Chapter 231: Acting Pretentious (1)

Yun Feng went to see Zheng Ran.
The two of them talked for a while and Zheng Ran also urged her about a lot of things.
Yun Feng felt Zheng Ran’s care for her.
Regardless of the relationship of many levels of interest, Zheng Ran also adored Yun Feng, this almost monstrous genius, from the bottom of his heart.

Even though Zheng Ran wasn’t willing to let such a genius go to Masang School of Magic, he didn’t want to force Yun Feng either.
After all, asking a mage to stay in the Mercenary Union would be a waste of her talent.
Even if Masang School of Magic had no obvious help for her anymore, she would get some benefits after all.

Early in the morning, a hundred mercenaries gathered at the entrance of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
The mercenaries, who stayed in the base camp of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, also flooded out.
There was reluctance on each of their faces.
After all, their Young Lady, who was known as the legend, was about to leave again after returning for a few days.
To be precise, these mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had only bragged several days and this center figure had to leave again.
However, the deal she made for the Red Maple Mercenary Team before she left made their mercenaries delighted.

Even the Commanders of the five-star mercenary groups were nothing.
Weren’t they still fooled around by their Young Lady? Their Young Lady was God!

Yun Feng looked at the large group of people who were sending her off, and had no idea how she should react.
People kept joining them along the way from the Red Maple Mercenary Team to the entrance of the Mercenary Union and there were a lot of mercenaries from other mercenary groups who were watching the fun.
Yun Feng, Zhao Mingqi, Zhao Yan and Wang Ming were in the front.
Zhao Mingqi was like a kind father, telling Yun Feng to do this and that constantly.
Yun Feng also nodded.
And yet, the mercenaries walking her out behind them were discontent!

“Commander Zhao, our Young Lady isn’t a kid anymore! Urging her like this really stripped her of her dignity!”

“Right, Commander Zhao, don’t say too much! Our Young Lady must be well aware of these things!”

Yun Feng smiled and Zhao Mingqi couldn’t help but shout a bit embarrassedly, “What do you know about it? My Lady is just 12.
She’s a kid!”

“Fuck, 12? Seriously?”

“Fuck! Our Young Lady is just 12 this year.
Haha, I need to tell other people.
This is another thing we can brag about! Which twelve-year-old kid can keep up with our Young Lady? Our Young Lady is God!”

The mercenaries were stirred again, because Yun Feng was at such a young age.
Her appearance right now didn’t match her age.
If she didn’t tell people about it, she was no different than a girl of seventeen, eighteen years old, whether it was her appearance, height, manners and thinking.
This always made it easy for people to overlook that she was only 12.

“These bastards…” Wang Ming said speechlessly while feeling slightly proud in his heart, as Zhao Yan walked on the side silently.
His gaze was fixed on Yun Feng along the way, thinking about something.

They finally came to the entrance of the Mercenary Union.
The two soldiers guarding the entrance were startled when they saw a crowd of people coming over.
Looking carefully, they were all people with the badge of the Red Maple Mercenary Team on their chests so the anxiousness in their minds was slowly suppressed.

“My Lady, we’ll go up till here.” Zhao Mingqi said softly and gazed at Yun Feng, looking a bit unwilling to part with her.
“My Lady, don’t be late for the registration.

Wang Ming chuckled.
“My Lady, come back to visit us when you have time!”

Yun Feng smiled and nodded.
“I will.
I’ll definitely come to see you when I have time!”

Zhao Yan kept quiet and didn’t say a word.
Yun Feng looked at the awkward Zhao Yan and smiled gently.
“Zhao Yan, I hope you’ll be at a higher level the next time we meet.”

Zhao Yan’s face flushed as he nodded and still wasn’t saying anything.
Zhao Mingqi glanced at his son and also knew what he was thinking.
He could only sighed in frustration.
Wang Ming burst into laughter and hit Zhao Yan’s shoulder with his hand.

“My Lady, don’t worry.
Xiao Yan certainly won’t let you down!”

Yun Feng nodded and glanced at the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team again.
Seeing those sad and awkward faces, warmth ran through the bottom of Yun Feng’s heart.
She calmed her emotions and shouted with a clear voice, “Don’t let me down the next time we meet!”

The hearts of all the mercenaries became hot out of excitement.
All of them shouted their heads out.
“Don’t worry, my Lady! We’ll definitely not let you down!” The shouts from a hundred people turned into claps of thunder, resounding in the sky above Ge Yuan.
People in Ge Yuan heard them and felt shocked.
Who was this Young Lady?

The two mercenaries guarding the entrance also trembled after hearing that and they became emotional without knowing.
Yun Feng nodded.
She believed that this group of enthusiastic men of the Red Maple Mercenary Team wouldn’t let her down.
Even though she wasn’t here, the Red Maple Mercenary Team would keep on standing and succeeding endlessly with them here!

“I’m going.” Yun Feng waved her hand, then turned around and stepped out of the Mercenary Union without looking back.
Her little body disappeared in the crowd outside.
The eyes of the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team stared at Yun Feng’s back until they couldn’t see her anymore and they finally looked away one by one.

“Alright, we should also go back.” Zhao Mingqi said as the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team slowly walked back.
After returning to the Red Maple Mercenary Team, Zhao Mingqi also went back into his house and he saw the storage belt put on the table.
Zhao Mingqi shook his head.
His Young Lady! He prepared so many things for her, but she only used a bit of them.
Was she really that good in these three years?

Yun Feng left the belt that the Red Maple Mercenary Team gave her back then.
She didn’t really need the things inside anymore.
Even if she did, she wouldn’t take them all away.
The mid-level ores inside were quite a huge part of the property of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Although they exchanged the mid-level mineral veins for the high-level mineral veins and the level of the ores was increased, the yield would naturally decrease as well.
High-level ores could create individual masters, but not a batch of masters.

Yun Feng left the belt, but Zhao Mingqi didn’t refuse either.
He should just accept the kindness of his Young Lady.
Zhao Mingqi chuckled softly.
It was indeed the luckiest thing for the Red Maple Mercenary Team to be able to have such a Young Lady.
They were truly lucky to be able to meet their Young Lady!

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