Chapter 222: Returning to the Mercenary Union (2)

Yun Feng’s red lips curved up slightly.
“I’m 12 this year.
Are you 12 too?”

The boy widened his eyes in shock as he glanced all over Yun Feng’s body and shouted in a weird tone, “That’s impossible! You don’t look like a 12-year-old girl! You look like you’re 17!”

Yun Feng smiled.
Oh, you’re 17? Having the strength of a level-5 warrior at 17, he could also be considered an outstanding person.
She wondered where this young boy came from.
Why was he crossing the Shiny Plains alone? Seeing how messy he was, he should have fought with Magic Beasts.
He was courageous, but lacked wisdom.

Such a person would also be helpful for the development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team after taking him in.
Yun Feng pondered as she twisted her wrist and took out the food in her storage belt for the boy.
The young boy looked at the food that appeared out of nowhere and glanced at Yun Feng in astonishment.
“You… You have a storage container?”

Yun Feng’s face became cold in an instant.
“Why? Do you want one?”

The young boy shook his head right away and swiftly took the food in Yun Feng’s hands, cramming the food down his throat.
He looked obviously starving.
“I… I didn’t mean that… I’m just wondering.” The boy gobbled the food up in his mouth and finally finished everything.
He glanced at Yun Feng in embarrassment, while scratching the back of his neck with his hand.

“Well, do you have more… I’m still a bit hungry…”

Yun Feng smiled and took out something else for the young boy again.
The boy chuckled, then quickly ate the food and finally took a breath of satisfaction.
“Starvation is truly torturous…”

“You came out to gain experience and you didn’t prepare everything.” Yun Feng made a remark indifferently as the boy smiled in embarrassment and touched the back of his neck with his hand out of habit.
“Well, I don’t have money…”

Yun Feng was startled.
He didn’t have money? Right, the clothes the young boy was wearing weren’t considered good, only ordinary clothes.
They were a bit tattered now.
Apart from that, his body was empty and he had nothing else.
He came to join the Red Maple Mercenary Team and really didn’t bring any belongings at all.

Yun Feng shook her head silently again.
“If you’ve had enough, let’s keep going.” The boy chuckled and immediately agreed.
He had no idea since when he had been going the same way as Yun Feng.
The two of them walked a few steps and a few black shadows appeared.
The boy instantly became anxious when he saw them as he grabbed Yun Feng who was in front of him and quickly pulled her behind him, standing in front of Yun Feng himself.

Yun Feng didn’t say anything and just looked at the five people who suddenly showed up silently.
The five of them all looked like they had bad intentions and they were also wearing mercenary badges on their chests, which Yun Feng had never seen before.

“What do you want?” The young boy shouted clearly as the brightness on his handsome face instantly disappeared, looking very serious.
The five people looked like they were fooling around and they glanced over the boy’s body at Yun Feng behind him with evil intentions.

“Kid, our target is just this little girl.
If you’re smart enough, step aside!” One of them yelled viciously.
The boy stood in front of Yun Feng firmly and didn’t walk a step away at all.
Instead, he shouted, “Are you from the Mercenary Union as well?”

The five of them all burst into laughter and showed the badge on their chests.
“What do you think, kid? If you’re interested, we can make an exception and accept you.”

The young boy frowned and looked like he was thinking carefully.
One of the five people immediately shouted after seeing that, “The Royal Mercenary Group is quite famous in the Mercenary Union!”

Yun Feng stood behind the boy and frowned.
The Royal Mercenary Group? What was that? Perhaps it was another sleeper that rose in the last three years? However, looking at these five people, this sleeper didn’t seem to be a good one either.

“Royal Mercenary Group… This name is quite interesting.” The boy mumbled, “I’ve never heard of it… What level are you at?”

The five of them paused obviously and the expressions on their faces seemed to be a bit stiff.
“What… What level? Don’t ask about that.
You’ll definitely get benefits if you join us!”

The young boy shook his head.
“No, I’m going to join the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Thank you for your kindness.”

The five people all looked embarrassed when they heard what the boy said.
“Bah! The Red Maple Mercenary Team again! Will people die if they don’t join the Red Maple Mercenary Team? The Red Maple Mercenary Team has left other mercenary groups no way to survive these years.
Everyone ran to them!”

“Kid, if you don’t want to join us, we won’t force you either.
Move aside.
Don’t get in our way!”

Yun Feng stood behind the boy as what these people said landed in her ears.
It turned out the development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in these three years was so fierce.
Did everyone who joined the Mercenary Union rush to the Red Maple Mercenary Team?

“Do you know which mercenary group she belongs to? She’s from the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
How dare you provoke her? Aren’t you afraid that the Red Maple Mercenary Team will do something to you?” The boy shouted with a clear voice.

Yun Feng touched her forehead speechlessly behind him.
The five of them already had grievances against the Red Maple Mercenary Team and he still took the initiative to clash against them.
Fine, even if there were fifty more people here, it was the same to her.

“Hahahaha! The Red Maple Mercenary Team? That’s great.
We should really deal with her then.
Kid, I’ll count to three.
Move aside quickly! Or we’ll deal with you too! One! …”

Yun Feng suddenly took a step forward and pushed the young boy behind her.
The boy immediately wanted to run in front of Yun Feng again after seeing that, but Yun Feng glared at him.
“Stay right there!”

The young boy immediately stopped moving after hearing that and stood behind Yun Feng obediently.
He had no idea why he was listening to her.
He just wanted to obey her subconsciously.

“What do you want?” Yun Feng stepped up as the five people glanced over.
When they saw the badge on Yun Feng’s chest, they all gritted their teeth secretly.

“Girl, hand over your storage container and we’ll spare you! If not, hm!”

After hearing that, Yun Feng found that they had always been hiding in the dark, or had been following the young boy, but the boy had no idea about it…

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