Chapter 202: Bastard, Go to Hell (2)

Yun Feng looked at the Lion-Tailed Baboon that was running away.
She wasn’t planning to take its life.
She turned around and came to the brother and sister.
Yun Feng had a look at the injuries on the young boy’s body.
The claws of the Lion-Tailed Baboon left quite a lot of marks on him.
And even though the girl was trying her best to heal the boy’s injuries, she was apparently unable to do as much as she would like to.

Yun Feng sensed it slightly.
The girl’s strength had already reached level 4! Yun Feng couldn’t help but exclaim a little in her mind.
If there was only a small number of geniuses in this world, almost everyone she met could be considered one…

Murong Ran, Murong Yuntian, Kasa and the little girl in front of her right now.
Although Uncle Flirtatious was also astonishing, it was hard to say if he was a genius or not with his age.

The Lion-Tailed Baboon made a deep scratch.
The little girl cried as she tried her best to treat the wound on her brother’s body with the water element.
Yun Feng didn’t want to interfere either.
She didn’t want to expose too much of her strength in front of a stranger.
Speaking of treating the wound, even though the water element would also work, it was far inferior to the light element, which was called the God of Healing in magic.
If a level-4 light-element mage was here to deal with the injury, it would be healed completely in a while.

There were indeed too few mages of the light element and darkness element.
It could even be said to be rare.
There were already just a small number of mages on the East Continent and not many of them had high attainments.
The light element and the darkness element were the most special elemental forces.
There were rarely people who could control them.
Up till now, Yun Feng still hadn’t met a mage of the light element or the darkness element.
She wondered if there would be one at Masang School of Magic.

“Brother, you’ll be fine.
You’ll be fine…” The little girl’s face was full of tears.
She had a small face, but very delicately outlined and bright facial features, which made her even cuter.
Her eyes were both red and swollen right now, looking like she was in a fluster.

“Thank… Thank you…” The young man looked up in difficulty and said thank you to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng frowned slightly and shook her head gently.
Her mental strength had been spreading around the few of them keenly.
Yun Feng had no idea whether the Lion-Tailed Baboon that ran away suddenly would come back or not, but if it returned and brought a whole group of Lion-Tailed Baboons…

“Oh no!” Yun Feng whispered secretly as the young boy and the little girl looked startled.
A dozen seconds after Yun Feng whispered, thunderous sounds suddenly came around the forest, as if there were many Magic Beasts hidden in the bushes.
As expected, dozens of Lion-Tailed Baboons stuck their heads out in all directions in the forest.
Pairs of blood red eyes gazed at the three people they surrounded and they all gnashed their teeth, besieging the three of them with their ferocious baboon faces.

The little girl’s face became even paler when she saw the surrounding scene.
Her body couldn’t help trembling violently and her lips had lost all color, but her hands didn’t stop her healing work.

“You… You should… Go quickly…” The young boy said with difficulty as his body struggled and wanted to get up from the ground.
There was a painful look on his face.
Seeing her brother in such a difficult position, the little girl burst into tears and Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel heartbroken when she saw this.

She wiped the tears off the little girl’s face gently with her hand and patted the girl’s head as he looked at the young boy.
“Just lie down here at ease.
Since I let that bastard go, I’ll certainly deal with it.”

The boy still wanted to say something, but looking at the back of Yun Feng who was standing in front of them, he suddenly felt at ease…

“Bastard, I let you go so that you can live.
Since you chose to come back and even brought your family with you, I’ll send you all to Heaven together!

“Haha, human, you’re so confident!” A voice came as the Lion-Tailed Baboons couldn’t help gnashing their teeth and waving their hands excitedly after hearing that!

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly.
A Magic Beast that could speak?

As this voice sounded, the Lion-Tailed Baboons slowly made way to a Lion-Tailed Baboon with white fur all over its body and a head that was double the size of that of the others.
Yun Feng immediately became much smaller in front of it.
The eyes of this white Lion-Tailed Baboon were even redder, and didn’t have other colors at all.
Its eyes were shining with scarlet glitters like two pieces of pure bloodstones.

Yun Feng couldn’t help but sneered.
it was just a level-7 Magic Beast and it dared to talk wildly to her? If she wasn’t worried that she would expose her strength, she really didn’t want to say any nonsense to it!

Yun Feng’s original level was infinitely suppressed to level 5 by herself.
With her current age, she wouldn’t be considered too genius if she was at level 5.
It was better to keep a low profile, but laying low became the reason for people to despise her?

Yun Feng looked at this Lion-Tailed Baboon that was obviously the leader, but she wasn’t hesitant at all.
“You’ll know if I’m too confident or not! I’ll give you two choices.
Get out of here with your baboons immediately and go as far as you can, or don’t even think about running away.
All of you will stay here!”

The leader of the Lion-Tailed Baboons burst into laughter without restraint again after hearing what Yun Feng said, while the other Lion-Tailed Baboons also let out a harsh laugh.
A glint of light flashed through their pure red eyes and the vicious aura that belonged to Magic Beasts instantly surged out.

“What an ignorant and arrogant human being.
Kill all three of them!”

As the white Lion-Tailed Baboon issued the order, all the Lion-Tailed Baboons looked up and screeched, attacking Yun Feng and the brother and sister!

“Brother!” The little girl immediately fell on the young boy’s body.
Even if her body was trembling, she still held the boy in her arms firmly.
Seeing this scene, Yun Feng’s eyes couldn’t help but turn a bit red.
She suddenly flipped her little hand as the wand with six holes and six stars appeared on her palm! If that was the case, she would just kill them all.
These animals all had to stay here!

“Earth Shield!” Yun Feng immediately shouted as the Earth Shield surrounded the brother and sister firmly, blocking their sight.

The young boy and girl protected by the Earth Shield were both shocked.
The girl looked at the Earth Shield surrounding them with coldness in her huge eyes.
“She’s a mage.
She’s a mage…”

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