Chapter 219: The Yun Army (3)

Even though Yun Feng had ores of a higher level, she didn’t trust these people completely.
She still needed time to see if they were reliable or not.
There was always a greedy side in human nature.
If Yun Feng showed them too much of her astonishing wealth, she wouldn’t be able to stay here if someone was up to something bad.
It was very difficult to be on guard all the time.

After preparing a hundred mid-level ores, Yun Feng also gathered the hundred people quickly.
When those hundred people heard that their Young Lady was calling them over, they immediately rushed to the Yun family at the highest speed.
The yard of the Yun family seemed a bit crowded when there were a hundred people standing there.
However, these hundred warriors all waited silently when they arrived, not looking anxious or impatient at all.
This was also the first test Yun Feng gave them.

Yun Jing knew what his daughter was thinking as well.
As the Yun family’s business grew stronger, they would have contact with all kinds of people and would encounter rivals and people who disliked them.
A guard team was something necessary for every developed family and it also represented the dignity of the family.
So, some large families would spend a lot of money on their guards and look for masters desperately.

After a while, Yun Feng and Yun Jing walked out of the house and all the warriors shouted respectfully when they saw Yun Jing, “Master!”

Yun Jing nodded.
Even though these warriors looked at Yun Feng with admiration in their eyes, the sullen Yun Jing was still the boss of the Yun family.
They must be respectful to Yun Jing.
Yun Jing looked at his daughter next to him.
“I think I don’t need to introduce to you who she is.”

These warriors all looked a bit thrilled and yelled at Yun Feng at the same time, “My Lady!”

Yun Feng nodded as she glanced around slightly and finally spoke slowly with a clear, powerful voice, “You all volunteered to become the guards of the Yun family.
I express my deep gratitude for everything you did for the Yun family in the last three years.
Thank you for taking care of the Yun family!”

What Yun Feng said was like a spring rain in the hearts of this group of warriors.
They indeed volunteered to come here, but the Yun family treated them quite well, so they certainly wanted to do their best with all their hearts! Being guards was to work for a family with the salary the family paid them.
They were just security guards at best and couldn’t be regarded as part of the family after all.
None of the families had ever said “thank you” to their guards, because in the minds of the families, these guards were only doing their job.

However, her “thank you” made the eyes of these warriors flood with tears.
It turned out there was someone who remembered them.
It turned out someone would actually say “thank you” to them.

“My Lady, this is something we should do!” A warrior shouted with a hoarse voice as the other warriors said one after another, “Yes! That’s right.
It’s something we should do! It’s our job to protect the Yun family!”

Yun Feng nodded and Yun Jing also gazed at his daughter with a gratified look.
She successfully made these warriors loyal to the Yun family with just one sentence.
His daughter had really grown up.
She was even better at winning people’s support than him.

“You treat the Yun family like this.
The Yun family certainly won’t treat you badly either! Since you’re the guards of the Yun family, you’re indispensable to us.
You must know that the Yun family can’t possibly stay in Chunfeng Town forever.
The Yun family will move forward again and reach a higher peak!” There was strong confidence in Yun Feng’s gorgeous smiley face.
The confidence seemed to have infected everyone.
All the warriors were enthusiastic and honored when they heard that!

“You’re right, my Lady! The Yun family will surpass everyone!”

“That’s right.
With my Lady here, it’s difficult for the Yun family to not surpass the others.
Don’t you think so?”

Everyone then replied “yes” at the same time.
Yun Feng smiled, while a glint of pride flashed through Yun Jing’s eyes.
His daughter was his biggest pride, the Yun family’s biggest pride!

“If you all have the confidence, then prepare for this eventually! Your levels are between level 4 and level 5 right now.
You may think it’s already enough for now, but your strength is far from enough for the future!”

All the warriors frowned after hearing this.
They also thought that what Yun Feng said was right.
They were only at level 4 to level 5.
If their strength remained at this level as the Yun family developed in the future, they couldn’t protect anyone at all!

“My Lady, we know that too, but it’s too hard… to reach another level.” A warrior said, while the others nodded one after another.
They were a group of normal people who didn’t have money.
They all relied on their strength to reach their current level, which was already pretty good.
If they wanted to further improve their strength, they must absorb energy from ores, but they couldn’t even afford the ores of the lowest level!

Yun Feng smiled.
“Don’t worry.
The Yun family still needs your protection in the future, so we certainly won’t forget about you.” Yun Feng took out the mid-level ores she had already prepared.
A hundred mid-level ores were put there while glittering with clear light.
The eyes of all the warriors popped out when they saw the mid-level ores!

Those… Those were mid-level ores! Oh God, there should also be dozens of them in such a small pile! How much did they cost?

“Take one of these ores each.
It’s for expressing the Yun family’s gratitude for what you did in these three years!” Yun Feng said as she issued an order.
Someone immediately came to distribute the hundred mid-level ores.

The warriors, who got the mid-level ores, were all extremely thrilled.
They kept fiddling with their own ore and couldn’t put it down.
When they absorbed the energy in the mid-level ores, they could rise a total of two levels! Breaking through two levels directly! Such an advancement was something they dreamed of!

“My Lady, how… how much do they cost?” A warrior asked carefully.
Yun Feng smiled, while Yun Jing replied, “Don’t ask how much they cost.
Just take them.”

This made the warriors feel excited in their minds.
Even though some families also put a lot of money on their guards, the money was only for certain individuals.
Normal people like them couldn’t get any benefits at all… There really weren’t many families as generous as the Yun family, giving each of the guards a mid-level ore.
Such a family could be considered rare!

“I’ll follow my Lady for the rest of my life and do my best to protect the Yun family!” A warrior shouted with his face flushed, looking very excited.
The other warriors also yelled, “We’ll protect the Yun family with our lives!”

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