Chapter 208: Going Home (1)

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Meatball turned its head in dissatisfaction and shouted at Little Fire, while Little Fire also growled.
Two Magic Beasts, one was speaking human language and the other was speaking a language that nobody understood.
The two of them took turns to speak, while Lan Yi stood aside, looking very speechless.

After seeing that, Yun Feng immediately took out an ultimate ore and put it into Meatball’s mouth as swiftly as a thunderbolt.
Everything then became quiet again.

After being fed an ultimate ore, Meatball looked content and comfortable, and it didn’t have time to argue with Little Fire anymore.
It slowly felt how delicious the ultimate ore was by itself and its little body even wiggled complacently.
Little Fire glanced at Meatball in disdain, showing that it despised how Meatball was acting.

This night was also lively.
Before going to sleep, Yun Feng was still thinking about what Little Fire looked like after it transformed.
She thought that she really couldn’t just look at the outside of this Magic Beast… Who would have thought that Little Fire’s appearance after it transformed would be so different from its Magic Beast original body… But it was really cute.

The next morning, Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin woke up early.
Mu Xiaojin knocked on Yun Feng’s door and Yun Feng also woke up early in the morning.
The three of them rented a carriage and continued with their journey after having breakfast.
If they kept walking for the rest of the trip, they would suffer.

The three of them sat in the carriage and Mu Xiaojin suddenly had a feeling.
“It’ll be great if we can ride on a Magic Beast that can fly…” Mu Canghai glared at Mu Xiaojin and smiled embarrassedly at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng also smiled as she squeezed Mu Xiaojin’s cute face.
Mu Xiaojin’s cheeks bulged.
“Xiao Feng, you’re squeezing my face again.”

Yun Feng smiled.
The brother and sister were innocent and very sincere.
Yun Feng was very happy when she was with them, especially when Mu Xiaojin was going to enter Masang School of Magic together with her.
Mu Xiaojin was a water-element mage, so was her brother.
This time, she was also going towards the water element.
By then, she would be able to introduce the pure and cute Mu Xiaojin to her brother.

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder had been very quiet.
Even though Mu Xiaojin really wanted to touch Meatball, she had been regretful for a while ever since Meatball suddenly disappeared.
When Meatball showed up again, Mu Xiaojin was extremely delighted, but she didn’t request to get close to Meatball, but watched it quietly.

“After arriving in Park City, you should find somewhere to stay first.
I’m going home.” Yun Feng let go out Mu Xiaojin’s cute face.
Meatball rubbed its body against her cheek, looking delighted.

“Xiao Feng, you’re going home? When will you be back?” Mu Xiaojin looked at Yun Feng with her huge and glittering eyes, looking reluctant to part with Yun Feng.
Mu Canghai couldn’t help but rebuke her softly, “Xiaojin, don’t talk too much!”

Mu Xiaojin pouted as she gazed at Yun Feng reluctantly.
Even though she had only stayed with Yun Feng for several days, she had a good impression of Yun Feng.
Both of them liked each other a lot and their relationship was also close.

“I’m just going home to have a look.
Of course, I’ll be here for the exam of Masang School of Magic!” Hearing this, Mu Xiaojin smiled happily and Mu Canghai was slightly relieved.
Even though he didn’t know why he was relieved, he was subconsciously much more relaxed.

It had been four days since the carriage went on the road.
Many carriages along the way were going in the direction of Park City.
After reaching the city gate of Park City, Yun Feng saw the scene that she saw when she came with her brother three years ago again.
It was flooded with people and the number of people who rushed there this year seemed to be more than that three years ago.
A lot of carriages and people were flooding into Park City.
Yun Feng couldn’t help smiling when she saw this scene.
It looked like the competition this year would be spectacular again.

“You two go first.
I’ll go home to have a look.” Yun Feng said to the brother and sister of the Mu family.
Mu Canghai nodded.
“Be careful.” Mu Xiaojin looked at Yun Feng like she was reluctant to part with her.
“Xiao Feng, come back faster!”

Yun Feng nodded with a smile as she opened the curtain and got out of the carriage.
Her body flashed away from the crowd, disappearing in the forest outside of Park City.
A black shadow flashed through and Yun Feng had already vanished completely.

Park City wasn’t very far from Chunfeng Town.
If she took the carriage, she would arrive in half a day.
Yun Feng was desperate to go home and she already had no time to look for a carriage.
However, even with the help of the wind element, walking home would waste Yun Feng’s mental strength, with her speed.
Such a long journey would require a long time to rest.
Yun Feng pondered for a while as she gave it a thought and the green Ring of Contract appeared in her hand.
The Ring of Contract had already changed when Yun Feng reached the Commander Level.
The original eight green leaves were already gone and directly turned into a small tree, inlaid on the surface of the Ring of Contract, as if it would continue to grow.

“Lan Yi.” Yun Feng said softly as a beam of green light flashed and the handsome Lan Yi showed up in front of Yun Feng.

Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m in a rush to go home.
Please be my coolie for a bit.”

Lan Yi smiled and didn’t say anything.
A beam of green light flashed as Lan Yi’s original Griffin body appeared.
The fur on the eagle body was white, while those wings had blue and white stripes, looking extraordinarily gorgeous.
Yun Feng looked at Lan Yi’s original body.
“Don’t you have four wings?”

Lan Yi’s lion head chuckled and he explained to Yun Feng while gazing at her with his blue eyes.
“The form with four wings is my complete form.
If I’m not facing a strong enemy, I won’t show all four of my wings.”

Yun Feng nodded.
Seeing Lan Yi’s clean white fur that had no stains at all, she couldn’t bear to step on it.
Lan Yi smiled.
“Master, come on up.
Aren’t you in a hurry to go home?”

Yun Feng nodded as she hopped gently, sitting on Lan Yi’s body.
Lan Yi’s huge wings flapped slowly, creating a violent wind.
Even the trees seemed to be a bit overwhelmed.

Lan Yi’s feet kicked off the ground abruptly and its giant Griffin body soared into the sky.
Its wings flapped with gusts of strong wind and he had already risen ten thousand meters in the sky after a short while!

Yun Feng finally felt Lan Yi’s speed when she sat on his body.
She looked at the forest on the ground that became smaller and smaller.
Even Park City was as tiny as a toy.
Feeling the breeze blowing right at her face, Yun Feng wanted to yell loudly, “Wonderful!”

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