Chapter 229: Ripping Them Off Again (4)

The Commanders of the Raging Fire Group and the Waning Moon Group felt like there must be something when they saw Leng Siaose’s expression at this moment so they also hesitated a little.
Once Tuoba Gang saw that, he immediately shouted, “What are you waiting for? Haven’t we made a decision?”

The two Commanders chuckled.
“We don’t have your boldness, Tuoba Gang… Let us think about it…”

Seeing the attitude of the few of them, Yun Feng sneered in her mind.
If you want to play, I’ll play with you.
I’ll not call myself Yun Feng if I don’t rip you off until your skin is torn!

“Commander Leng, what else do you want to say?” Yun Feng asked.

Leng Siaose pondered for a while and finally said, “Yun Feng, please forgive me for the recklessness of what I said just now.
We’ve been turning the low-level mineral vein upside down in the last three years and we’ve never even found a single ultimate ore, so we’re a bit anxious.”

Zhao Yan chuckled in his mind after hearing that, but he dared not show it on his face.
Bullshit! That was just a low-level mineral vein.
How would there be ultimate ores?

Yun Feng made a look of realization.
“If that’s the case, you should just give that mineral vein back to us, Commander Leng.” Yun Feng smiled and said.
“Didn’t you say that you don’t want it anymore? Then, give it back.”

Hearing what Yun Feng said and seeing how anxiously she wanted to get it back, stubbornness rose in Leng Siaose’s heart.
She wanted to get it back so anxiously.
There must be something!

“Yun Feng, how can you say that? We only decided to sign an agreement with you because we heard that you got ultimate ores.
You should be a bit more sincere, shouldn’t you?”

After hearing this, Yun Feng curled up her lips and smiled.
They just wanted to see the ultimate ores after all.
Yun Feng hadn’t even seen any ultimate ores before! However, it was different now.
Ultimate ores were as common as cabbages for her!

“Commander Leng, I can’t let you take the advantages yourself, can I? Why? If I show you an ultimate ore, then you’ll continue occupying the mineral vein.
So, is what you said just now bullshit?”

Leng Siaose’s face flushed.
“Of course not.
I just want to be sure…”

“To be sure? Before confirming it, you have to take some risk.
Do you want this mineral vein or not?” Yun Feng asked Leng Siaose with a smile.
Leng Siaose was so enraged that he almost spurted out blood.
She was obviously taking advantage of him! Whether he was keeping the mineral vein or not, he wouldn’t be the one who got the benefits! Leng Siaose truly regretted negotiating with Yun Feng.
He didn’t learn a lesson last time.
Leng Siaose scolded himself in his mind.

The other two Commanders also frowned and pondered.
If they said yes and Yun Feng couldn’t show them any ultimate ores, they would truly suffer huge losses.
With Mr.
Zheng Ran here, they couldn’t change their minds either.
If they said no and Yun Feng took out an ultimate ore, wouldn’t they miss a great opportunity?

The Commanders of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group said at the same time, “We’ll choose whatever Commander Leng chooses.” They would suffer losses together, and they wouldn’t let any group take advantage by themselves!

Tuoba Gang was so enraged that his heart burnt as he watched on the side.
Why couldn’t he remain calm? Great.
Things had developed to this point now.
Even fools could see that this was a gamble.
If they won, it would be a big win!

Hearing what the other two Commanders said, Leng Siaose almost spurted out blood.
They were all something! Yun Feng waited for a while patiently, while Zheng Ran stood next to her with a smile.
All the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team also held their breath, waiting for Leng Siaose’s reply.
If he said no, the Red Maple Mercenary Team would truly suffer a huge loss!

“If Yun Feng said so, I don’t want it anymore.” Leng Siaose suddenly curled up his lips and smiled as a glint of light flashed through his black eyes when he looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng also smiled.
Compared with her, Commander Leng seemed to be a bit worse in terms of calmness.

The mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help but look disappointed when they heard Leng Siaose’s reply.
They were doomed.
The ores from the four mid-level mineral veins… were gone just like that!

The hearts of the Commanders of the Raging Fire Group and Waning Moon Group stopped when they heard Leng Siaose’s reply.
Yun Feng then smiled and said, “Alright, Commander Leng, don’t change your mind again.”

Leng Siaose nodded.
“Certainly not.”

A cunning fox-like smile suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s face and she twisted her wrist as a crystal clear ore appeared in her hand.
It had no impurities at all and was covered with bright glitters! Once the ore appeared, everyone’s breath became hot.
An ultimate ore!

The eyes of the four Commanders were about to pop out.
Fuck, that was an ultimate ore.
That was truly an ultimate ore! Yun Feng smiled.
“Commanders, do you see it?”

Yun Feng put the ultimate ore a bit closer to them.
Leng Siaose was so shocked that he felt like his liver and gall seemed to be torn.
He lost this time.
Damn, he lost miserably!

Yun Feng flipped her hand again and the ultimate ore disappeared from her palm, like a flower that blossomed for a very short period.
Seeing the red eyes and the regretful looks of the four Commanders, Yun Feng waved.
“Commanders, if there’s nothing else, I’ll see you out!”

“Wait! Yun Feng, let’s have a discussion.
Let’s have a discussion!” Tuoba Gang suddenly shouted and gave a flattering smile.
“The old agreement is canceled, but we can sign a new one!”

The Commanders of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group both nodded constantly and were biting Leng Siaose’s head off in their minds.
Leng Siaose also stood there with a flushed face, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Commander Tuoba, what do you mean?”

“I mean… we can make a new agreement.
Don’t you think? My condition will remain the same, a mid-level mineral vein in exchange for your mineral vein!”

“Me too, me too!” The other two Commanders both agreed.
Yun Feng smiled and remained silent.
Everyone in the Red Maple Mercenary Team wanted to burst into laughter in their minds, especially Zhao Yan, Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming.
Their Young Lady ripped them off once.
And now, it was the second time!

Leng Siaose remained silent for a long time, but when he spoke, the condition he suggested surprised the others.
“The Cold Star Group will offer you a high-level mineral vein in exchange for your mineral vein.
Yun Feng, I’ll never go back on my words this time!”

The other three Commanders opened their mouths wide.
Fuck! A high-level mineral vein! Had Leng Siaose gone mad?

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