Chapter 201: Bastard, Go to Hell (1)

Yun Feng seemed to remember something.
She flipped her hand and an unusually crystal clear ore appeared.
Meatball’s eyes immediately brightened when it saw the ore.
Its fluffy, chubby body struggled and wanted to pounce on it, but Yun Feng was lifting it up at its neck.

“Do you want it?” Yun Feng slowly spread the corners of her mouth and showed an evil, fox-like smile.
Meatball quickly nodded as it gazed at Yun Feng with its huge eyes pitifully.

“If you want it, say something other than ‘na.’” Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel happy after saying that.
As expected, she saw that Meatball was startled and its huge eyes were full of complaints afterwards!

“Nana, na, nanana!” Meatball made some soft noises as its small body struggled anxiously.
Yun Feng found it interesting when she saw Meatball like this, and she also stopped teasing it.
If she pissed it off, it would be difficult for her to comfort it.

When she put the ultimate ore in her hand in Meatball’s claws, Meatball directly opened its mouth wide and swallowed the ultimate ore.
It even closed its huge eyes with a look of enjoyment and satisfaction on its face.

Yun Feng put Meatball back on her shoulder again.
“Are you happy now?” If people knew Yun Feng fed a Magic Beast with ultimate ores, countless of them would rebuke her for wasting the ores!

Meatball made a content sound as it rubbed its little body against Yun Feng’s cheek flatteringly.
Yun Feng pressed her lips and smiled, then started walking through this wilderness forest.

After walking for a while, there seemed to be the sound of fierce fighting coming from afar.
Yun Feng’s heart shook and her body quickly jumped up.
With her strength of the Commander Level, it was almost impossible for her to be discovered by someone, unless she met a master of the same level.

Yun Feng’s slender body was completely hidden in the dense shades of the tree.
There used to be a few Magic Beasts on this tree, but when Yun Feng got closer, these Magic Beasts all slipped away quietly at the same time.
Yun Feng certainly saw it and she didn’t mind at all.
Humans or Magic Beasts, their respect and fear of the powerhouses came from the bottom of their hearts.

“Bastard, you’re digging your own grave!” A quick, loud voice with a beautiful tone that only a teenage boy could have, came.
Yun Feng looked over and saw what was happening not far ahead.

A two-meter tall Magic Beast was fighting fiercely with a young boy.
The Magic Beast was a baboon, but its tail was like that of a lion.
The ancestor’s voice then sounded in Yun Feng’s mind.
“Kid, this is a Lion-Tailed Baboon, an Earth Magic Beast.
A Lion-Tailed Baboon can’t be angered or severely injured.
A severely injured Lion-Tailed Baboon can exert power that’s two to three times stronger.
More importantly, Lion-Tailed Baboons are gregarious!”

Yun Feng looked over with her black eyes when she heard this.
The Lion-Tailed Baboon and the young boy were both bleeding.
They seemed to have already fought brutally for a very long time, but the boy still couldn’t kill the Lion-Tailed Baboon.
Yun Feng watched the Lion-Tailed Baboon and the young boy deal with each other constantly and understood the situation.
It looked like the baboon was just buying time, waiting for the others to come!

“If he doesn’t kill this Magic Beast, he may face the attack of a group of Lion-Tailed Baboons.” Yun Feng whispered.
Suddenly, she saw another person somewhere near to the young boy, a petite little girl.
At this moment, the little girl’s dress was stained with a lot of blood, but Yun Feng had no idea if the blood belonged to the boy or the Magic Beast.
The little girl’s face was pale.
Apparently, she was petrified and her body was constantly trembling.

“Hm? There’s still a little girl?” Yun Feng looked over and forgot she wasn’t even twelve yet.
Yun Feng’s body was quite mature and it had a lot to do with her speed of advancement.
She looked like a 17-year-old teenage girl right now.
Judging from her appearance, it was impossible for other people to imagine that she was just twelve at the moment.

“Ook ook, ah ah!” The Lion-Tailed Baboon was hit by the weapon in the boy’s hand and it let out a furious sound.
A bloodthirsty viciousness also surged in its scarlet eyes.
It didn’t seem to want to continue fighting with the boy anymore!

Its giant lion tail swept the lower body of the boy fiercely.
The boy, who had been injured, apparently had no power to avoid this attack anymore and was thrown aside by the force of the lion tail, falling on the ground in panic.

“Brother!” The little girl cowering on the side couldn’t help but shout in fear when she saw the boy fall and she crawled over quickly, using her little hands to check the wounds on the boy’s body anxiously.
Yun Feng saw clearly that the young girl’s hands were shining with light blue glitters and she was treating the injuries on the young boy’s body.
Was that the water element? Was the girl a water-element mage?

Yun Feng’s heart suddenly moved.
Her brother was also a water-element mage… For some reason, Yun Feng abruptly felt a cordial relation with this girl in front of her.
They were also brother and sister and there were also two of them alone…

Yun Feng didn’t want to be nosy at first.
Even if she could save one of them, she might not be able to save everyone.
This world was cruel and the fittest survived.
The strong would prey upon the weak.
This was the rule of nature that everyone understood in their minds.
If you died because of your weakness, there was no ground for blame.
Nobody would pity you and you could only blame that your skills weren’t as good as others.

Facing this brother and sister, the softest part of Yun Feng’s heart was completely stirred.
Her slim body flashed like light and shadow, and she stood in front of the two of them in a blink.

The brother and sister couldn’t help feeling a bit shocked when they saw Yun Feng suddenly show up here and there was a glimmer of hope in their hearts.
This girl should be here to help them.

The Lion-Tailed Baboon looked at Yun Feng, who suddenly appeared in front of it, as a glint of light flashed through its scarlet eyes and its body took a few steps back slightly.
Yun Feng stood there with a relaxed look and calmly gazed at the Magic Beast in front of her.
It was just at level 6.
With her current strength, it would be dead as soon as she waved her hand.

The Lion-Tailed Baboon gnashed its teeth, which made its slightly ferocious baboon face look a bit more ferocious.
It only dared to gnash its teeth at Yun Feng, as if it was warning her.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder also changed its cute little face and showed its sharp teeth when it saw the Lion-Tailed Baboon gnash its teeth.
The Lion-Tailed Baboon immediately ran away quickly.

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