Murong Shuli and Murong Ze both couldn’t help turning pale.
Even though Mei Ran didn’t say anything, he also said everything.
Murong Shuli couldn’t keep a straight face.
He glanced at Mei Bing.
“Hm, how can this kid compare to Yuntian?”


Mei Bing’s face flushed.
He certainly knew what kind of a figure Murong Yuntian was.
After all, he had entered the School of God of War.
Murong Yuntian was one of the top students in the School of God of War and Mei Bing knew he couldn’t compare to him, but he couldn’t be ridiculed like that either!


“Hm, even if Murong Yuntian is outstanding, so what? This bridge is already broken.
Do you still want to cross the river?” Mei Ran looked cold and his tone no longer sounded polite.


“Whether you can cross the river depends on your ability! If you’re not capable enough, even a bridge can’t help you.” Murong Ze said softly, while the faces of Mei Ran and Mei Bing darkened.
Mei Ran also had regret for the Mei family’s neutrality.
If he had known what the Yun family would become today, he wouldn’t have stayed neutral.
He could directly climb onto this tree!


They kept being cautious, and in the end, they were the ones who were trapped.


“As you said, whether we can cross the river depends on our ability.” Mei Ran said coldly and ignored the Murong family.
The Murong family also gave a cold smile and stopped looking at the members of the Mei family.


Among the four people from the two families, two of them were old men who had experienced countless things, one was a middle-aged man who was already a father and had a meticulous mind, and one was an eighteen-year-old adult with quite a mature mind.
At this moment, they were all standing in front of the door of the Yun family, looking at each other childishly and unpleasantly like kids that were throwing a tantrum.


At this moment, the door opened.
The old butler showed up at the entrance with a smile as the four people all gazed at him.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting… Master asked me to invite you in.
Master Murong, please,” the old butler said.


The entrance of the Yun family wasn’t huge.
It was a space that could only fit one person and a half.
The faces of the two members of the Mei family darkened after hearing this, while the two people from the Murong family entered with their heads held high like roosters.


“Thank you, butler.” Murong Shuli and Murong Ze bowed to the butler while cupping their hands in the other, then glared at the two members of the Mei family and finally entered with a smile.
“Master Mei, please.” The butler also smiled gently at Mei Ran.
Mei Ran replied with a “hm” and walked in with an upset look.
Mei Bing was a young man after all and was thin-skinned.
Such an obvious difference in their treatment made him a bit overwhelmed.


“Grandpa, let’s go home!” Mei Bing walked behind Mei Ran and whispered.
He didn’t have any special feelings for Yun Feng.
This girl’s talent surprised him and left him in awe three years ago, but admiring her was one thing.
The obvious difference in treatment from the Yun family pissed him off a little.
The Murong family didn’t want the Yun family, but the Yun family still treated them like this.
This was really…


“Xiao Bing, calm down!” Mei Ran said softly.
A hint of repressed anger flashed through Mei Bing’s face and he didn’t say a word anymore.
The four of them followed the butler and walked to the main hall of the Yun family.
Once they got in, they all exclaimed in surprise at the same time.
The teenage girl standing next to Yun Jing was Yun Feng! She was back!


The reason why the Murong family and the Mei family came to the Yun family so many times was because they couldn’t admit defeat, and most importantly, they wanted to meet Yun Feng.
If they could see Yun Feng, it was worth it even if they had to come so many times!


Yun Feng glanced over the four of them with her black eyes and directly walked forward, smiling at one of them.
“Mei Bing, it’s been a while.
How are you?”


The two members of the Murong family immediately turned pale like they had eaten mud.
Yun Feng’s greeting made Mei Ran’s face brighten up in an instant.
This was truly the so-called turning of the tides.
Seeing the expressions of 70% annoyance and 30% frustration of the members of the Murong family, Mei Ran was thrilled from the bottom of his heart.


Mei Bing looked at the teenage girl, who had apparently grown up, in front of him a bit dumbfoundedly and he immediately felt short of breath.
Three years ago, she still looked like a little girl.
Although her face at that time was already beautiful, it wasn’t comparable to her face now.
It had just been three years and she had completely changed…


“Yun… Yun Feng…” Mei Bing said as he gazed around Yun Feng’s body.
She was just twelve years old at the moment? But her appearance right now was already as mature as how he looked.
That face was even so pretty that he spaced out.
In just three years, a young, innocent little girl had turned into a perfect swan!


“Haha, I can’t believe Yun Feng and Xiao Bing are friends.” Mei Ran burst into laughter and looked at the two young people happily, as he glanced at the two members of the Murong family complacently.
As expected, he saw the dim and embarrassed faces of the members of the Murong family.


“I’m flattered, Master Mei.
We’re just acquaintances.” Yun Feng smiled lightly as she looked at Mei Ran.
Mei Ran’s smiley face immediately froze and the two members of the Murong family were full of enthusiasm again at this moment.


“You’re only acquaintances.
I see.
Yun Feng and Yuntian aren’t just acquaintances.” Murong Ze smiled and said.
He glanced at Mei Ran and saw the embarrassment on his face.


Yun Jing remained silent.
He knew clearly what the four people in front of him were thinking about in their minds.
These two families wanted to take his daughter, but they weren’t qualified enough!


“Master Murong, what you said is quite interesting.
They’re indeed not acquaintances.
The Murong family and the Yun family really have no relation at all right now.” Mei Ran said with a smile.
Apparently, he wanted to embarrass the Murong family.
Murong Shuli immediately pulled a long face.
He was the one who led to such an awkward relationship between the Murong family and the Yun family.
If he didn’t send Murong Ran here to cancel the engagement back then, this wouldn’t have come to such a situation.
If he didn’t cancel the marriage arrangement, Yun Feng would still be his granddaughter-in-law at this moment… And the Red Maple Mercenary Team would be in his hands… Ah! It was already useless to regret it now.


“Masters, why are you here?” Yun Jing interrupted the argument between the two families and looked at the four people who had evil intentions.
Yun Jing’s serious and rigid face made the members of the two families unable to make any flattering remarks.


“Nothing, we only came by for a visit.” Mei Ran smiled and said.
Since they were all in Chunfeng Town, it was reasonable for them to come for a visit, but it was interesting that he was bringing Mei Bing here as well.

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