Chapter 198: Reaching the Commander Level (2)

“How was it?” Yan Ting asked Yan Yu softly.
Yan Yu immediately took a deep breath to make himself look even more panicky and suddenly knelt on the ground.

“You…” Yan Ting looked at Yan Yu with a hint of shock in his eyes.
Yan Yu lowered his head and took out the treasure he got from the Dragon Palace.
Yan Ting’s eyes immediately brightened after seeing it!

“I failed in doing what you asked me, elder.
I only got one treasure from the Dragon Palace!” Yan Yu had been lowering his head since the beginning and he went silent after saying this.
Yan Ting reached his hand out and took the treasure, putting it in his hand for a closer look carefully.
He was very content and greed flashed through his eyes.
It wasn’t true to say that Yan Yu didn’t let him down.
If he could bring one back, he should have been able to get more!

“Alright, you’ve done your best.
Get up.” Yan Ting put away the treasure and said to Yan Yu.
Yan Yu also got up as he glanced at the Black Dragons.

“How many did the Black Dragons get?” Yan Ting also glanced over.
If the Black Dragons got more than they did, they would really be embarrassed.

“Elder, don’t worry.
The Black Dragons also got one treasure, the same as us.
But what’s more interesting is that Xiao Ling lost her weapon.” Yan Yu couldn’t help but chuckle when he said this.
After all, they gained more this time.

“Really? Haha, that’s pretty nice.
I’ll see how Old Qi gives me his attitude.”

Xiao Ling was taken to the Black Dragons’ side by her grandpa.
Elder Qi didn’t ask her what she got from the Dragon Palace.
Seeing how messy his granddaughter looked, together with the few frightened people who came out earlier, Elder Qi had been worried.
After looking closer, Elder Qi’s expression couldn’t help but change.

“Where’s Yun Feng? Why isn’t she with you?”

Xiao Ling bit her lips gently and resentment rose in her mind.
Even though she deliberately injured herself, the wounds weren’t fake! It wasn’t a big deal that her grandpa didn’t care about her, but why did he ask about Yun Feng who took her weapon? Damn it!

“Grandpa, I failed to do what you asked me.” Xiao Ling said softly as she handed over the treasure she got.
Elder Qi didn’t even look at the treasure and his eyes that were full of vicissitudes only stared at Xiao Ling.

“What exactly happened to Yun Feng?”

The resentment in Xiao Ling’s heart grew stronger, but she didn’t show it on her face at all.
She only said softly, “She’s… dead.”

“What did you say?” Elder Qi immediately widened his black eyes and looked at his granddaughter with a surprised face.
Xiao Ling couldn’t help but lift her head.
“Grandpa, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Yan Yu! The situation in the Dragon Palace is much more dangerous than we thought.
That powerful sound wave attack directly killed her…”

Xiao Ling slowly lowered her head, while Elder Qi’s eyes gazed at his granddaughter for a long time.
He only felt a chill in his heart.
That human was dead? If that was the case, Young Master…

Elder Qi couldn’t help but move his gaze to Ao Jin.
After seeing Xiao Ling and Yan Yu, Ao Jin thought he would see Yun Feng as well, but nobody came out again! At this moment, Ao Jin’s handsome face had turned as dark as charcoal and his anger also surged out slowly.

“Young Master!” Elder Qi immediately rushed over when he saw that and Yan Ting’s face also darkened.
His body also flashed and stood next to Ao Jin.
His fierceness that grew stronger and stronger in the air had already made many members of the Dragons uncomfortable.
This was caused by Ao Jin’s dragon pressure!

“Young Master, the time for opening the Dragon Palace is almost up.
Please don’t push yourself too far.” Yan Ting said on the side.
Ao Jin didn’t say anything.
He just grunted coldly.

“I don’t need you to teach me what I need to do!”

Yan Ting’s expression changed and he immediately went silent.
Elder Qi watched on the side and was so scared that he dared not say a word.
After a while, the passage to the Dragon Palace slowly faded.
Anxiousness surged out of Ao Jin’s golden eyes once he saw that.
Kid, where are you? Come out! Come out now!

The passage got darker and darker, as Ao Jin’s face darkened even more and the dragon pressure that came out of his body got stronger.
Many members of the Dragons clutched their bodies and fell on the ground in pain one after another.

“Young Master, please calm down!” Elder Qi barely resisted Ao Jin’s dragon pressure and shouted loudly.

Ao Jin watched the passage disappear slowly.
The entrance to the Dragon Palace had been closed completely, but Yun Feng still wasn’t out.
This also meant that she would be trapped inside forever, or she had died already.

Any one of these two results would make Ao Jin enraged.
The moment the passage to the Dragon Palace disappeared, Ao Jin turned around abruptly and reached his arms out, and Xiao Ling and Yan Yu’s messy bodies flew towards Ao Jin from two directions at the same time!

“Young Master!” Elder Qi and Yan Yu immediately shouted after seeing that.
Ao Jin’s fierce golden eyes suddenly brightened and Elder Qi and Yan Ting were knocked away by two invisible forces!

“Tell me! What exactly happened to that girl?” Ao Jin grabbed Xiao Ling and Yan Yu, holding one of them in each hand.
The other members of the Dragons remained silent.
The Young Master of the Dragons was enraged.
This anger wasn’t something ordinary people could withstand.

Yan Yu’s expression suddenly changed.
Xiao Ling immediately spoke ahead of him after seeing this, “Yun Feng is dead!”

“What did you say?” Ao Jin’s pupils shrank abruptly and the hand he used to grab Xiao Ling tightened.
Xiao Ling felt breathless and she yelled as she struggled, “Yan Yu and I barely survived that terrifying sound wave attack, but Yun Feng died right there!”

Yan Yu also calmed his mind at this moment and constantly nodded at Ao Jin.
“Young Master, Xiao Ling is right.
The others crushed the jade pendants when they were about to die, but Yun Feng is a human being.
Humans don’t have a strong body.

Yan Yu looked at Ao Jin’s pale face as he spoke with a lower voice and completely lost his voice in the end.
Ao Jin’s hands suddenly loosened and both of them fell on the ground messily.
Ao Jin slowly closed his eyes, thinking about what those people who escaped from the Dragon Palace said.
The terrifying sound wave attack was indeed something.
Two members of the Dragons already died inside… That kid was only at level 8.
Even the powerful bodies of the Dragons couldn’t withstand the attack, so how would she be able to resist it… This was his fault.
This was all his fault…

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