Chapter 218: The Yun Army (2)

This Fat Pig Bai from the Bai family, who came out of nowhere and acted recklessly, was the first one.
She was stripped naked by Yun Feng and she probably wouldn’t have the dignity to meet anyone again from now on.

Even though the few level-4 warriors wanted to stay longer with Yun Feng after the onlookers left, they had their own job as well and they didn’t want to disturb their Young Lady, so they quickly returned to their posts.
Yun Feng walked to the store owner.
“The Bai family? What family is that?”

The store owner first grunted in disdain, then started explaining, “My Lady, the Bai family is a new rich family that has only appeared in recent years.
They became rich by selling vegetables, so they aren’t educated at all!”

Yun Feng nodded.
No wonder.
A Young Lady from a family with a little background wouldn’t look like this and wouldn’t be dumb enough to provoke the Yun family, not to mention being dumb enough to talk to her like that.
If this wasn’t picking a fight, what was it?

“Master, that woman won’t cause any trouble, will she?” Lan Yi whispered on the side.
He really wanted to rush forward and beat the woman up just then, but Yun Feng didn’t command him to do so, so he could only stand right there.

Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“She can’t cause any trouble, but if the leader of the Bai family is as dumb as she is, it’ll be a different story.”

Facts proved that the leader of the Bai family wasn’t at the same level as Fat Pig Bai.
When Fat Pig Bai ran home to her father to cry and complain in embarrassment and anger, Fat Pig Bai’s father was still quite smart and he didn’t become enraged yet.
He asked Fat Pig Bai about the cause and result of the incident carefully as Fat Pig Bai told him about it.
Of course, she made her look innocent like she was the victim.
However, Fat Pig Bai might be a pig, but her father wasn’t.
Although his daughter came home pitifully and messily like a weeping beauty, Fat Pig Bai’s father knew this incident was definitely caused by his daughter.

When her father asked Fat Pig Bai which family she offended, something unexpected happened to Fat Pig Bai.
Her father slapped her a few times fiercely.
After that, he said to Fat Pig Bai with a flushed face, “I can’t wait to slap you again several more times.
As long as we can quell the Yun family’s anger, they can do whatever they want to you! You fool who only knows how to make trouble!”

The other members of the Bai family dared not to say anything.
Fat Pig Bai was beaten and scolded, looking aggrieved and confused.
Her father shouted furiously again, “Do you know who the Yun family is? That’s the boss of Chunfeng Town! Do you think you can get away after offending the Yun family? You fool! Why do I have a child who can’t be trusted? Seize her.
Don’t let her get out of the door again!”

Other people dared not say a word at all.
They immediately dragged the dumbfounded Fat Pig Bai away, while the leader of the Bai family pondered and couldn’t sit tight due to nervousness.
He sent someone out to get information about the farce that happened outside of the Yun family’s store today.
The news came to the ears of the leader of the Bai family vividly.
That was totally different from what Fat Pig Bai said!

The leader of the Bai family couldn’t just sit there anymore.
He immediately prepared some things and spent some money, then went to the Yun family to apologize.
Especially when the leader of the Bai family thought that the Young Lady of the Yun family was the one who made a move, he even felt like he was walking on thin ice.

The Bai family was a bit anxious and messy, while the other small families like the Bai family also got a warning.
When they looked at the Bai family, they were all gloating and enjoying the show, and were also glad that their families didn’t have such an idiot.
If not, they would really be in great trouble.

The leader of the Bai family came several days in a row and finally got something from the Yun family.
This incident had already passed.
Just watch Fat Pig Bai carefully.
The leader of the Bai family was completely relieved.
When he returned home, he even issued an order, not allowing Fat Pig Bai to get out of the door of their family, like she was held captive.

Even though things had been solved, the name of the Yun family was spread to the hearts of every family in Chunfeng Town through this incident.
Whoever thought that the Yun family could be bullied by anyone because they had always been low-profile and easy-going was wrong.
All the small families remembered what Yun Feng said in their hearts.

Whoever wants trouble with the Yun family will have to go through me first!

They weren’t dumb.
Only those whose brains were hit by a pig would provoke the Young Lady, who was known as the legend in the Mercenary Union.
Since then, the status of the Yun family in Chunfeng Town had been consolidated completely.
No one dared to say anything bad about the Yun family again.
Chunfeng Town, which had always had balanced strength, finally went into a situation where one family dominated the town.
And the Mei family dared not say no.

Yun Feng stayed at home for a few days and went out to see the operation of the Yun family’s businesses every day.
Whenever she came to a place, the warriors guarding the store would come out immediately, fighting and rushing to meet Yun Feng.
Yun Feng spent three days finally inspecting all the stores of her family.
Each store had four to five warriors of different levels.
They were mostly between level 4 and level 5, with the highest being level 5.

Overall, the strength of the guards was already the most powerful in Chunfeng Town.
Which family didn’t hire guards with money? People only vied to be the guards of the Yun family.
This was a huge advantage for the Yun family.
However, the level of the guards was too low in Yun Feng’s eyes!

It was enough when they were in Chunfeng Town, but it was far from enough for the Yun family’s future! The Yun family wouldn’t possibly stay in Chunfeng Town forever.
Their road was very long, and if these guards kept being on such a level, it just wouldn’t work!

After three days of inspections, Yun Feng had had a preliminary assessment of the moral standing and personality of the guards.
These people were cheerful and free.
They also obeyed the rules of the Yun family and wouldn’t break the rules easily.
After Yun Feng’s preliminary assessment, these guards basically passed.
The top attributes that the guards of the Yun family needed were loyalty and obedience.

The Red Maple Mercenary Team could certainly mobilize some people to the Yun family to be their guards, but they had their own business as well.
Now that the Red Maple Mercenary Team had become a four-star mercenary group, they must be very busy.
Although Yun Feng hadn’t returned yet, she already knew by thinking about it.

The Red Maple Mercenary Team had their own business to do, so it wasn’t practical to deploy their manpower.
It was better to gather these people and improve their overall strength.
Yun Feng thought about the large pile of ores in her storage space.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team gave her a small mountain of mid-level ores back then.
The Yun family had only at most a hundred guards right now, so getting a hundred mid-level ores wasn’t a big deal for Yun Feng.

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