Chapter 199: Reaching the Commander Level (3)

Ao Jin stood there quietly as sorrow spread through his body gradually and there was devastation on his handsome face.

Xiao Ling bit her lips and fell on the ground.
She was very upset when she saw Ao Jin’s expression, but she dared not say anything.
As long as Ao Jin believed that Yun Feng was dead, as long as the members of the Dragons believed that Yun Feng was dead, it would be enough!

The golden wings suddenly spread on Ao Jin’s back and flapped fiercely as Ao Jin’s body flew high up in the sky.
“Young Master, where are you going?” Elder Qi couldn’t help yelling loudly when he saw that Ao Jin was leaving.

Ao Jin’s body stopped in the air for a second.
“I’ll kill whoever stands in my way!” A furious dragon roar came in the sky.
Ao Jin flapped his golden wings hard and his entire body turned into a golden shooting star, disappearing in front of everyone.

Seeing Ao Jin believe in them, Xiao Ling and Yan Yu were both relieved.
Elder Qi looked in the direction where Ao Jin left very worriedly, then glanced at his granddaughter, Xiao Ling, and heaved a silent sigh.

The Dragons suffered quite heavy casualties in this exploration, but it was still something to celebrate that they didn’t return with empty hands.
For the Dragons, Yun Feng’s death wasn’t a big deal.
There was already a lot of opposition from the Dragons when Yun Feng entered the Dragon Palace.
They just didn’t show it because of the pressure from Ao Jin.
Now that they heard that Yun Feng died inside, they were all relieved.
They were all unwilling when they thought about the treasures in the Dragon Palace being taken by a human.

The Dragons became peaceful again very soon and tranquility had also been restored in Dragon Valley.
Yun Feng’s death drifted away slowly like wind, leaving no trace at all, except for the Young Master of the Dragons who vanished once again.

On the secret tenth level of the Dragon Palace, everything was very peaceful and Yun Feng’s practice was going smoothly.
However, she had never thought that she was already considered dead in the eyes of the Dragons.
As time passed, Yun Feng’s strength was constantly improving.
In just a year, her strength had risen to the peak of level 9 in this space that had such strong elemental forces!

Yun Feng’s appearance had also changed significantly with the increase of her strength.
Her body and face that originally had traces of youth had completely changed.
Her fully grown body had an elegant, perfect curve, while traces of immaturity had already disappeared from that little face, glittering with a beautiful, bright light.

Yun Feng closed her eyes firmly as her beautiful hair hung behind her.
Her soft hair fluttered gently and her skin was bright and fair, like a peeled egg.
Her clear huge eyes were covered by her eyelids, so the smoothness inside couldn’t be seen.
Her curled eyelashes cast a thick shadow on her cheeks, while her moderately thick eyebrows stretched gently.
There was a tiny smile at the corners of her red lips and her little face contained a kind of beauty that couldn’t be concealed, which astonished people from the bottom of their hearts.

Meatball on her shoulder also quieted down completely.
In this year, Meatball seemed to have entered a dormant state as Yun Feng focused on practicing.
It just leaned right on Yun Feng’s neck and its entire fluffy body crouched on Yun Feng’s shoulders.
It was so quiet that it was like a decoration.

Suddenly, the eyelashes of the beauty shook slightly and Meatball also woke up in an instant, turning its huge grape-like eyes around and rubbing its body against Yun Feng’s cheek a few times.

“Nana…” Its soft sound echoed in this space that had been silent for a year as Yun Feng opened her eyes slowly.
Two glints of sharp light flashed through her black eyes abruptly and her eyes became a bit clearer.
An invisible dignity was also released from her body.

The peak of level 9, this was Yun Feng’s current strength!

“You had quite a good rest.” Yun Feng woke up and felt Meatball rubbing its body against her cheek constantly.
She picked up Meatball’s little body and the two of them looked at each other.
Meatball’s huge eyes were full of flattering expressions.
Yun Feng reached her fingers out and flicked Meatball’s forehead.
Meatball’s big eyes immediately showed a kind of grievance, while Yun Feng, who was in a good mood, burst into laughter.

“Kid, the speed at which your strength increased surprised me.” The ancestor’s voice also sounded at this moment.
Yun Feng pressed her lips and smiled.
“Ancestor, I’ve entered the peak stage of level 9 now and I seem to have felt the feeling of entering the Commander Level faintly.
I’ve been here for a year.
If I don’t speed up, I’ll probably miss the exam of Masang School of Magic.”

“Haha, kid, with your current strength, you’re more than enough to be a consultant for those teachers!”

Yun Feng smiled.
She didn’t know how many mages on the East Continent could reach level 9, but it was really rare.
If she could reach the Commander Level… It would undoubtedly be a waste of her talent if she entered Masang School of Magic to learn magic.
However, Yun Feng’s brother, Yun Sheng, was in the magic school.
They hadn’t met each other for three years and she really missed him.
Besides, she must confirm whether Murong Ran had done anything to her brother in these three years.
The members of the Yun family didn’t bully anyone, but it didn’t mean that they would let others bully them!

Thinking of her brother, Yun Sheng, Yun Feng also became slightly excited.
Almost there.
She had already touched the step that led to the Commander Level.
She just had to wait for an opportunity next.

Another month of mediation practice had passed.
Yun Feng was waiting for her chance to get to the Commander Level wholeheartedly and her mental strength also became more concentrated, communicating more closely with the elemental forces in the space.
Under constant communication, her mental strength suddenly underwent substantial changes!

Was it starting?

Yun Feng became nervous.
She knew that the opportunity she had been waiting for was here! The opportunity for her to cross the peak of level 9 and reach the Commander Level was finally here!

Her mental strength that was constantly becoming more concentrated moved slowly.
The mental strength that was originally spread all over like sea water started to gather.
The water-like mental strength was imperceptibly divided into pieces and each piece was slowly coming to the center.
Yun Feng looked at the changes happening in her spiritual space curiously.
Her heart and her mind merged into one and she dared not zone out at all.

The gathering process was a slow and long process.
Another month had passed, but Yun Feng wasn’t annoyed at all.
She calmly kept herself in a state that was the most relaxed.
Countless pieces of divided mental strength gradually gathered together and the water-like mental strength had now turned into countless water drops! Each water drop had a different color and all the water drops turned into five distinct colors.
Yun Feng felt the changes in her spiritual space in shock.
All the little water drops in five different colors floated in her spiritual space, looking magnificent at first glance!

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