Chapter 200: Reaching the Commander Level (4)

“Kid, congratulations for entering the Commander Level!” The ancestor’s words made Yun Feng’s lips curve up slowly.
Her smile grew wider and she clenched her fists tighter, feeling the purer energy in her body.
The Commander Level.
Was this a leap from quantity to quality? Even though those water drops were very small, the energy that was released was incomparable to that of the past!

Looking at the shiny Teleportation Array in the space, Yun Feng slowly got up as her beautiful hair fluttered slowly behind her.
Meatball also looked very excited.
“It’s time for us to go back.”

Looking around the small space slightly, Yun Feng put the catalogue of the Magic Beasts and the chorography of the Vast Continent into her bracelet and sorted out the things she had.
First, the ancestor’s bracelet, then the storage ring full of Magic Beast Crystals and one full of ores that her Master gave her.
After that, there was the storage ring Mr.
Zheng Ran gave her before she left and the storage belt full of mid-level ores and food that the Red Maple Mercenary Team prepared for her.

She already owned so many storage containers and the things inside were all expensive.
The property Yun Feng had right now was enough to compare to all the assets a royal family had.
After all, her Master left a hundred ultimate ores for her and nobody knew if the royal family had ultimate ores or not.
And those incredible Magic Beast Crystals, those Lord-Level Magic Beast Crystals, were something that could make people terrified by just thinking about it!

Yun Feng glanced over everything.
She could give the storage belt back to the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
After all, these things that the Red Maple Mercenary Team prepared for her were also a huge amount of assets for them, but this amount of assets was already very small for Yun Feng right now.
She must give this storage belt back to the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

As for the ring Mr.
Zheng Ran gave her, Yun Feng only smiled.
Even if she wanted to give it back, Mr.
Zheng Ran might not want it.
How would a powerhouse let you return things that they gave you? Thinking of this, Yun Feng forgot about the idea of giving the ring back to Mr.
Zheng Ran.

There were still a lot of things on the tenth level, which were probably all precious treasures.
However, these things might not be useful for Yun Feng right now, because the layer of faint halo on those things still hadn’t disappeared.
Even if she wanted to take them, she wouldn’t be able to.

After settling everything, Yun Feng stood in that light circle and the light circle suddenly let out a dazzling light when it sensed Yun Feng’s current strength.

“Apprentice, being able to reach the Commander Level is an accomplishment, but don’t be complacent.
You still have a long road ahead of you.
Practice with your heart and be humble.”

Master’s voice came again and Yun Feng kept everything in her mind.
“The process of reaching the Commander Level is also the process of refining the Dragon Palace.
After achieving the Commander Level, you’ve only refined the passage of the Dragon Palace.
If you want to refine the entire Dragon Palace, your current strength is still far from enough.”

Yun Feng understood it.
She certainly knew that even if her strength had reached the Commander Level, it was totally impossible for her to refine this Dragon Palace and she had never had such a thought at all either.
However, if she had refined the passage of the Dragon Palace, did it mean that she could enter the Dragon Palace anytime she wanted?

As Yun Feng pondered in her mind, she felt that a dragon-shaped jade pendant appeared faintly in the light of the array.
Yun Feng grabbed it with her hand and could even feel the coldness that came from it.

“This jade pendant is the key to the passage of the Dragon Palace.
When you put your mind on this jade pendant, you’ll be able to come here.
You can only go in and out of all the levels freely after you finish refining the Dragon Palace completely.”

Master’s voice sounded again.
Yun Feng put the dragon-shaped jade pendant into her bracelet.
With this dragon-shaped jade pendant, she would be able to come here to practice conveniently whenever she had time.
Practicing here was a few hundred times better than practicing outside and the speed of advancement was incomparable compared to that on the outside world!

“Apprentice, you must keep going steadily on your practicing path.
Even if you’re extraordinarily talented, you can’t rush.
I hope that you can succeed.
Don’t let me down.”

Yun Feng clenched her fists.
“Master, don’t worry.
I’ll surely remember what you taught me and move forward one step at a time.
I’ll definitely work hard to improve my strength and help you get out of there!”

The voice didn’t come anymore.
Yun Feng only felt that the light in the array shone brighter and brighter.
She knew that she was about to be teleported outside and the enthusiasm in her bones surged slightly.
Where would this array send her…

“Swish!” A burst of light appeared! Yun Feng, who was standing in the array, immediately disappeared.
The space on the tenth level became silent and empty.

On the eighth level of the Dragon Palace, the young man, who had been closing his eyes, suddenly opened them wide as a glint of light flashed through his gray white pupils.
“Old man, that girl got out.”

The owner of the old voice didn’t make any sound for a long time.
After a while, “Hm, let’s see how she goes in the future.
I hope she won’t disappoint us.”

The young man laughed weirdly and closed his eyes again.
“Just wait.
I hope that little girl won’t keep us waiting for too long…”

Unlike the Teleportation Array on the ninth level, the one on the tenth level was very peaceful.
While Yun Feng was being teleported, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.
Gentle light and air currents kept dragging her body.
When the light in front of her eyes disappeared, Yun Feng rubbed her eyes gently and Meatball on her shoulder also arched its body.
Yun Feng opened her eyes, looking at the scene in front of her.

This was a wilderness forest.
There was no sound anywhere and it was extremely quiet.
A few birds flew by sometimes.
When they sensed Yun Feng’s aura, they flapped their wings rapidly and flew away with a terrified look.

Yun Feng looked around.
This was a totally unfamiliar place.
She had no idea where this was.
This Teleportation Array wouldn’t send her to another country, would it? If that was really the case, she would be in great trouble!

No matter what, let’s just get out of this forest first! Yun Feng made up her mind as Meatball on her shoulder rubbed against her cheek for a long time.
Yun Feng picked Meatball up and looked at its huge eyes, while Meatball gazed at Yun Feng with a hint of sorrow in its eyes.

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