lingli earlier.
These people immediately flinched and took a few steps back when they saw Mu Canghai’s eyes.
Mu Canghai was now at level 5, while these people were just ordinary people who had no strength at all! They were arrogant just because of Mi Lingli’s identity as a double-element mage.
However, Mi Lingli was now inside for the exam, so they became fearful and dared not say even half a word.

Mu Canghai grunted coldly as he looked over.
A group of people who bullied others with the power of another person!

The candidates had already entered the exam venue.
Yun Feng stood in front of her table and saw that the testing stones on the table were of level 1 to level 4.
Mu Xiaojin wasn’t far from her.
What Yun Feng didn’t expect was that the pretentious Mi Lingli was right next to her.
The positions of the two of them were adjacent.

Mi Lingli grunted gently with a look of disgust, but Yun Feng didn’t bother to even glance at her.
She sensed the stones on Mu Xiaojin’s table with her mental strength.
They hadn’t been touched by anyone.
She didn’t care about other people, as long as Mu Xiaojin’s stones were normal and the situation her brother encountered back then didn’t happen.

Speaking of which, if someone swapped the stones again, there would only be one way to describe it, a wild goose chase.
With Yun Feng here, unless they offered a magic stone of the early stage of the Commander Level or above, or it would still be a wild goose chase!

Being able to reach the Commander Level at this age, Yun Feng was already a genius among geniuses.
Nobody would believe that she would have such an achievement.
Once she showed all of her trump cards, such a genius who showed up out of nowhere would either be praised to the sky or be hunted down until she died.

The arrangement of having Yun Feng and Mi Lingli next to each other also made the crowd watching the exam excited.
The two candidates that people thought could get the first place in the admission exam this year happened to be arranged together! How exciting was this? Enemies were bound to meet.
They indeed bumped into each other!

People had no idea if the teachers from Masang School of Magic did this deliberately to create a bigger gimmick.
Yun Feng didn’t bother to think about it either.
It was good that she was next to this pretentious girl.
It would be a bit more convenient then.

Ted went forward and announced the exam rules of Masang to the audience loudly with a long speech, the same as before.
Unlike the past years, the audience who came to watch the exam today seemed like they couldn’t wait anymore.
Before Ted finished talking, the crowd around had already caused a commotion.

A smile appeared in Ted’s eyes when he saw that.
His intention was to create such an atmosphere, an anxious mood that made people unable to wait! Ted also listened to the wishes of the crowd and finished explaining the rules briefly with several sentences.
Following Ted’s announcement, the admission exam this year, which made people even more enthusiastic than the past, began!

“Which one of them do you think will be the champion this year, the double-element mage or Yun Feng from the Yun family?”

“Let’s bet! I bet the double-element mage wins!”

“I bet Yun Feng from the Yun family wins!”

The audience around started betting excitedly.
Ted looked at these delighted people a bit speechlessly as his gaze landed on Mi Lingli and Yun Feng standing together.
These two kids were the pride of Masang School of Magic.
No matter which one it was, one of them would definitely shine in the admission exam today and become famous in Park City!

The other students had already started right after Mr.
Ted’s announcement.
However, Yun Feng and Mi Lingli weren’t anxious at all.
Mi Lingli slightly gazed to the side and glanced at Yun Feng, while Yun Feng directly smiled gently at her.
“Don’t forget that whoever loses will have to slap her own mouth.”

Mi Lingli widened her eyes.
“Hm! Bumpkin, it turns out that you want to slap your own mouth.
Do you want to thank me for fulfilling your wish?”

Yun Feng curled up her lips and smiled with coldness in her black eyes.
“You really talk a lot of nonsense.” Yun Feng stopped looking at Mi Lingli as she lifted the level-1 stone easily with her mental strength.
Mi Lingli grunted in disdain when she saw that and she also lifted the level-1 stone successfully.

Yun Feng smiled and didn’t rush to make any move.
Mi Lingli also refused to yield an inch when she saw that and lifted the level-2 stone right away, gazing at Yun Feng provocatively.
Yun Feng also lifted the level-2 stone.

The two of them lifted the stones one after another and started competing.
Mu Xiaojin was very happy while watching on the side.
In fact, she had already passed after lifting the level-1 stone successfully.
During the last few days with Yun Feng, Mu Xiaojin also learnt to be low-profile.
After lifting the level-1 stone successfully, she didn’t do anything anymore, and instead focused on watching Yun Feng and Mi Lingli.

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