Chapter 237: What Is So Special About a Double-Element Mage (1)

Yun Feng also smiled slightly at Ted.
Ted then walked into the exam venue joyfully after seeing that and started setting up.
Almost all of the candidates had arrived.
Yun Feng looked at the people waiting here.
Apart from the dozens of candidates, there were only people who came with them.
That pretentious double-element mage still hadn’t come yet.

The teacher at the registry couldn’t help but become a bit anxious and started whispering to the few teachers from Masang School of Magic.
All of them seemed nervous.
At this moment, a person walked over slowly, looking like she wasn’t in a hurry at all.
Even though she was the last one to arrive, even though the registration time was almost over, she still looked calm.
She looked at people with unfounded arrogance in her eyes.

Those candidates around were also envious of her identity.
They all gazed at her with envy and jealousy in their eyes.
Mi Lingli enjoyed it very much.
When she saw Yun Feng and the others, the corners of her mouth curved up in disdain.

“They indeed have no experience in life.

After saying this softly, Mi Lingli walked to the registry.
The few teachers couldn’t help but feel relieved after seeing her.
“You’re finally here.
It’s great that you came.
It’s great that you came.”

“Haha, Miss Mi, write down your name quickly.”

Mi Lingli smiled and wrote down her name.
The few people behind her, who seemed like her lackeys, also looked complacent, making people feel unpleasant.

The registration time had already passed after Mi Lingli wrote down her name.
According to the rules, she should be excluded from the exam.
However, due to her special identity as a double-element mage, the teachers of Masang School of Magic gave her special privileges secretly.

Yun Feng felt contempt for the fairness and justice that Masang School of Magic claimed to uphold when she saw this.
This so-called fairness also varied from person to person!

After completing the registration, Mi Lingli walked towards Yun Feng.
The crowd automatically gave way to her, which made Mi Lingli feel like she was a superior queen, looking insufferably arrogant.

Everyone looked at Yun Feng and the others curiously.
Even blind people could see that these two people were enemies.
They had already had grudges against each other before being accepted to the school.
This was truly a good show to watch.

“Bumpkin, did you wake up early in the morning?” Mi Lingli asked Yun Feng with a smile.
The few people next to her also chuckled.

Yun Feng glanced at Mi Lingli impatiently.
She was thinking if this woman had nothing else to do.
Why did she like provoking people around? Would she die if she didn’t anger people?

“Mi Lingli, just get your bullshit off your chest.” Yun Feng made a coarse remark.
It was useless to be polite with such a person.
So, she would rather act vulgar.
She would just let Mi Lingli despise her completely!

Mi Lingli’s face flushed.
She wanted to say something right away, but held back again abruptly.
“It’s your honor that our Young Lady talks to you, bumpkin!” A person next to Mi Lingli said as she glared at Yun Feng.

“You cats and dogs, stop barking.
I only understand human languages.” Yun Feng didn’t even look at them and she directly ignored them.
These people immediately flushed out of anger.
“Bumpkin, you want to die, do you? Our Young Lady is a double-element mage.
What are you? If you piss our Young Lady off, you’ll suffer in the future!”

“Xiao Feng isn’t a bumpkin!” Mu Xiaojin shouted loudly as she widened her huge eyes and held Yun Feng’s hand firmly.
She was so enraged that her little face flushed.

“You bitch, it’s not your place to speak!” Someone yelled loudly.
Yun Feng’s face immediately turned cold and she glanced over with her black eyes.
The person who spoke felt cold and subconsciously shivered as her legs suddenly took a step back uncontrollably.

“Alright, don’t talk nonsense with them.
They only know how to talk a good game.” Mi Lingli gave Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin an unusually arrogant gaze, like a peacock.
Mu Canghai stood on the side and smiled coldly.

“I wonder who’s so shameless to talk so glibly.”

Mi Lingli immediately glared at Mu Canghai and Yun Feng also glanced at him curiously.
She couldn’t see that this boy had quite an extraordinarily sharp tongue as well!

“Say that again if you have the guts!” The person next to Mi Lingli yelled again furiously.
Mu Canghai gave a beaming smile.
“If you want to hear it, I’ll say it again! I wonder who’s so shameless to talk so glibly.”

The person next to Mi Lingli wanted to start a fight, but Mi Lingli also knew what kind of an occasion they were in right now.
How could she let this person run wild? She immediately stopped her lackey and grunted coldly, “If you’re capable enough, fight with me for the first place.
Whoever loses will have to slap her own mouth!”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth raised slowly.
What was that saying? You’re digging your own grave! “Xiao Feng won’t lose to you!” Mu Xiaojin said again as she smiled at Yun Feng.
Mu Canghai also nodded.
“The loser has to slap her own mouth.
That’s truly a good idea.”

When Mi Lingli saw that the three of them weren’t afraid at all, she couldn’t help but fly into rage.
However, she had to maintain her graceful, elegant manners and demeanor.
After all, she was a double-element mage.
So many pairs of eyes were watching her.
How could she act the same as these vulgar people?

In the end, Mi Lingli didn’t even say a word and left with a sullen expression.
She said so many things, but didn’t take the slightest advantage.
She was indeed a bit enraged when she thought about it.
The confrontation between the two of them made the onlookers enthusiastic.
There were endless heated discussions and everyone was stirred.

“Did you see that? The two people who had a conflict just then are that double-element mage and Yun Feng from the Yun family!”

“Huh? That girl, who’s as arrogant as a peacock, is the double-element mage?”

“Oh, it seems that the girl from the Yun family is much better.
After all, that double-element mage is the one who took the initiative to pick a fight.”

“What do you know about it? She’s a double-element mage.
They have the right to be arrogant!”

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