“I need to test my abilities anyway.
Even though you’re only level 5 Magic Beasts, I can barely make do with you.”

“Roar…” An angry roar resounded around the outermost area of the Foggy Forest.
All low-level Magic Beasts stayed in their nests and trembled.
Even though the roar came from far away, it was enough to scare them.
Apart from the place where Yun Feng was, there wasn’t even one Magic Beast anymore in the outermost area of the Foggy Forest.
They all went into hiding.

“Why isn’t there even one Magic Beast? The Foggy Forest is nothing more than this!” An arrogant voice sounded.
At the border of the Foggy Forest, several people slowly entered.
A short teenage girl and a tall teenage boy were walking in the front, followed by three level-5 warriors behind them, who seemed to be their servants.

The teenage boy looked at the Foggy Forest silently and couldn’t help but frown skeptically.
Although Magic Beasts weren’t usually seen everywhere in the Foggy Forest, it wouldn’t be so weirdly quiet like today!

“Let’s go a bit further.” The teenage boy smiled slightly at the teenage girl.
The girl pursed her lips with a reluctant look as she kept murmuring, “Hm, it’s just a normal forest.”

The boy didn’t say anything else, but he looked much more alert.
He gave a signal to the servants behind him with his eyes.
The three level-5 warriors immediately understood and they all entered a heightened state of alert.

This weird silence was like the fake calm on the ocean.
If they weren’t careful enough, they would be crushed to pieces by a giant beast lurking under the ocean.
The teenage boy felt a bit of a headache.

People in Chunfeng Town knew how dangerous the Foggy Forest was.
There were Magic Beasts everywhere.
However, this lady who visited Chunfeng Town wanted to come here, saying that she wanted to enrich her knowledge.
The young boy only came with this capricious girl unwillingly under the pressure from his father.

However, the boy had already made a decision in his mind right now.
Something must be happening inside the Foggy Forest.
If they still didn’t see any Magic Beasts as they went deeper, they should immediately evacuate!

If it wasn’t for Yun Feng, people who entered the Foggy Forest like them would be able to encounter level-4 Magic Beasts.
How would it look like there was no one here? There should be some tough battles when they swaggered into the Foggy Forest like this.
Due to the burst of anger and fierceness when the three level-5 Magic Beasts gathered, all other Magic Beasts below level 5 could only stay in their nests and dared not move at all, which was why these people could walk inside so easily and why that girl said that this was just a normal forest.

At the border of the outermost area and central area of the Foggy Forest, the three level-5 Magic Beasts had already started attacking.
In the middle of the fiery red eyes of the Fire Cloud Wolf of the peak level 5 was a black vertical line, making it look wicked and abnormal.
After letting out a roar, it rushed towards Yun Feng with fierce heat waves surrounding its fiery red body, and its sharp claws with burning red elements hit Yun Feng’s head!

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and the muscles and cells inside her small body suddenly increased, pushing her body’s energy and defensive power to the maximum.
Looking at the sharp claws coming towards her, Yun Feng’s body slightly moved to the side.
She clenched a fist abruptly the moment the Fire Cloud Wolf came down and fiercely punched the front of the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body with the power of a level-5 warrior.

“Roar!” The beast growled.
The red light ball was knocked to the side messily by Yun Feng’s fist, colliding with a tree trunk.
The tree shook violently.
“Crack!” As the Fire Cloud Wolf slowly slid down, the tree it hit cracked in the middle!

The body of the Fire Cloud Wolf fell on the ground in a mess.
Its limbs and body were twitching slightly.
Those red eyes were full of fear.
It wanted to stand, but its body had just been punched.
The punch broke through its elemental defense and directly hit its body!

The body of the Magic Beasts was much sturdier than that of humans.
Not only because they could use their own elements to wrap their body to form a defensive shield, but also because Magic Beasts were originally much stronger.
If it was a person that Yun Feng punched just then, that person would have already become meat sauce right now.

One was down after a punch!


The Purple Electric Leopard and the Gale Wolf were a bit dumbfounded when they saw how miserable the Fire Cloud Wolf was.
The Fire Cloud Wolf was the most powerful one among the three beasts.
It had reached the peak of level 5! However… it was knocked down by a little girl with a punch! This human was a warrior, but how would a warrior have such terrifying power?

Perhaps… She was an advanced-level warrior? Only advanced-level warriors could be so terrifying and strong.
The Purple Electric Leopard and the Gale Wolf looked at each other and didn’t know how to react to this guess.
The little girl in front of them was so small.
An advanced-level warrior? Even Magic Beasts like them weren’t that insane, let alone the weak humans!

This little girl must have some secret ways to increase her strength in a short time.
That must be it!

The two Magic Beasts were thinking to watch the Fire Cloud Wolf deal with the little girl.
They had never thought that the Fire Cloud Wolf would be defeated by her with a single punch.
The two Magic Beasts couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated and the gaze when they looked at Yun Feng also became bloodthirsty!

“Looks like I’m still being underestimated.” Yun Feng shook her head when she felt the energy of the two Magic Beasts, which was advancing instead of retreating.
It seemed that beating the dog before the lion was useless.
The two Magic Beasts still wanted to rush forward.
If that was the case, she would just play with them.

Yun Feng smiled as she reached her hand forward.
A ball of green elemental force gathered on her palm.
The green wind element was unusually active and was ready to move.
The two Magic Beasts immediately widened their beast eyes once they saw this.
A… A mage!

Yun Feng waved her small hand gently.
The wind element in her hand turned into an arrow and shot towards the two Magic Beasts.
The Gale Wolf, which also belonged to the wind element, was thrilled.
It was also a Magic Beast of the wind element, so the attacks of the wind element wouldn’t cause too much harm to it.
If this mage also practiced the wind element, she would become food in its tummy!


The Gale Wolf dodged slightly and the surface of its body was enveloped with the wind element.
Its wolf eyes looked at Yun Feng in disdain and it immediately opened its mouth wide, flashing towards Yun Feng with an incomparable speed!

It was confident that the wind element could hardly cause any harm to it, so what did it have to be afraid of? Even the Fire Cloud Wolf couldn’t take down the little girl.
It looked like she was destined to die in its hands.
Thinking that it might become the leader of the outermost area, there was more viciousness in the wolf’s eyes!

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