Chapter 236: Acting Pretentious (6)

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Seeing Ted walk inside without saying a word, the teacher who spoke couldn’t help but feel shocked.
What was wrong with Mr.
Ted? He hadn’t been looking well ever since he came to Park City and his temper had been a bit fiery as well.
At that moment earlier, he suddenly looked bright again.
He didn’t even blink and wasn’t excited at all when he saw the double-element mage, and now, he even frowned slightly?

The teacher who spoke had no idea what was going on.
Perhaps a double-element mage wasn’t valuable in the eyes of Mr.

Yun Feng held Mu Xiaojin’s hand and returned to the hotel where they stayed.
When the three of them went into the room, Mu Canghai stared at Yun Feng firmly.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Why are you staring at me?”

Mu Canghai looked at her for a while and said softly, “You’re a double-element mage.”

Yun Feng smiled gently and didn’t answer him.
Double-element? No, she wasn’t a double-element mage, but if he thought so, just consider that she was.
Mu Xiaojin dragged her brother to the side and used the healing power of the water element to treat the bruises on Mu Canghai’s face slowly.
Mu Canghai couldn’t help asking when he saw that Yun Feng didn’t deny, “Why didn’t you show your strength?”

Yun Feng’s lips curved up and she smiled.
“I’ll let other people play to the gallery.
I won’t bother.”

Thinking of the extremely arrogant Mi Lingli, Mu Canghai suddenly laughed.
Laying low like this matched Yun Feng’s personality.
It really wasn’t like her to be so high-profile.

Yun Feng wouldn’t always keep a low profile.
When she should lay low, she would never be high-profile, and when she should be high-profile, nobody could make her lay low!

“Xiao Feng, you must take first place in the exam the day after tomorrow!” Mu Xiaojin turned around and said to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng nodded.
Mi Lingli’s arrogant look was truly annoying.
She must want to show off during the exam as well.
Mu Canghai immediately said after hearing that, “You don’t have to hold back.
Just steal that girl’s limelight fiercely!”

There was a smile deep in Yun Feng’s black eyes.
“Alright, I must steal her limelight!”

Park City welcomed another admission exam of Masang School of Magic in an era that could be considered prosperous.
People in Park City were excited about this exam every year and they hoped that a mage or two that could make Park City proud would be born here.

Early in the morning of the exam, many residents in Park City flooded to the central square of Park City like they did every year.
The crowd that appeared every year appeared once again and more and more people were looking forward to the start of the exam this year.

Yun Feng, Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin had arrived at the exam venue very early.
Yun Feng still hadn’t had enough sleep, but Mu Xiaojin woke her up and said she wanted to come earlier.
Yun Feng couldn’t reject her, so the three of them came over early in the morning.
When they arrived here, there were only several other candidates.

They were all very calm.
Yun Feng looked at the few candidates waiting at the registry.
Together with the three of them, there were only a total of five or six candidates.
The others still hadn’t shown up yet.
Since they were here already, they registered their names first.
The teachers responsible for grading were all smiling beamingly, as if they were very happy.
Yun Feng thought that it must be because of that double-element mage.
The appearance of a double-element mage was enough to make these teachers delighted for a few years.

The three of them stood there and gazed at the huge crowd outside.
Mu Xiaojin’s big eyes were glittering as she looked outside curiously while holding Yun Feng’s hand.
“Xiao Feng, there are a lot of people…”

Yun Feng smiled.
Thinking of the scene when she came with her brother for the exam three years ago, there were also a lot of people and things were also this noisy.
Park City’s enthusiasm for the admission exam of Masang School of Magic didn’t seem to reduce at all every year, but rose higher instead.
There seemed to be even more onlookers this year, compared to three years ago.

Three years ago, her brother was a candidate for the exam.
Three years later, she turned from an audience to a participant.
Yun Feng smiled and looked at the people that were causing a commotion outside.
They were all talking loudly about what sleepers would rise and who would get the first place in the exam this year.
Yun Feng didn’t know how the news leaked out, but they even knew that there was a double-element mage.

“Park City is going to win glory this year.
A double-element mage! Have you heard?”

“You think we’re bumpkins who have no common sense? This double-element mage has gained a lot of face for Park City!”

“The top student this year will definitely be this double-element mage!”

“Wait, have you heard about it? Yun Feng from the Yun family is also participating in the admission exam!”

“What did you say? That Yun family?”

“Yes! Who do you think will be the top student this year? Even though a double-element mage is very rare and impressive, the girl from the Yun family is also something!”

A group of people discussed loudly.
The topic of discussion was basically around the double-element mage and Yun Feng.
Eventually, everyone was talking about only one topic.
Which one of them would get first place in the admission exam this time?

Even though Yun Feng was very far from the crowd, she heard all the discussions between these people and she couldn’t help smiling speechlessly.
If it weren’t that she had to take that pretentious girl down a peg, she wouldn’t be interested in the first place of the admission exam this time.

What was the use of this bubble reputation? Her real strength determined everything.
This extra thing was only icing on the cake.
She wouldn’t suffer any losses no matter if she had it or not.

“Xiao Feng, what are they talking about? A few of them even started arguing.” Mu Xiaojin looked over with her huge eyes.
With her level-4 strength, she couldn’t hear what these people were talking about.
Yun Feng smiled.
“They’re talking about what they should eat this morning.”

Mu Canghai glanced at Yun Feng, while Mu Xiaojin blinked her big eyes.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything either.
The candidates arrived one after another gradually.
The time for the exam was getting closer and the few teachers from the school, who were going to supervise the exam, had already arrived.
Ted was also here.
When he saw Yun Feng, he couldn’t help but smile at her gently..
There was a deeper meaning in this smile: Kid, don’t let me down.

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