Chapter 206: Meatball, Don’t Be Mad (3)

“Nana!” Meatball screamed with dissatisfaction, as if it was complaining about Yun Feng throwing it to someone else.
Yun Feng looked at Meatball with a smile as Mu Xiaojin gazed at Meatball’s fluffy, chubby body with her big eyes carefully.
There was desire in her eyes and she reached her hand out carefully, trying to touch it.
However, Meatball suddenly turned around as its cute little face turned ferocious immediately and it gnashed its sharp teeth all of a sudden!

“Meatball!” Yun Feng immediately lifted it up with one hand after seeing that.
She didn’t understand why it hated getting close with other people.
Xiaojin wasn’t a bad person.
Did it really have to be like this?

Meatball looked at Yun Feng accusingly with deep grievance inside its huge eyes, which made Yun Feng a bit confused.
Meatball also gnashed its teeth at Yun Feng and its little body flashed, disappearing in Yun Feng’s bracelet in an instant.
Yun Feng was shocked!

It… went into the bracelet itself? She didn’t summon the bracelet at all.
How did it get in?

Meatball’s sudden disappearance made the three of them dumbfounded.
Yun Feng was shocked that Meatball could go in and out of her storage container freely, while the brother and sister thought they lost Meatball.

“Xiao Feng, it’s gone! Did it run away because it’s mad? It’s all my fault… I’ll never get close to it from now on…” Mu Xiaojin immediately took the blame for herself.
Yun Feng was a bit dumbfounded.
She had indeed never given Meatball to anyone else up till now.
Meatball had always been close to her.
She had never thought that it would truly be pissed this time, so pissed that it gnashed its teeth at her and went into the bracelet.
Meatball was probably facing her with its butt at this moment.

“Yun Feng, I’m really sorry…” Mu Canghai apologized softly, while thinking how he could make it up for Yun Feng in his mind.
He wondered if he could buy a new Magic Beast with these Magic Beast Crystals…

“Um, it’s alright, it’s alright.
It’s not gone.
It just went to play…” Yun Feng smiled embarrassedly and made an unconvincing explanation.
Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin both looked at Yun Feng with guilt and their gaze made Yun Feng smile constantly.
The two of them were really naive…

“Alright, it’s really not lost.
Perhaps it’s angry.
When it calms down, it’ll certainly be back.” Yun Feng said.
Thinking of how Meatball was repelled by the others, Yun Feng was also guilty in her mind.
Ah… It seemed that she had to find an opportunity to comfort this little thing.

The three of them also went on the road together.
There were only less than twenty days before the magic exam of Masang School of Magic.
Through the brother and sister, Yun Feng also knew that this was somewhere west of Park City.
The home of the brother and sister was in a remote town west of Park City.
Children in the towns around Park City all had to come here if they wanted to enter Masang School of Magic.
Yun Feng also understood why there were so many people when she went to the exam with her brother three years ago.

Kids from countless towns were flooding into Park City.
It would be strange if there weren’t many people.
As for why the brother and sister were walking all the way, Yun Feng didn’t ask about it.
The three of them walked for about four days and finally reached the next town.
Passing through this town and walking for about five more days, they should be there.

Yun Feng calculated the time secretly.
If they carried on their journey like this, she would still have ten days of spare time after arriving in Park City.
She should have enough time to go back to Chunfeng Town! She missed her sullen father so much.
They hadn’t met for three years already and she wondered how far the business of the Yun family had developed!

Even though her sullen father had never contacted her in the last three years, she knew that with her father’s personality, he must have put his worry and longing at the bottom of his heart… Thinking of her sullen father, Yun Jing, Yun Feng couldn’t help but give a sweet smile.
Mu Canghai next to her saw this and his heart suddenly pounded.

The few of them rushed to the next town and found a hotel to stay.
After walking for four days, they were exhausted.
The brother and sister said they only needed one room, so Yun Feng just let them be.
Yun Feng got one for herself and the three of them went back for a rest.

After closing the door, Yun Feng’s mental strength slowly covered the entire house and froze abruptly, creating a space that belonged to her.
This was the obvious sign of the Commander Level, creating space!

She gave it a thought and the bracelet appeared in her hand.
Her mind delved into the space in the bracelet.
As expected, Meatball was facing Yun Feng with its back.
Its fluffy tail was raised high and it only showed its butt.
This meant that it was pissed, really pissed!

Yun Feng smiled speechlessly.
She gave it a thought in her mind and took Meatball out of the bracelet.
Meatball didn’t resist at all.
It let Yun Feng carry it, but it turned its body around and pointed its butt at Yun Feng’s face, which made Yun Feng a bit dumbfounded.

“Why? Are you mad? Alright, it’s my fault this time.
I shouldn’t throw you to someone else so casually.
I won’t do that again next time.” Yun Feng apologized to Meatball flatteringly and Meatball turned its little head around slightly.
Seeing its sorrowful expression, Yun Feng couldn’t hold back and she burst into laughter.
Meatball’s fur all over its body stood on end and it turned its head back furiously, still facing Yun Feng with its butt.

Yun Feng shook her head and flipped her hand as an ultimate ore appeared in her palm.
She put the ultimate ore near Meatball.
Meatball’s body shook slightly, but it still didn’t turn around very determinedly.

“You don’t want it? This is an ultimate ore… You really don’t want it?” Yun Feng continued to coax it.
She didn’t believe that Meatball, who would flip its body when seeing ultimate ores, could resist such a temptation.

Meatball wiggled its little body and really disappointed Yun Feng.
The ultimate ore was right before its eyes, but Meatball truly didn’t move at all and was still pointing its small butt at Yun Feng firmly, looking like it wasn’t planning to forgive her no matter what she did.

“Meatball, I really didn’t mean it… My apology just then was very sincere.
I just couldn’t repress my desire to laugh when I saw your expression…” Yun Feng said softly as Meatball yelled and still ignored Yun Feng.

“Ah… I won’t let other people get close to you again, okay?”

Meatball wiggled its little body and suddenly started making a long series of “na” sounds, as if it was venting its anger.
Yun Feng felt a bit dizzy when she heard that.
Apart from the “na” sounds, she didn’t understand what Meatball was saying at all.

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