Yun Feng nodded as she touched the black jade around her neck with her hand.
That mysterious energy was still oozing out slowly from the middle.
In just dozens of days, her body had been transformed to the standard of a level-5 warrior.
What exactly was in this jade pendant? It had such powerful energy!

Yun Feng believed what her ancestor said now.
If this jade pendant was really something from her ancestor, why didn’t he know about this mysterious energy? If it didn’t belong to him, then why did it appear inside his bracelet? Something just didn’t add up.

As Yun Feng felt the energy in her body after it was transformed, she only felt extremely thrilled.
Such strength and defensive power was exactly what she was after.
The road to becoming a warrior was all about these things.
As for the powerful combat skills and weapons of the warriors, she didn’t care about them at all.

“Alright, kid, spread your mental strength and feel the existence of Magic Beasts right now.
Find a Magic Beast you like and contract it.” The ancestor’s words made Yun Feng a little excited.
She immediately emitted the powerful mental strength in her body.
When the mental strength spread like the tide, Yun Feng felt the elemental force of all the Magic Beasts within a few hundred meters around her.

Different colors of elemental light balls appeared under Yun Feng’s mental strength.
Looking at the colors in front of her eyes, Yun Feng felt like she was getting dizzy.
There… There were too many of them! Which one should she choose?

Among the hundred different colors of elemental light balls Yun Feng sensed, yellow ones had the most number, followed by blue and green.
There were very few red ones and no purple ones.

Yun Feng looked at them for a long time and didn’t know how to choose.
Should she contract with one Magic Beast or with all of the ones she could at once?

“Kid, a summoner can have strong powers, but you can’t be greedy.
You better take it step by step.
Although you have excellent abilities, you must learn to crawl before you run.”

After hearing what he said, Yun Feng immediately repressed the emotions in her heart.
Indeed, everything needed a solid foundation.
If the foundation wasn’t stable, all the abilities were just empty talk and she wouldn’t be able to walk to the top in the end.
She would only be in a state which was neither high nor low.
She couldn’t be like that.
As a member of the Yun family, she must certainly do her best!

The ancestor smiled in satisfaction when he felt Yun Feng’s chaotic energy become calm.
This kid had pretty strong resilience and endurance.
If it was someone else, that person would have become arrogant having such extraordinary abilities.
Taking every step solidly would provide the biggest potential for her future development!

“Now, among the elements you see, what’s the highest level?”

Yun Feng identified them carefully.
Her mental strength detected the fluctuation of the elemental light balls in more detail.
Quite a lot of mental strength was consumed to detect a hundred elemental light balls, but this didn’t affect Yun Feng a bit.

“The highest level is level 5.
It’s a fire element.”

“What does the elemental force of the fire element look like in your eyes?”

Hearing what the ancestor said, Yun Feng’s mental strength stopped detecting the other elements temporarily and focused on the fire element with the highest level.
After sensing it for a while, Yun Feng said, “It’s red but very light, like… a bit weak.”

What Yun Feng said made the ancestor smile joyfully.
Yun Feng was shocked.
She had no idea which part of her sentence could make this old man smile so happily.

“Hahaha, I knew it.
How would you be at level 5 only? The Magic Beast is too weak.
It’s not suitable for you.”

What? A level-5 Magic Beast was too weak? Yun Feng was extremely stunned.
Ever since she got her ancestor’s guidance, there were truy too many things that shocked her.
What was a level-5 Magic Beast? It was at the intermediate level! For human warriors, even two level-6 warriors might not be able to take it down, let alone a Magic Beast of the fire element, which was known to be violent and have terrifying strength.
However, such a Magic Beast was too weak in the eyes of the ancestor!

If it wasn’t suitable for her, then what level was she at?

“A summoner distinguishes the level of Magic Beasts according to his own level.
If a Magic Beast has the same level as the summoner, the color of the elemental force on the Magic Beast will be the brightest.
If its level is lower than that of the summoner, the color will be light.
If it has a higher level than the summoner, the summoner won’t sense the element of the Magic Beast.
After all, summoners can only contract with Magic Beasts with the same level or a lower level.”

Yun Feng was a bit startled when she heard that.
The color of the level-5 fire element was light in her sense, which meant that her level was already higher than level 5!

“Alright, kid.
What’s so shocking about this? Your talent determines that you’ll start much higher than the others.
Didn’t I tell you? Even those people who claimed to be talents themselves won’t even be able to lift their heads in front of you.”

The ancestor’s proud words made the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curl up.
She had always hoped that she could be very strong, but she had never thought she would be this powerful.
Thinking that her father Yun Jing was only a level-5 warrior, a thought of teasing him came to Yun Feng’s mind.
If her father knew her real strength, how would he react?

“You don’t need the Magic Beasts on the outer ring of the Foggy Forest.
Looks like the Magic Beasts you need are in there…”

Yun Feng’s eyes looked deep into the Foggy Forest through the dense green color.
The anxiousness in the ancestor’s tone also made Yun Feng frown slightly.
The Foggy Forest was connected to the Beast Ridge and the outer ring was already the furthest humans could go.
Only humans above level 7 dared to go deeper.
Nobody knew what kind of Magic Beasts were hidden in there and no one could predict what sort of danger there would be.

The ancestor went silent for a while and Yun Feng didn’t say anything as well.
She only knew that nothing could stop her from becoming a summoner.
What about the Foggy Forest and the Beast Ridge? If she stopped moving forward out of fear, she wouldn’t make any progress.
Sometimes, what she could get after taking a step courageously was as boundless as the sea and the sky!

“Ancestor, I’m a member of the Yun family.
People of the Yun family never yield in front of difficulties!” Yun Feng clenched her fists and stared deep into the Foggy Forest with fiery eyes.
There were more powerful Magic Beasts inside.
For other people, this was death, but for her, it was something she must get!

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