Chapter 213: You’re Looking for Trouble (2)

Murong Shuli scolded in his mind, “Shameless! Bah! Here for a visit? Why don’t you look at yourself, the Mei family? You want to establish a connection with the Yun family? Even Mei Bing isn’t qualified.”

“Haha, Master Yun, we’re just here for a visit this time.” Murong Shuli smiled as he cupped his hand in the other.
Murong Ze next to him also said with a smile, “Yun Jing, we’re similar in age.
I must learn from you more.
You have such an outstanding daughter.”

Yun Jing smiled.
Even though he knew it was just a flattering remark, he was still very happy and very proud in his mind.
“I’m flattered.
Murong Yuntian is also a pride.”

Hearing this, Murong Shuli immediately went along with it.
“Right, these two kids are both outstanding and they should have a common language.
Old people like me have a generation gap with them.

Murong Ze also burst into laughter on the side.
He didn’t care anyway.
Since he came thick-skinned, he should just try his best to make the relationship between the two families more affectionate and a bit closer.

Mei Ran stood aside and watched the two members of the Murong family, rebuking them for being shameless in his mind.

These two families were truly the pot calling the kettle black.
They wouldn’t be able to go far.

Mei Bing stood there without saying a word as he sized Yun Feng up carefully with his eyes.
There was only shock in his mind.
Three years ago, he couldn’t detect Yun Feng’s strength, and it was the same three years later!

Mei Bing had already known clearly in his mind that whether it was three years ago or three years later, Yun Feng’s strength was above his! He suddenly felt like there was no place for him to stand.
He was the pride of the Mei family, but he saw how small he was in front of Yun Feng.
How could he be called a genius like this?

About what his grandpa was thinking, Mei Bing didn’t even dare to think about it.
With his strength and appearance, how would he deserve such a girl? The one who was really a match for her might truly be the peerless talent in the Murong family, Murong Yuntian!

“Speaking of young people, Xiao Bing is also considered one.
The two young people should communicate more.
Don’t you think, Xiao Bing?” Mei Ran said with a smile, while Mei Bing replied frustratedly on the side and couldn’t lift his face up.

Yun Feng really wanted to roll her eyes in her mind when she saw Mei Ran and Murong Shuli’s looks.
These two families were really thick-skinned enough.
One of them cut off their relationship with the Yun family and wanted to have connection with them again right now while licking their faces, and the other one stuck to their neutrality and wanted to become a fence-sitter at this moment.

Yun Feng didn’t have time to chat with them anymore.
She still had a lot of things to tell her father and she hadn’t shown Lan Yi, which she contracted with, to her father yet.

“Masters, I’ve just come back today and still haven’t gotten the time to talk to my father yet.
I wonder if you’re willing to give us some space.” Yun Feng said with a smile.
She just didn’t say, “Goodbye, I’ll not walk you out!”

The expressions of the members of the two families froze as Murong Shuli mumbled, “I’ve just got here…”

Yun Feng then said with a smile, “Master Murong, didn’t you say that you only came here for a visit just then? You’ve already visited, haven’t you?”

Some words were stuck in Murong Shuli’s throat.
This was indeed what he said, but was purely a polite remark! Seeing this, Mei Ran also understood that Yun Feng was sending them away, so he didn’t want to embarrass himself either.
He immediately cupped his hand in the other in front of Yun Jing.
“If that’s the case, we’ll go first! Yun Feng, take some rest.
Come to Grandpa Mei’s home for a visit when you have time.”

Yun Feng smiled and nodded.
He was even calling himself Grandpa Mei now.
“Sure, I’ll definitely drop by when I have time.”

Mei Ran left with Mei Bing first with a smile.
The two members of the Murong family seemed very embarrassed.
Park City was some distance away from here and they couldn’t just go back there either.
Besides, the Murong family was in a mess right now.
They finally found some time to come for a visit.
How could they just leave without talking more?

“Yun Feng, since the Mei family is gone, we’ll also stop saying flattering remarks.
About the marriage arrangement, look…”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows, while Yun Jing’s face also darkened.
Murong Ran’s arrogant look back then was still deeply imprinted in Yun Feng’s mind up till now.
Those aggressive words and that provocative look, these were something she wouldn’t forget, and couldn’t forget!

“Master Murong, I’ve already made it very clear.
Didn’t Murong Ran bring the message back? The Yun family is the one who doesn’t want this marriage arrangement anymore, not the Murong family.”

“Well…” Murong Shuli’s face turned paler again, while Murong Ze next to him frowned and said gently, “Yun Feng, child, don’t be so impulsive.
Yuntian is also a talented young man who matches you.
This is only beneficial and has no harm to the Yun family…”

“Haha, beneficial and harmless? Whether it’s beneficial or not isn’t told by someone.
Facts prove everything.
Regarding the current situation of the Murong family, let me borrow what Murong Ran said back then.
How would you deserve the Yun family? Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?”

Murong Ze and Murong Shuli both looked furious.
This truly sounded like something that the girl, Murong Ran, would say.
“That unfilial girl, that unfilial girl…” Murong Ze was so angry that he gritted his teeth and Murong Shuli was extremely regretful.
He shouldn’t have sent Murong Ran here.
It was his fault!

“Also, what did the Murong family do when my brother participated in the magic exam back then? Do I still need to talk about it?” Yun Feng’s voice became colder.
Members of the Yun family never liked flattering people or putting on faces.
They meant whatever they said.
No matter what kind of a family the Murong family was today, as long as they were upright, the Yun family would think that they were worthy of the word “integrity!” The Murong family couldn’t compare to the Yun family today, so the Yun family wouldn’t say anything about the marriage arrangement either!

However, what did the Murong family do? They sent someone to humiliate the Yun family harshly and canceled the engagement.
Fine, then cancel it! This wasn’t all.
They even did such despicable things during an important magic exam.
If Yun Sheng wasn’t accepted into the magic school, how much would the Yun family lose?

Just because of what the Murong family did during the magic exam, Yun Feng wouldn’t take the Murong family seriously.
It was already pretty good that she didn’t beat them up fiercely, but they even wanted to establish a connection with the Yun family.
Don’t even think about it! Dreaming!

“That…” Murong Ze glanced at his father, Murong Shuli, speechlessly, while Murong Shuli also looked down with an embarrassed face.
This happened because he indulged Murong Ran back then.
He had never thought it would lead to such a result today.
Regretful couldn’t be used to describe Murong Shuli’s mood already.

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