In a room surrounded by four white walls, there was only an extremely heavy iron door, apart from a small window that couldn’t be smaller.
A skinny teenage girl was sitting on a bed in the room.
Her black hair covered her entire face, so nobody could see her expression right now.

“No.17, someone’s here to visit you today.” A gap was opened in the iron door and a gust of wind blew in from outside.
The girl’s body moved a bit and she lifted her head in the end.
Her pale little face had no color at all and her hollow eyes stared to the front blankly.

“Lianyi…” An emotional call made the girl turn her head slightly.
When she saw the bloodshot eyes through the gap of the iron door, she slowly got off the bed and walked to the door.

“Lianyi, my Lianyi…” The man outside seemed to be choking with tears.
His red eyes were filled with pain and dismay.
The girl behind the iron door was his daughter, his daughter!

“Dad, you’re here.” The girl smiled slightly when she saw the man’s eyes.
She touched the iron door with her hands, but a strong electric current came from the door.
The girl twitched and fell on the ground.

“Lianyi, Lianyi!” The man banged on the iron door with craziness in his eyes.
The guards standing outside immediately pulled the man away.
He was dragged out as he stared at the iron door and yelled loudly, “You son of a b*tch, give me back my daughter! Give her back to me!”

The man’s voice got further and further until he couldn’t be heard anymore.
A man in a white coat then came over and looked at the iron door for a long time.
“Who let him in?”

The other workers remained silent.
The man didn’t ask anything else.
He took and opened the data book on the wall.
“How is she today?”

“No.17 is quite stable.
She’ll be able to be tested again soon.”


The man nodded as he observed the data in the book carefully with a faint smile on the corners of his mouth.
And inside the iron door, the girl shocked by the electric current climbed up from the floor.
Her father’s shout still echoed in her ears.
She stared at the iron door with her dull black eyes.
Suddenly, the corners of her mouth raised and hostility surged in her empty eyes.

Soon, very soon.


This was the most covert advanced research institute, which was located underground and secretly worked for a big country.
They searched for humans with superpowers in the world, then continuously carried out experiments on them and tried to extract these super abilities to integrate into ordinary humans.


Today was the day No.17 was going to be experimented on.
No.17 was the most perfect subject the research institute had found so far.
The experiments on No.17 also attracted many senior management personnel here.
If it worked on No.17, this would represent a historic step for this experiment.


There were a lot of tubes and wires of different colors on the girl’s body.
The computer was performing a sophisticated analysis on the indices of her body.
The experiment was going on intensely.
When the researchers injected the white liquid in a syringe into the girl’s body, the data on the computer changed rapidly.

The senior management personnel didn’t look away from the computer screen.
They all held their breath and watched the numbers soar one by one.
Everyone couldn’t help but breathe faster.
The numbers kept rising fiercely, which made everyone breathe more rapidly as well.
When the critical value was reached, the computer let out some kind of alarm, but the numbers still didn’t stop.

Everyone was stunned as they watched the numbers that continued to rise.
One of them then shouted, “Perfect! It’s truly perfect!”

“We did it.
Hahaha! We did it!”

The senior management personnel widened their eyes, which were full of excitement and anticipation.
No.17 was their only successful case so far.
How could they not be thrilled? There was finally a satisfactory result after decades of scientific research!

“We’re done with sample extraction!”

The senior management personnel were excited and they were delighted with the praise and rewards they were about to get.
The researchers in the lab were now going to extract samples inside the girl’s body.
Once they got the samples, this experiment would be complete.

Then, the girl lying on the experiment desk, who had her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes.
The black eyes didn’t look empty anymore and there was an appalling anger inside.
The researchers were still celebrating in joy, so none of them noticed what the girl was doing.
The girl’s black eyes then glanced at the excited senior management personnel behind the glass and the corners of her lips raised coldly.

One of the senior management personnel started to frown and he knelt down holding his head in the end.
There seemed to be some chaos outside.
“Poof!” It sounded like something exploded.
The researchers in the lab had no idea what was going on.
They only saw that it was a bit chaotic outside.
When they thought nothing was happening, a splash of red color appeared on the glass window, astonishing everyone’s eyes.


The girl smiled coldly.

No, one was far from enough.

The researchers in the lab all looked at the red liquid on the glass window dumbfoundedly.
Then, the senior management personnel held their heads and knelt down one after another with a twisted face.

“Poof, poof, poof.”

Muffled voices came continuously and gushes of red blood shot out, splashing on the glass window.
There were even some white, yellow dots inside.


The researchers were all dumbfounded, looking like stone statues.
The sudden fear made them stand where they were, until someone alive out there pointed at them with terrified looks.
The researchers seemed to have understood something.

Everyone turned around almost at the same time and looked at the girl on the experiment table with fear in their eyes.
Meanwhile, she had already sat up with a smile.
The disdain and hatred in her black eyes gave everyone a chill down their spine.

“It’s… It’s… It’s you…” One of the researchers said with a shaking voice.
He couldn’t say a complete sentence.
He could only look at the girl and take deep breaths as his body trembled.

The girl glanced over.
In a heartbeat, that researcher felt that his head was so painful it was about to crack, as if there was some kind of gas in his brain.
The gas kept expanding and expanding, until it gushed out of the closed skull and gained freedom!

“Poof!” A human head exploded in front of everyone’s eyes.
In a blink, they all stopped breathing.
All the researchers screamed abruptly and fearfully, “Go! Leave this place now!”

Everyone ran to the door of the lab like crazy.
They didn’t want to die.
They didn’t want to die!


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