Chapter 217: The Yun Army (1)

“Young Master, please step to the side a little.
I don’t want to hurt you later!”

Lan Yi looked cold and directly ignored this crazy woman.
Fat Pig Bai blushed after seeing that and fire almost spouted out of her eyes when she looked at Yun Feng.
“Smash, smash, smash! Smash a mess!”

The few ruffians next to her immediately shouted after hearing what she said as they rushed forward with something like a hammer, dashing over.

People around all moved away.
Weapons had no eyes.
They might hurt themselves! The crowd scattered, but Yun Feng stood there without moving at all.
The few warriors, who were the guards of the Yun family, looked cold.
“How dare you run wild in the Yun family’s place?” Fighting energy suddenly burst out of the few warriors and they rushed forward with weapons.

It turned dark in a blink.
The warriors were all at level 4, but these few ruffians didn’t have a low level either.
There was surprisingly a tie between them.
Fat Pig Bai stood aside and yelled as she looked at the few of them who were in a stalemate, “Why are you fighting? If you want to fight, go inside the store!”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up cold when she heard that.
The dumb pig still had a little bit of IQ.
This group of ruffians also understood immediately after hearing that and they were about to enter the store.
Yun Feng’s red lips curved up coldly.
The store owner behind her quickly said, “My Lady, you should step back!”

Step back? With Yun Feng’s current strength, these people were all nothing! They wouldn’t even have scum left when she waved her hand! She didn’t attack immediately because the Yun family had their rules.
If the other party didn’t take the initiative to attack, the Yun family couldn’t hurt people deliberately either.
It didn’t matter now.
Since they had already started fighting, she couldn’t just stand there anymore.

Yun Feng’s body moved suddenly as an invisible mental strength surged out from the inside of her.
The ruffians, who wanted to rush into the store, were knocked away by the energy.
Their bodies were like broken kites, creating a trace in the air and landed very far away as they screamed.

“Argh!” The screams of the ruffians came from very far away.
Seeing this scene, a few drops of cold sweat couldn’t help appearing on Fat Pig Bai’s forehead.
What just happened? Why… Why were they knocked away? They even fell so far away!

The few level-4 warriors all looked at Yun Feng in awe.
Their Young Lady had made a move! This attack was indeed extraordinary.
Their Young Lady didn’t make any movement at all and those people were already knocked away completely.
One word to describe her, cool!

Fat Pig Bai stood there alone and was at a loss.
She was still a bit confident to pick a fight just then with those few people, but she was the only one left right now.
What else could she do?

“You… You… Just wait! The Bai family… The Bai family won’t let you go!” Fat Pig Bai pointed at Yun Feng and yelled loudly again.
The onlookers around all had a look of contempt on their faces.
Fat Pig Bai flushed and wanted to slip away without saying anything.

“You think you can leave whenever you want? What do you think the Yun family is?” Yun Feng’s voice came.
Everyone only felt as if their eyes blurred and the few warriors saw that their Young Lady was already blocking Fat Pig Bai.
The warriors couldn’t help but exclaim, “What a high speed!”

Fat Pig Bai looked at Yun Feng who was standing in front of her and her face flushed right away.
“What do you want? Do you want to fight? Fine, come on.
Let’s fight! The Yun family likes to take advantage of their power to bully people!”

Yun Feng gazed at the woman, who looked like she needed a biff, in front of her.
She really wanted to slap the woman several times fiercely, but she held back.
She wouldn’t give this woman any excuse to say anything bad about the Yun family, even though she truly wanted to beat this fat pig up.

“Why? Are you guilty? If you’re guilty, get out of my way quickly!” Fat Pig Bai looked at and glanced at Yun Feng arrogantly.
Yun Feng had no idea where her arrogance came from.

Yun Feng smiled.
“I can get out of your way, but you have to give me back the thing that belongs to the Yun family!”

“What thing? I didn’t take anything that belongs to the Yun family.
Don’t try to slander me there!” Fat Pig Bai stared at Yun Feng with an indignant look.
Yun Feng chuckled softly as she reached out abruptly, sliding a few times at Fat Pig Bai’s body.
Everyone only heard, “Swish, swish, swish!”

Fat Pig Bai only felt a gust of wind blowing towards her and landed on her body.
Then, she noticed that the tight shirt suddenly loosened.
Fat Pig Bai lowered her head and took a look.
She couldn’t help feeling stunned!

“Argh!” Fat Pig Bai screamed as she clutched her body.
The shirt that had already been torn but could still cover her body had now turned into pieces, falling onto the ground lightly.
Fat Pig Bai wasn’t wearing anything inside!

People around turned away a bit embarrassedly, while some burst into laughter.
all of their eyes were full of ridicule.
Fat Pig Bai flushed in embarrassment and she quickly covered her important parts with her hands.
In fact, it was the same no matter if she covered her body or not.
Nobody would look at that barrel-like body at all.
To be honest, even if she let other people see her body openly, they wouldn’t show her respect and look at her.

Fat Pig Bai looked at Yun Feng embarrassedly and furiously.
“You… You…”

Yun Feng sneered and looked at her.
“The shirt on your body belongs to the Yun family, so you certainly can’t take it away.
Alright, you can leave now.

Yun Feng made way with a dignified look, while Fat Pig Bai stood there.
She was so furious that her body trembled violently and she couldn’t say a word.
If she was still in the mood to pick a quarrel with Yun Feng at this moment, her brain must really have been hit by a pig.

“Yun Feng, just wait!” Fat Pig Bai said this fiercely as she covered her body and left awkwardly.
Everyone else only saw a ball of white flesh shaking and running away.

When the farce was over, Yun Feng shouted, “The Yun family has a rule.
Kindness is always returned tenfold! The Yun family has a good temper, but it doesn’t mean that we allow people to provoke us casually! Whoever wants trouble with the Yun family will have to go through me first!”

The hearts of people around them tightened and they got a new understanding of the low-key and gentle style of the Yun family.
The Yun family had always been low-profile.
Even though their development was so rapid in these three years, they had never used that as an advantage to suppress others.
And yet, being low-profile didn’t mean they could be treated like a pushover! The Yun family was easy-going, but that didn’t mean that you could say whatever you wanted!

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