Chapter 227: Ripping Them Off Again (2)

“Fuck, after talking nonsense for so long, only this is something a person would say!” Tuoba Gang burst into laughter.
Thinking that Yun Feng would admit that she ripped them off three years ago in front of Mr.
Zheng Ran, and thinking of the losses that the Red Maple Mercenary Team was going to suffer next, Tuoba Gang felt very comfortable in his mind!

“Commander Leng is smart.
Let’s go to find Mr.
Zheng Ran,” the Commander of the Raging Fire Group said with a smile.
The few Commanders couldn’t help but feel relieved.
As long as they could make the Red Maple Mercenary Team unable to recover after collapsing, as long as they could destroy the agreement they signed three years ago, what does it matter if they had to be the weak for once?

The four Commanders of the five-star groups went to the place where Zheng Ran was in the Mercenary Union.
Once they arrived, Zheng Ran walked out of the door and saw the four Commanders of the five-star groups.
Zheng Ran smiled gently.
“Great! Yun Feng has returned.
Come with me to have a look.”

The four Commanders of the five-star groups smiled reluctantly and followed behind Mr.
Zheng Ran.
“Leng Siaose, what if Mr.
Zheng Ran stands on Yun Feng’s side? Aren’t we embarrassing ourselves?”

Leng Siaose looked at Zheng Ran’s back and shook his head, replying softly, “I don’t think so.
If Mr.
Zheng Ran isn’t fair, the rules of the Mercenary Union will be broken.
Once the rules are broken, he’ll be in a lot of trouble in the future.”

The other three Commanders were also slightly relieved after hearing that.
They followed Zheng Ran and walked towards the four-star area.


Wang Ming took Yun Feng to the building where the Red Maple Mercenary Team was located.
Looking at the building in front of her that was obviously a few times wider and many times taller than the previous one, Yun Feng nodded in satisfaction.
Wang Ming chuckled as he opened the door and shouted inside, “Commander Zhao, come out quickly.
Look who’s back!”

Yun Feng walked inside behind Wang Ming.
Many mercenaries were accepting their tasks or resting in the large main hall.
Seeing Wang Ming come inside, they all greeted him passionately.
Yun Feng sensed them slightly and found that the lowest level these mercenaries had was level 6!

The development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in the last three years was truly great.
There was a smile on Yun Feng’s little face.
After a while, she heard a voice that was undergoing voice mutation and was very hoarse.
“Uncle Wang, why are you here?”

Wang Ming smiled.
“Zhao Yan, where’s Commander Zhao? Is he not in the union?”

Yun Feng saw a lanky young man walking down the stairs.
Three years had passed and Zhao Yan seemed to have already grown much taller.
He was one head taller than Yun Feng was and there were marks of maturity on that face that used to be slightly immature three years ago.
He already looked like an adult at first glance.

Zhao Yan walked over.
He didn’t really want to talk during his voice change, so he nodded and pointed upstairs.
Wang Ming understood him as he moved his body aside with a smile, showing Yun Feng who was standing behind him.

“Zhao Yan, look who’s back!”

Zhao Yan looked over with his black eyes.
When he saw the teenage girl in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel startled and he glanced over her face back and forth a few times.
His doubtful gaze gradually became clear.
Zhao Yan’s mouth gently opened and he wanted to say something, but his handsome face suddenly blushed the next second!

“My… My Lady…” Zhao Yan yelled with a hoarse voice as Yun Feng nodded.
“Zhao Yan, you grew a lot taller in these three years.”

Zhao Yan blushed and nodded.
“I… I’ll ask my father to come down…” The blush on Zhao Yan’s face became redder.
Yun Feng and Wang Ming found it a bit weird when they saw that.
Zhao Yan went up the stairs in a few steps and some flustered footsteps sounded upstairs.

“What’s wrong with this kid?” Wang Ming was very frustrated as he looked at Zhao Yan’s flustered back.
Yun Feng also smiled speechlessly and finally noticed that all the mercenaries in the main hall of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were gazing at her.
Over a hundred pairs of eyes stared right at her.
Yun Feng smiled.

“It turns out my Lady is back…” A mercenary murmured, which aroused the emotions of all the other mercenaries like the last straw.
“Yoohoo! My Lady is back!”

The mercenaries in the main hall all shouted their heads off and the entire main hall was stirred.
Wang Ming burst into laughter.
He was delighted to see how thrilled these mercenaries with surging energy were, and Yun Feng also felt the excitement of these people in their shouts.

It turned out these people had been looking forward to seeing her return throughout these three years.
The feeling of being longed for… was truly indescribably good!

“I’ve already heard the noises before I got here.
How lively!” Someone pushed open the door of the Red Maple Mercenary Team gently as the cheering mercenaries immediately went into silence.
Each of the five people that came in carried a terrifying pressure.
Yun Feng glanced at them and went up to greet them.

Zheng Ran.” Yun Feng greeted Zheng Ran with a smile, while ignoring the four Commanders of the five-star groups next to him.
Even though she had no idea why the four of them would come here together, they definitely didn’t come to see her.
The development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in these three years must have aroused the dissatisfaction of the four of them, or they wouldn’t look so upset.

Zheng Ran looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
Looking at this teenage girl who had become fully grown after three years, Zheng Ran detected her strength slightly and his eyes widened a little.
Good Lord! He couldn’t detect the little girl’s strength anymore!

“How’s your training in the last three years?” Zheng Ran asked with a smile.
The mercenaries in the main hall of the Red Maple Mercenary Team all remained silent and sat there obediently.
Among the five people that came in, one of them was the Vice President of the Mercenary Union, while the other four were the Commanders of the five-star groups.
None of them could be offended.
However, thinking that even the Vice President of the Mercenary Union came to see their Young Lady, the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team immediately felt like they had gained face!

“Thank you for worrying about me, Mr.
Zheng Ran.
Everything’s great.” Yun Feng gave a general reply.
She had quite a good impression of Zheng Ran.
Before she left, Zheng Ran gave her the storage ring and things inside could be said to be Zheng Ran’s private property, which was Zheng Ran’s kindness for her.
Of course, she couldn’t rule out the possibility that he might want to rope her in as well, but there was more or less a bit of sincerity.

Zheng Ran nodded with a smile.
At this moment, Tuoba Gang standing on the side was a bit impatient.
He didn’t have time to hear them greet one another endlessly!

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