Chapter 221: Returning to the Mercenary Union (1)

“Its target isn’t Park City.
Just wait and see.” Ted said with a serious face.
He had decided in his mind that he would report this to the Vice Principal after returning to Masang.
If a Magic Beast really appeared, it was no joke.

There was another thing that gave Ted a headache.
He had been in Park City for almost two weeks now and the registration would end in five days.
He looked at the long list of registration carefully every day, looking for that name, but was still disappointed day by day.

“Kid, you wouldn’t forget, would you…” Ted mumbled.
Thinking about the little girl three year ago, Ted’s heart abruptly became warm with excitement.
He spoke highly of this kid in front of the Vice Principal, so the Vice Principal was very interested in her.
If he lost her this time, with the Vice Principal’s temper…

Ted shook his head in frustration.
Just wait, there are still five days.
The kid may not show up until the last day.

Lan Yi went past Park City rapidly with Yun Feng on his back and didn’t know about the furor he caused at all, flying towards the east of Park City.
After a while, Yun Feng saw the white plain below.
The plain was vast and there were a lot of little black dots underneath.

“Lan Yi, find somewhere without anyone and stop.” Yun Feng said as Lan Yi nodded and glanced around with his blue eyes.
He immediately dived down.
The place he chose wasn’t anywhere else, but a place where a group of gregarious Magic Beasts lived.
When Lan Yi got closer, these Magic Beasts all went into a panic and ran everywhere desperately.
Their leader, a level-6 Magic Beast, was so scared that its liver and gall seemed to have torn.

“Whoosh, whoosh…” Lan Yi flapped his wings and landed steadily.
The level-6 Magic Beast was hiding somewhere and only dared to peep carefully.
The other Magic Beasts were also the same.
They all hid in fear and dared not show up easily.

When Yun Feng hopped down from Lan Yi’s back, the expressions of the Magic Beasts immediately changed.
They even dared not look at her and only turned around, running away in panic.

Yun Feng felt that there seemed to be some movements underneath the sand nearby, but she didn’t bother to care about it and she put Lan Yi back into the Ring of Contract.
She looked at the place where she was and slightly identified the direction.
Light green color appeared around her body and she flashed, vanishing from the air directly.

A breeze was caused wherever Yun Feng went past.
Some Magic Beasts only felt the breeze blow next to them without being able to sense it in time.
Their bodies moved and they had no idea what passed through them just then.

Yun Feng looked at the frightened Magic Beasts and found it hilarious.
She slowly suppressed her momentum of the Commander Level and the Magic Beasts finally felt slightly more normal.

Yun Feng’s body flashed on the Shiny Plains.
There was no trace of her stepping on the soft white sand.
She went all the way towards the place where the mercenary group was stationed as she put the badge of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, which she put away three years ago, on her chest.

The red maple leaf looked extremely bright, carrying a color and temperature that made people warm.
Yun Feng focused on rushing there at a very high speed.
After a while, she had already crossed one-third of the vast Shiny Plains.

Walking so swiftly made Yun Feng a bit tired.
She immediately slowed down and started walking slowly on the Shiny Plains.
As she walked, she suddenly felt someone getting closer behind her.
That person seemed to want to approach her.
Yun Feng’s body swayed to the side agilely and avoided the hand of that person behind her.

Yun Feng immediately turned around and saw a dark-skinned, energetic young boy with a surprised expression on his face.
When the boy saw Yun Feng’s face, he couldn’t help flushing.
Even though the blush couldn’t be seen clearly on his tanned skin, she could see that the boy was obviously shy.

“Um… Don’t be afraid.
I’m not a bad person…” The boy caressed his hair and chuckled.
A gleam of light flashed through his white teeth.
Yun Feng sized up the boy with her black eyes, then finally said, “It’s alright.”

She got up and walked forward after saying that, but the teenage boy yelled a bit anxiously, “Hey! Can you just wait a second? Well…”

Yun Feng stopped, then turned around and asked the young boy what he wanted softly.
The boy touched the back of his neck in embarrassment.
“Hehe, well, did you walk here too? Um… Do you… Do you have anything to eat? I… haven’t eaten for two days and I’m starving…”

A smile flashed through Yun Feng’s cold face.
“If you’re hungry, why don’t you find something to eat yourself? Look, I don’t have anything with me.
Do I look like someone with food?”

What Yun Feng said made the boy smile in embarrassment.
When he saw the badge on Yun Feng’s chest, he suddenly shouted, “That’s the badge of the Red Maple Mercenary Team! Haha, you’re a member of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, aren’t you?”

Yun Feng nodded as she gazed at the young boy’s look of ecstasy.
Was he a mercenary of the Red Maple Mercenary Team?

“That’s great if you’re from the Red Maple Mercenary Team! Everyone knows that the Red Maple Mercenary Team is righteous and moral.
They help strangers as well! Miss, since you’re a member of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, you certainly can’t ignore me.
Am I right?”

Yun Feng was suddenly startled.
This boy had a pretty good eloquence.
When did the Red Maple Mercenary Team become a nosy mercenary group? Why didn’t she know?

“Hehe, if you’re not saying anything, I’ll take that as a yes! To be honest, I’m also here to join a mercenary group and the Red Maple Mercenary Team is my target.
Hehe, I want to travel across the entire Shiny Plains and make myself a bit different.”

Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
Why was he doing this? He put a tall hat of flattery on her right now.
How could she leave him here? By then, if this teenage boy said anything outside, there would be a blot on the reputation of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

Thinking of this, Yun Feng looked deeply at the boy.
The young boy’s body was muscular and well-balanced.
He looked like someone who trained all year round.
Yun Feng detected him slightly and found that he had the strength of a level-5 warrior!

“How old are you?” Yun Feng asked softly as the boy chuckled and showed an especially bright smile.
“Miss, I’m as old as you are!”

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