Chapter 226: Ripping Them Off Again (1)

“Definitely breaking news! The Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team is… is back!”

The other mercenaries all opened their mouths wide and their jaws almost dropped.
Everyone looked at each other.
The beauty who walked past them just then turned out to be the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team? No wonder, no wonder…

All the mercenaries immediately ran in one direction leaving the person who delivered the news shocked.
“Hey, guys, why are you running? Where are you going?”

The other mercenaries ran and shouted without looking back, “Are you nuts? Of course, we’re going to see the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team!”

The mercenary, who delivered the news, was startled and then touched his head.
“Hey, wait for me! Count me in!”

The news that Yun Feng had returned circulated around the Mercenary Union like a gust of wind.
The two mercenaries guarding the entrance could be considered the best news spreader.
Spreading from mouth to mouth, the Commanders of the four five-star groups of the Mercenary Union also received the news after a while.
The four of them immediately gathered with different expressions on their faces.

“Yun Feng is back,” the Commander of the Waning Moon Group said with a cold face as the Commander of the Raging Fire Group also replied in a bad tone, “We should go to have a chat with her.”

Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang sat on the same side with a bad expression on their faces.
Glitters flashed across the huge earrings worn on Tuoba Gang’s earlobes and he seemed to be overwhelmed.
“Fuck, it’s been three years and we still haven’t even seen the shadows of the ultimate ores.
Are we being tricked by her?”

Leng Siaose frowned after hearing this, while the faces of the other two Commanders also darkened a little.
In the last three years, these four Commanders of the five-star groups had been suffocating with anger and they had nowhere to vent it.
They sent huge amounts of mid-level ores to the Red Maple Mercenary Team batch by batch, while hopefully constantly searching the mineral vein they got with four mid-level mineral veins, praying that they could find ultimate ores.
However, after three years of days and nights of searching, there weren’t any ultimate ores at all, apart from low-level ores!

These four Commanders were patient at first.
How would they be able to find ultimate ores whenever they wanted? Then, one year has passed, two years have passed, two and a half years have passed! Even the most patient person would smell something in this.
The four Commanders of the five-star groups, who were ripped off three years ago, finally understood right now that they were probably tricked by Yun Feng!

The four Commanders of the five-star groups took two and a half years to realize this, but they couldn’t change anything.
They could only swallow this dumb loss into their stomachs.
What else could they do? They signed clearly on the agreement of the Mercenary Union.
They still had to send mid-level ores away and they had already suffered the losses!

The four Commanders of the five-star groups had nowhere to vent the anger they had been repressing for six months.
Would they have the courage to do anything to the Red Maple Mercenary Team? Of course not! Based on the current development, the Red Maple Mercenary Team was already on an equal footing with them, except for the difference between their levels! In the next assessment, one of the four five-star groups would definitely be dragged down by the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

They couldn’t lay a hand on the Red Maple Mercenary Team easily and couldn’t set them up secretly.
With two mid-level mineral veins and the huge amount of mid-level ores sent by these four five-star groups, the overall strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had reached a certain level abruptly.
There used to be very few level-9 masters in the Mercenary Union in the past, but now, they were everywhere.
The four Commanders of the five-star groups could only widen their eyes and watch the rapid development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
They couldn’t suppress them even the slightest!

For the overall level of the Red Maple Mercenary Team right now, the lowest level they had was level 6! And the highest level had reached level 9! Besides, the number of level-9 powerhouses was no longer a single digit!

The Commanders of the four five-star groups were filled with pent-up anger, but they could only repress it.
Thinking about being ripped off so harshly three years ago, they truly regretted it so much that their intestines turned green.

And now, Yun Feng was back.
The culprit was back! They naturally had a target to vent their anger on now.
If Yun Feng couldn’t give them ultimate ores, they would have a reason to unite and suppress the Red Maple Mercenary Team, and they would also be able to get back the large number of ores they gave to the Red Maple Mercenary Team every time!

Leng Siaose hadn’t been talking and Tuoba Gang was apparently a bit enraged when he saw Leng Siaose remain silent.
“Leng Siaose, why have you become dumb? Can you say something?”

Leng Siaose looked worse.
“Tuoba Gang, if you have the guts, rush over and argue with Yun Feng right now.
I won’t stop you at all.”

Tuoba Gang widened his fierce eyes and stared at Leng Siaose as he cursed him secretly, sitting back again.
Leng Siaose glanced at Tuoba Gang in disdain and finally said slowly.

“Three years ago, Yun Feng was still at level 6.
Have you ever thought about how much her strength has improved three years later?”

As soon as he said this, the other three Commanders looked even paler again.

“How powerful can she get? Level 8 at most!” Tuoba Gang mumbled softly with a slightly indignant look.
Rising two levels to level 8 in three years was already considered a genius speed in their understanding.

Leng Siaose shook his head.
“I guess her strength has already reached level 9.
It’s very likely to be the case.”

Tuoba Gang spat on the ground.
“Leng Siaose, are you boosting other people’s morale and destroying your own prestige right now?”

Leng Siaose rolled his eyes at Tuoba Gang.
“I’m still going to say the same thing.
If you have any more nonsense to say, go to argue with her yourself.
By then, you can do whatever you want, including attacking her!”

Tuoba Gang went silent again, but his face was full of anger and his heart felt suffocated! Level 9? If Yun Feng had really reached level 9, shouldn’t people who hadn’t improved a bit in these three years like them hit the wall to kill themselves in shame?

“If she has truly reached level 9, it’ll be difficult to deal with.
Even though it’s possible to use strong means, it’s still a bit knotty.” The Commander of the Waning Moon Group pondered for a while and said.
Leng Siaose then shook his head with a smile.
“No, we need to be the veritable weak in this matter.
Yun Feng ripped us off harshly and we must make her pay the price!”

“Fucking get to the point!” Tuoba Gang shouted again, while Leng Siaose’s face darkened and ignored him.
“We have to get Mr.
Zheng Ran on our side.
We must occupy the side of justice firmly and take the Red Maple Mercenary Team down fiercely through this opportunity, so he can’t have the power to surpass us!”

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