Chapter 235: Acting Pretentious (5)

Mu Canghai also flushed on the side and was too shameful to say anything, looking a bit embarrassed.
Mu Xiaojin immediately went silent, as if something unhappy came to her mind.
The delightful atmosphere from earlier was completely destroyed by what the girl said.

People in the queue decreased slowly.
It would be Yun Feng’s turn after four to five people.
Then, someone came out.
Yun Feng looked up and she showed a smile.
It was the Discipline Head she met three years ago, Mr.

Ted glanced over the line for registration.
When he saw Yun Feng, his eyes suddenly brightened.
His gloomy expression from the past few days also became clear abruptly.
The teachers responsible for the registration were all shocked when they saw Ted’s change.
What did Mr.
Ted see? How did his gloomy face change so quickly?

Ted turned around with a smile and went back, confusing this group of teachers.
The girl in front of Yun Feng turned around abruptly and asked arrogantly, “Do you know who he is?”

Mu Xiaojin shook her head innocently, while Yun Feng was a bit speechless.
Why did Xiaojin answer whenever someone asked her a question? Yun Feng remained silent so the girl thought she didn’t know either.
“Hm! Of course you don’t know.
He’s the Discipline Head of Masang School of Magic, Mr.

Mu Xiaojin’s big eyes widened after hearing that, but Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change at all.
“Hm! Forcing yourself to look calm will only make you look even worse!”

Yun Feng raised her black eyes and suddenly let out a cold gaze, looking directly at the pretentious girl in front of her.
“Are you talking to me?”

The girl, who was still arrogant just then, immediately felt breathless.
She grunted again and turned around, feeling a little flustered.
What was wrong with that girl just now? That gaze inexplicably made her scared…

Mu Xiaojin squeezed Yun Feng’s hand and Yun Feng smiled at Mu Xiaojin.
It was still that gentle smile.
Mu Xiaojin also gave Yun Feng a beaming smile.

Soon, it was the turn of that girl in front of Yun Feng.
The first assessment was a test for elemental force.
The girl gently put her hand on the crystal used for testing.
After a while, the teacher who was responsible for the assessment suddenly shouted loudly, “You’re a double-element mage of the water element and the earth element!”

This shout attracted everyone’s attention.
All the teachers responsible for the exam registration couldn’t help but gaze over enviously.
The teenage girl who took the test smiled gently as she turned around and smiled at Yun Feng provocatively.
Yun Feng didn’t even bother to look at her.
A girl, who acted pretentiously in front of her again and again, would be treated pretentiously by her sooner or later.

The teenage girl couldn’t help feeling frustrated when she saw that Yun Feng wasn’t surprised at all.
However, the expression of Mu Xiaojin next to Yun Feng somehow saved her shaky self-esteem.

“A double-element mage.
Oh God! How many years has it been? There’s finally a double-element mage! Mr.
Ted, Mr.
Ted!” the teacher who was responsible for the registration shouted.
Ted slowly walked out.
Ted, she’s a double-element mage.
She’s a rare genius!”

Ted couldn’t help widening his eyes after hearing that.
A double-element mage? This was great news for Masang School of Magic! It had been a few centuries since Masang School of Magic had a double-element mage!

Ted looked at the teenage girl in front of him carefully.
There was a trace of inconcealable pride and arrogance on the girl’s face, which was the kind of attribute that geniuses usually had.
Ted glanced at the girl with a smile, then nodded gently and didn’t say anything.
The girl couldn’t help feeling a bit shocked when she saw how calm Ted was.
Logically, shouldn’t he be delighted? He should be the same as these teachers!

“Miss Mi, you must work hard! As a double-element mage, you’ll receive some good treatment!” The other teachers showed kindness and diligence to the girl.
The girl smiled gently, pretending to be humble, which looked really fake.
Ted’s reaction disillusioned her slightly.

It was Yun Feng’s turn.
Ted’s eyes suddenly brightened and he looked at Yun Feng with interest in his eyes.
Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
His passionate gaze would cause trouble for her.

As expected, the teenage girl glared at Yun Feng fiercely.
Ted’s yearning gaze should land on her.
How could he look at such a bumpkin?

Yun Feng’s clothes were very simple and the fabric was neither good nor bad, just the ordinary kind.
She had no idea why this teenage girl would think that she was a bumpkin.

Yun Feng glanced at the girl’s name with her black eyes.
Mi Lingli, this name sounded pretty good, but the owner of this name was too arrogant and took herself too seriously.

Yun Feng slowly used her hand to cover the crystal, while Ted also stared at the crystal firmly.
Colors gradually appeared inside the crystal and finally turned into a rich sky blue color.

Mu Canghai widened his eyes slightly after seeing that.
The water element? Wasn’t… Wasn’t… Wasn’t she an earth-element mage? Mu Xiaojin blinked and exclaimed in her mind when she saw the gorgeous blue inside the crystal.
Great! She and Xiao Feng had the same element!

Ted was apparently a bit disappointed when he saw that and Mi Lingli on the side also grunted in disdain, as if she was blaming Ted for not paying much attention to her.

Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything else.
After the test, she held Mu Xiaojin’s hand, then turned around and left.
Mu Canghai also followed them.

Mi Lingli couldn’t help feeling a bit enraged when she saw that.
She should be in the limelight today.
She should show off her strength in front of this Discipline Head.
And yet, even though she got the attention, her limelight was inexplicably stolen for some reason.
Mi Lingli also turned around and left furiously.
She didn’t have to be anxious.
There was still the admission exam to be held the day after tomorrow.
She would be the top student no matter what.
This was what made her worthy of the identity as a double-element mage!

Ted, do you think the Vice Principal will be happy this time? We have a double-element mage!” After the registration ended, the teachers walked over and said with an excited look.

Ted smiled.
He turned around and left without saying anything.
He was in fact very confused.
That kid shouldn’t be like this.
He was never wrong about someone.
Was she really just a single-element mage? Or did this kid hide her strength again?

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