Chapter 210: Going Home (3)

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Yun Feng found the door of her family, according to her memory from three years ago and discovered that there was a long long line outside the door.
People lining up all looked anxious, as if they were worried that they would miss something.

Yun Feng walked over curiously.
She didn’t understand why these people were lining up at the door of her family.
While she was about to enter, someone in the line yelled, “Little girl, you have to line up! You can’t skip the line even if you look beautiful!”

“Right, right! First come first served.
You need to line up!”

Yun Feng smiled.
She just wanted to go home.
Why did she have to line up? Yun Feng walked over with a smile.
“Sir, why are you lining up here?”

A stout man was startled when he heard this.
“You don’t even know this? So, why are you here?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Please tell me about it, sir.”

Seeing the sweet smile on Yun Feng’s little face, the man widened her mouth and burst into laughter.
“You must be new here.
The Yun family in Chunfeng Town has become rich! People like us are here to turn to the Yun family for a living! It’s an honor for anyone to work for the Yun family right now!”

“Right, the Yun family isn’t like before now.
Many people can’t fawn over the Yun family right now even if they want to! It’s our honor if we can work for the Yun family for a living! Am I right?”

People lining up all burst into laughter and yelled “yes” one after another.
Seeing that these people wanted to work for the Yun family, a kind of pride rose from the bottom of her heart.
The Yun family had developed to this point under her father’s management.
That was truly… amazing!

“Alright, alright, today’s recruitment spots are filled.
Please come back after some time!” A man walked out of the door with a humble smile.
Yun Feng stood there and immediately recognized that this man was the old butler of the Yun family.

“Fuck, seriously? Full again? I’ve already lined up a few times.

“How unlucky! Let’s come again next time…” People lining up all sighed and looked very frustrated.
Yun Feng smiled and said, “Guys, please come again next time!”

People, who were lining up, were shocked.
Wasn’t this little girl here to line up as well? Why was she acting like she lived here? Yun Feng glanced over everyone with a smile, then turned around and walked towards the door.

“Ah, little girl! The spots are filled! You can’t do anything even if you go there!” One person shouted kindly when he saw what Yun Feng was doing.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She walked straight to the door.

“Miss, today’s spots are filled.
Maybe next time…” The old butler glanced at Yun Feng and said with a smile.
Yun Feng pressed her lips, then smiled and said, “What? You don’t recognize me anymore after just three years?”

After hearing this, the old butler couldn’t help but blink several times, glancing over Yun Feng’s little face a few rounds.
His body then trembled abruptly.
“Young… Young Lady… Young Lady is back…”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Yeah, I’m back.
Did I really change that much?”

The old butler nodded hard as his body trembled gently.
“Look how old and dim-sighted I am! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize our Young Lady.
Come in quickly.
Master misses you very much!”

The old butler said as he dragged Yun Feng inside with one hand and closed the door, leaving the group of obvious astonished people outside.
“Did you hear that? The butler of the Yun family called that little girl… Young Lady?”

One of them nodded dumbfoundedly, “Yes… You’re right.
He called her Young Lady.
The Yun family has only one Young Lady…”

“The Young Lady… who stole the limelight at the Mercenary Union and made the Karan Empire see the Yun family in a new light?”

The others also nodded with different expressions.
“Hahaha, I spoke to the Young Lady of the Yun family just now!”

“That’s nothing! She took the initiative to talk to me just then!”

The group of muscular guys lining up were all showing off to others what they said to Yun Feng just then, like children.
One of them suddenly clenched his fists fiercely and growled, “Fuck! I’ll fight it next time.
Even if I have to break my head, I must squeeze into the Yun family’s door!”

Yun Feng was led into the house.
This house was still the same as it was three years ago.
The small courtyard was still the same size.
The door of the ancestral hall where the tablets of the Yun family were enshrined was still closed.
Her house and her brother’s house were still there.
The old butler led Yun Feng all the way to the main hall as he sized Yun Feng up with excitement in his eyes.

After walking a few steps, Yun Feng heard her sullen father’s familiar voice.
Her body shook and warmth immediately surged in her heart.
The old butner said gently outside, “Master!”

“What’s wrong?”

Yun Jing’s voice came from the main hall through the closed door.
Yun Feng stood outside quietly and listened to her father’s voice.
He was still sounding as serious and rigid as he was before she left three years ago, but his voice was so damn kind and extremely pleasant!

“Master, Young Lady is back.” The old butler said with a tremor in his voice.
Yun Feng heard that it went silent for a few seconds inside.
“Really? Let her in.” The voice of her sullen father didn’t have any intonation at all, but Yun Feng could hear the excitement in the voice.
Her sullen father was still concerned that much about his dignity.
A smile slowly appeared at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth as she gently pushed open the door.

“Screech.” The old door made a tiny sound, as if the ring of time was rolling.
Three years had passed after one roll.
Three years ago, Yun Feng was still so small.
And three years later, she had already become a slim teenage girl and her strength had also undergone a fundamental change!

The door was opened slowly in front of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng then saw the extremely serious face of her sullen father, Yun Jing.
His facial features seemed to have frozen on his face completely.
A warm smile appeared in Yun Feng’s heart.
It looked like her father was so nervous that one side of his face kept twitching constantly.

Yun Jing looked at the slim teenage girl who walked inside, her tall body, well-balanced figure, gorgeous facial features and her strength that he couldn’t detect at all.
After three years, his daughter had already become a young lady, becoming so beautiful, as if she was more mature.

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