Chapter 203: Bastard, Go to Hell (3)

The boy also looked shocked and was relieved.
No matter what, his sister wasn’t injured after all.

The two of them were protected by the Earth Shield firmly.
Yun Feng also had nothing to worry about at all.
The Earth Shield that surrounded them also blocked their sight.
No matter what she did right now, the brother and sister wouldn’t see it.

There was fierceness on Yun Feng’s gorgeous little face and her black eyes were flashing with anger and viciousness.
When the entirely white Lion-Tailed Baboon saw the wand in Yun Feng’s hand, the black pupils in its pure red eyes suddenly shrank, as if it realized something.
Its body leaned forward abruptly and it opened its mouth to make a harsh, bright howl.
All the Lion-Tailed Baboons immediately tried to run back into the forest one after another when they heard this shout.

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curved up slightly as she waved the wand in her hand! “You want to run away? It’s too late! Earth Field!” As Yun Feng yelled, all the running baboons were blocked by an invisible shield.
The space on this side had already been covered by Yun Feng’s Earth Field.
None of the baboons could escape.
All of the Lion-Tailed Baboons must die here!

“Who are you?” The leader of the Lion-Tailed Baboons narrowed its eyes and looked at Yun Feng, sizing her up constantly.
This human was just at level 5.
How would a level-5 mage be able to use such advanced magic? The leader of the Lion-Tailed Baboon was extremely shocked and also confused.
All the Lion-Tailed Baboons that couldn’t escape quickly gathered and surrounded the entirely white Lion-Tailed Baboon at this moment.

Dozens of Lion-Tailed Baboons seemed pretty magnificent.
If a level-7 warrior was facing so many Lion-Tailed Baboons alone, he would rather run away than fight with them.

Facing Magic Beasts, especially gregarious Magic Beasts, it was better not to provoke them and go another way if possible.
One Magic Beast was still easy to deal with, but it would be hard if there was a group of them.

However, all this was under the premise that both parties had similar strength.
If a human, who could absolutely suppress them, showed up, like Yun Feng right now, even gregarious Magic Beasts would be eliminated by just a wave of a hand!

“Who am I? I just spared that bastard’s life, but it still didn’t give up.
If you want us dead, why should I show you mercy? Since your whole clan is here, just stay!” A dazzling light suddenly burst out of the wand in Yun Feng’s hand.
She still hadn’t changed the crystals on this wand because she didn’t have time to do so.
Although the power of six level-6 crystals was a bit weaker, it was more than enough for dealing with this group of baboons!

“Human! We didn’t hurt them at all.
Why do you have to be so ruthless? We’ll just leave!” The leader saw that Yun Feng was really enraged and it knew that the human in front of it wasn’t someone easy to deal with, so it immediately humbled itself.
If all the baboons died here, it would suffer huge losses!

Yun Feng’s black eyes looked into the Lion-Tailed Baboon’s entirely red eyes.
The ancestor’s voice then came, “Kid, the baboons are extremely cunning and they’re known to be cruel.
Don’t believe what they say!”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She suddenly smiled.
“Sure, just go! Go as far as you can!”

The white-furred Lion-Tailed Baboon rolled its eyes after hearing that.
This human being was obviously a little girl who had no experience in life.
She thought she had the ability to save someone, but wasn’t she still being fooled around by it right now?

The other Lion-Tailed Baboons also let out a few deep sounds.
It turned out this was a tactic they always used.
When facing a strong enemy, they would first act like they surrendered to reduce the vigilance of the other party and then make a move together again when their enemy let down his guard!

This group of baboons killed some level-7 powerhouses with such a tactic.
Seeing that Yun Feng agreed to let them go, they thought Yun Feng fell into their trap again.

Yun Feng waved her wand as the Earth Field was removed.
She turned around and walked towards the brother and sister protected by the Earth Shield with biting coldness in the corners of her mouth and her eyes.

Seeing Yun Feng turn around, the leader of the Lion-Tailed Baboons showed an extremely ferocious smile.
It scratched the ground fiercely with its big claw as its lion tail lashed the ground hard.
Its entire body dashed behind Yun Feng like a rapid bullet and it opened its enormous mouth while swinging its sharp claws abruptly!

“Human, go to Hell!” The Lion-Tailed Baboon with white fur all over its body suddenly shouted and its claw had already smacked Yun Feng’s back! There was shock in the eyes of the Lion-Tailed Baboon, which were still full of excitement just then.
Nothing was there! Its claw penetrated this human’s body! A shadow, it was a shadow of Yun Feng!

After contracting with Lan Yi, Yun Feng’s wind element had also risen to the Commander Level like the fire element! With the wind element of the Commander Level inside her body, how would this level-7 Magic Beast see through Yun Feng’s speed?

All it could see was this empty shadow!

The white Lion-Tailed Baboon immediately retracted its claw, but its huge body couldn’t do any dodging movement in the air in time.
As soon as it landed on the ground, it felt a strong wind coming from behind him!

The Lion-Tailed Baboon only had time to look back.
Yun Feng’s beautiful smiling face was reflected in its red eyes, as if a gorgeous killer descended from the sky!

“Who’s the one who’s going to Hell?” Yun Feng mumbled softly as she waved the short and powerful wand in her hand abruptly.
The Lion-Tailed Baboon didn’t even have the chance to dodge and the wand had already pierced through its body, penetrating its entire heart!

“Argh!” An extremely miserable cry resounded through the woods, which made the other Magic Beasts tremble fiercely.
This sound was familiar to them.
It was the voice of the Lion-Tailed Baboon that had already reached level 7.
And now, it was crying so miserably.
What exactly was happening? All the other Magic Beasts instantly stayed in their dens and dared not come out.
Someone who could make a level-7 Lion-Tailed Baboon make such a miserable cry must be a person that couldn’t be trifled with!

“What… What happened…” The brother and sister protected by the Earth Shield couldn’t help but shudder after hearing this miserable cry.
The young boy looked outside, but the Earth Shield was still blocking his sight.
The little girl shook her head and kept treating her brother’s wounds continuously.
Seeing that her brother’s injuries seemed to be better, a joyful smile was shown on her little face.

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