Chapter 204: Meatball, Don’t Be Mad (1)

The white-furred Lion-Tailed Baboon had already been sent to Heaven after Yun Feng stabbed it with her wand.
After letting out an extremely miserable cry, its huge body shuddered weakly and fell to the ground, making a muffled, thunderous sound.
All the other Lion-Tailed Baboons seemed to be stunned by the scene in front of them.
Watching their leader being killed at once by this human, all of the Lion-Tailed Baboons roared into the sky when they figured out what happened.

Dozens of Lion-Tailed Baboons pounced on Yun Feng fiercely like black shadows and the sharp, harsh baboon sounds echoed in the space!

Yun Feng watched the baboons dash towards herself, risking their lives.
Her red lips showed a cold smile and she flipped her hand as the wand flew out of the body of the white-furred Lion-Tailed Baboon.
A plume of fire element quickly burnt the blood stain on it.
Yun Feng waved her wand abruptly and an enormous fireball appeared at the tip of the wand!

The fireball grew larger and larger.
Looking at it, the baboons were a bit frightened, but the anger in their heart made them neglect everything else completely.
They just wanted to attack and take revenge on Yun Feng!

“If you want to die, then go die with it! Fireballs, go!” Yun Feng looked at the baboons that were rushing towards her without caring about their lives.
She immediately waved her wand as the fireball at the tip of the wand quickly enlarged to a certain size.
Suddenly, it exploded.
Countless small fireballs formed by the fire element shot towards the baboons to attack them!

The raging fire elements were like some tiny beasts and they clashed with the Lion-Tailed Baboons that were dashing over.
The Lion-Tailed Baboons that had contact with the fire elements immediately let out a painful cry as the fur on their bodies started burning rapidly.
Their bodies fell and rolled on the ground, trying to put out the fire.

There were many more little balls of the fire element than the Lion-Tailed Baboons.
None of the Lion-Tailed Baboons could get close to Yun Feng.
The moment they pounced on her, the fire elements immediately surrounded their bodies.
Under the attack of the fire elements, these weak Lion-Tailed Baboons had no power to fight back at all.
Even the level-7 white Lion-Tailed Baboon died in Yun Feng’s hands so easily.
These Lion-Tailed Baboons coming at her would undoubtedly end up like the white Lion-Tailed Baboon.

Screams came one after another.
The baboons all rolled on the ground in pain with fire all over their bodies.
Yun Feng watched this tragic scene in front of her with coldness in her eyes.
Some baboons couldn’t stand the torture of the fire and they directly hit their heads against a tree, committing suicide.

In a blink, the Lion-Tailed Baboons, who were still arrogant just then, had now turned into dead bodies! Except for the corpse of that white Lion-Tailed Baboon that was still intact, the other Lion-Tailed Baboons had become charcoal.
Although there wasn’t much smell of blood, the scene looked a bit unbearable.

Yun Feng waved her wand again and the defense of the Earth Shield immediately disappeared.
The brother and sister, who had no idea of what was happening, instantly saw such a tragic sight.

“Argh!” Thinking of the miserable cries just then, the little girl, who seemed timid, screamed in fear as she saw the scene in front of her eyes, of those dead bodies that were burnt into charcoal and were exuding a disgusting smell, and the body of that white Lion-Tailed Baboon that had fallen down and its ferocious face.
She immediately closed her eyes and her body started trembling again slightly.

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder grunted gently with a disdainful look after seeing the little girl’s reaction.

The young boy looked at the scene in front of him and was also stunned by such a tragic sight.
He was so dumbfounded that he didn’t know what to say.
After seeing Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder, the young boy even turned into a stone statue directly.
Yun Feng took out a small knife and ignored the reaction of the brother and sister for now, taking out the Magic Beast Crystals in the bodies of the Lion-Tailed Baboons on the ground.
The mud yellow crystals were mostly between level 4 to level 6.
Yun Feng put all of these crystals in front of the brother and sister, while the young boy looked at her in huge shock.

“What… are you doing?” Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything.
She kept walking to the white Lion-Tailed Baboon with a knife, slit its chest open and took out the shiny crystal in its heart.

“Here, these are all yours.” Yun Feng put this level-7 crystal on those crystals.
The little girl opened her eyes slightly and peeked at Yun Feng.
When she saw the dozens of crystals, especially when her gaze landed on Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder, she couldn’t help widening her eyes.
Those big eyes stared at Meatball’s fluffy body and still hadn’t looked away after a long time.

“These are yours.
We don’t want them.” The injuries on the young boy’s body were finally stabilized.
The little girl sat aside with sweat all over her face as she kept panting.
The boy sat up in difficulty.
Those scratch marks on his body weren’t bleeding anymore, but he still felt a bit painful.

“If it weren’t for you, we would have died already.
We won’t accept these things.” The young boy glanced at those crystals with his clear black eyes.
Yun Feng smiled.
This young boy was quite upright.

“Take them.
I just happened to pass by and helped you.
These animals would be wiped out sooner or later.
Just consider yourselves getting a great bargain.” Yun Feng put away the knife and smiled at the brother and sister very nicely.
The young boy couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded when he saw the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth and his face suddenly flushed.

“We said we wouldn’t take anything from you!”

Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
These crystals were like a pile of trash for her.
What level of crystal didn’t she have? The lowest level of crystal she had was level 7 and there were over a thousand of them.
She didn’t even bother to look at these crystals here.

“If you don’t want them, just throw them all away.
They’re not really useful for me.” Yun Feng blurted out when she saw how determined the young boy was.
The boy looked up and gazed at Yun Feng in shock.
“You don’t want these Magic Beast Crystals? Haha, I get it now.
You must be the descendant of some rich family.
No wonder you have such a distinguished bearing and you even have a Magic Beast on your shoulder…”

The young boy said as his face suddenly became cold, while the little girl also couldn’t help glancing at Yun Feng several times with vigilance on her face.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m the descendant of a rich family? My family is just a normal one in a small town.
Me, my father and my brother rely on each other.
It’s not what you think.
Besides, this Magic Beast… To be honest, I have no idea why it’s following me.
If you insist on not accepting them, I’ll throw them away.” Yun Feng said as she pretended like she was about to throw the crystals away.
The young boy watched this with his eyes.
He pressed his lips tight and didn’t say a word.

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