Chapter 230: Ripping Them Off Again (5)

The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became deeper.
“Of course! If Commander Leng is so sincere, I certainly have to show my sincerity as well.
Then, I’ll give this mineral vein to…”

“Wait! I want to exchange it with a high-level mineral vein as well!” Tuoba Gang shouted with a flushed face.
The jaws of the Commanders of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group dropped in shock.
They could still offer a mid-level mineral vein, but a high-level mineral vein… Just forget about it.
The two groups had only one high-level mineral vein each!

All the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were thrilled after hearing that.
A deal of four mid-level mineral veins became high-level mineral veins.
They would become rich.
They would become rich!

Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang certainly knew that they would lose some benefits, their own benefits! All four five-star groups had high-level mineral veins.
Leng Siaose’s Cold Star Group had two, Tuoba Gang’s Fierce Tiger Group had two, while the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group had one each.
Of course, Leng Siaose had his own little plan when he suggested offering a high-level mineral vein.
Then, the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group wouldn’t be able to interfere.
Since Yun Feng was about to show them an ultimate ore, it proved that there must be something in that mineral vein! Now that he was certain about it, he must get rid of as many people as he could!

The Commanders of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group had the intention to get involved, but they couldn’t do anything about it, so they were destined to be out in this competition.
The two Commanders gritted their teeth secretly.
What a Leng Siaose! His brain really didn’t just spin once or twice! If the Fierce Tiger Group didn’t have two mineral veins, wouldn’t he occupy this mineral vein by himself?

Leng Siaose looked at Tuoba Gang.
“Tuoba Gang, are you joining in the fun?”

Tuoba Gang burst into laughter.
“Leng Siaose, don’t even think about having it to yourself!”

Yun Feng looked at the few people in front of her and smiled without restraint in her mind.
Just argue.
The more heated, the better!

“Yun Feng, what do you think?” Tuoba Gang smiled and asked Yun Feng.
Yun Feng certainly nodded.
Of course, she must accept things that were sent right to her.

“Commander Tuoba is also very sincere.
I’ll certainly count you in.”

Hearing what Yun Feng said, Leng Siaose immediately looked a bit upset.
Zheng Ran, please be our witness for this matter.”

Zheng Ran took out a few pieces of paper with a smile.
Those were the agreements.
“If you’ve made a decision, sign the agreement, just in case someone goes back on their word in the future.”

Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang immediately took the agreement and wrote that a high-level mineral vein of their mercenary group would be owned by the Red Maple Mercenary Team, and that they would send high-level ores to the Red Maple Mercenary Team every month.
Yun Feng also signed her name on the agreements and transferred the mineral vein of the Red Maple Mercenary Team to these two groups.
The deal was sealed.
Zheng Ran took back the agreements as the Commanders of the Raging Fire Group and the Waning Moon Group gritted their teeth furiously and ran out of the door.
Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang also didn’t stay long.
It didn’t feel good to suffer losses.
They must go back to think about whether they dug the wrong place before, or if they used the wrong technique.

The four Commanders of the five-star groups were gone, but Mr.
Zheng Ran was still here.
Yun Feng smiled at Zheng Ran gently.
When she was about to say something, Zheng Ran waved his hand firmly.
“It’s good to restrain their strength.
It’s also less of a headache for me.”

Yun Feng smiled and the mercenaries in the main hall of the Red Maple Mercenary Team also gave a beaming smile on their faces one after another.
Their Young Lady was truly a god! The Red Maple Mercenary Team was about to face heavy losses, but it was great now.
They lost their mid-level ores, but got high-level ores instead!

“Kid, come and find me when you have time.” Zheng Ran said with a smile as Yun Feng nodded.
Zheng Ran then also left the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
As soon as Zheng Ran left, the mercenaries in the main hall of the Red Maple Mercenary Team let out sounds other than screaming.

“With my Lady here, the Red Maple Mercenary Team is invincible!”

“That’s right! With my Lady here, the Red Maple Mercenary Team will keep moving forward!”

Zhao Mingqi looked at the excited mercenaries again and also felt a bit emotional.
As expected, with their Young Lady here, the Red Maple Mercenary Team could head off any disaster!

The few of them came to the second floor, while the mercenaries in the main hall were still discussing excitedly.
Yun Feng briefly talked about her experience in the last three years in the house, but didn’t tell them too much about it.
She told the three of them that she would be leaving right away after coming back this time.
She still needed to participate in the magic exam of the Masang School of Magic.

Zhao Yan said with a hoarse voice after hearing that, “Why do you still have to go to Masang School of Magic? Is it not good here?”

Zhao Mingqi stared at his son and said to Yun Feng, “My Lady, just go.
Zheng Ran won’t say anything either.
You don’t have to worry about us.”

Wang Ming laughed.
“My Lady is a mage.
It’s right for her to go to Masang School of Magic.
Xiao Yan, don’t be so awkward.”

Zhao Yan flushed and sat there embarrassedly.
“What I said is true! Even if she’s a mage, so what? My Lady will just waste her time if she goes there! Isn’t it good for her to stay here with us?”

Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming immediately went silent and Yun Feng smiled.
“Zhao Yan, my brother is in Masang School of Magic.
That’s my closest family.
I’ll still be a mercenary of the Red Maple Mercenary Team after going to Masang School of Magic.
This is something that will never change.”

Zhao Yan suddenly looked up and gazed at Yun Feng with his black eyes.
“I didn’t mean that.
What I’m trying to say is…” His voice stopped abruptly.
Zhao Yan turned his head to the side and didn’t say a word again.

Zhao Mingqi sighed softly.
“My lady, you can go wherever you want.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team has always got your back, always.”

Yun Feng smiled and nodded.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team got her back and she also got the Red Maple Mercenary Team’s back! Whoever dared to harm the Red Maple Mercenary Team would have to go through her first!

“Alright, my Lady, go find Mr.
Zheng Ran quickly.” Zhao Mingqi said.
Yun Feng nodded as she got up and left without saying anything.
After seeing that Yun Feng was gone, Zhao Mingqi slowly walked to his son and patted his shoulder.

“Xiao Yan, my Lady is an eagle.
The sky of the Red Maple Mercenary Team is too small after all.”

Zhao Yan clenched his fists abruptly with a hint of bitterness flowing into his mind.
Wang Ming also came over and hit Zhao Yan’s shoulder with his hand.
“Xiao Yan, isn’t it good to see my Lady soar in the sky?”

Zhao Yan remained silent.
Right, such a Young Lady wouldn’t stay here after all.
She had a vast world, a world that was wider than his.
He probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with such a person his entire life…

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