Chapter 197: Reaching the Commander Level (1)

“Yun Feng still hasn’t come out.
What exactly is going on? Perhaps she has already gone out?” Yan Yu looked at the Dragon Palace in front of his eyes and gritted his teeth fiercely.
If she had really gotten out, he wouldn’t be able to reconcile to it!

Xiao Ling also remained silent.
She bit her lips and couldn’t say a word.
There were only two days left before the one-month time limit ended, but Yun Feng was still nowhere to be seen.
What exactly happened on the eighth level? What did it mean by humans having their rules? Did she choose the right door and enter the ninth level?

Thinking of this, Xiao Ling’s heart felt like it was being gnawed by thousands of ants.
It was unbearably itchy because she really wanted to know the answer, but there was nothing she could do.
Anger then rose gradually in her mind.
“We’ll keep waiting! We’re not leaving until the last moment!”

Yan Yu also made up his mind and sat back down on the ground after hearing what Xiao Ling said.
He would continue waiting.
He didn’t believe that Yun Feng would still not come out when the time limit was up.
If she didn’t come out, she would be trapped in the Dragon Palace!

Both of them continued waiting patiently, looking like they would stay until the last moment.
Their faces were full of anger and they were extremely frustrated.
Meanwhile, Yun Feng was practicing quietly with her eyes shut on the tenth level and her strength was also increasing silently.

Finally, it was the day of the one-month time limit!

Yan Yu and Xiao Ling opened their eyes and looked at the Dragon Palace in front of them that still didn’t have any movement.
Both of them were enraged.
“She must have gone out earlier!” Yan Yu gritted his teeth and looked at Xiao Ling furiously.
“It’s your fault! If you didn’t stop me, I would have taken her things already, better than not being able to get anything now!”

Xiao Ling was also speechless.
Thinking of the weapon that was taken away, how could she feel good? If she knew earlier, she would have allowed Yan Yu to do whatever he wanted! She wasn’t sure what the real situation was right now.
What if she stayed in the Dragon Palace? It was alright if she got out.
If she didn’t, it would be fine if she just died.
However, if she was alive, wouldn’t everything in the Dragon Palace be in her possession?

Thinking of this, a hint of viciousness suddenly flashed through Xiao Ling’s beautiful eyes.
Her hands immediately turned into dragon claws with black glitters.
Yan Yu’s expression couldn’t help changing when he saw this.
“What are you doing?”

Xiao Ling rolled her eyes at Yan Yu.
“What are you afraid of? I won’t do anything to you.
It’s just pretend! It’ll be fine if Yun Feng has gotten out of here.
If she stays in the Dragon Palace and the other members of the Dragons know about it, it’s not going to end well for both of us! Originally, if we could take enough treasures out, that would also make it up, but you and I have only one treasure each right now.
It’s hard for us to escape punishment!”

Yan Yu frowned and also turned pale when he thought about the elder of the Red Dragons, Yan Ting.
“What should we do now?”

“What should we do? Of course, we have to create some illusions.
You and I risked our lives and fought desperately to get the treasures, while Yun Feng… It doesn’t matter if she’s gone out.
As long as we say the same thing and make her the scapegoat, all the Dragons will see her as an enemy.
And if she isn’t out, hm…”

Yan Yu also pondered in his mind at this moment and kept up with Xiao Ling’s speed.
“Are you saying that we’ll just let her die here if she’s not out?”

“Hm! It’s none of our business whether she’s dead or not.
We just need to let the members of the Dragons know that she died here!”

“Hahaha, the most evil woman’s heart.
Xiao Ling, this is just right for you.
I always thought that the Black Dragons were protecting her.
I didn’t expect you to change sides.” Yan Yu looked at Xiao Ling with a bit of sarcasm in his eyes.
“Didn’t the Black Dragons claim to be the noble ones? Why are you like this now?”

Xiao Ling flushed and was a bit embarrassed.
“I won’t offend someone who never offends me! She took away my weapon.
Even though grandpa asked me to take care of her, I’ve done that as well.
Nobody owes anyone anything!”

Yan Yu grunted coldly.
Xiao Ling was still hiding her thoughts and he didn’t have the energy to expose her anymore.
It couldn’t be clearer who was thinking what at this moment.

The blush on Xiao Ling’s face slowly faded and she swung her black dragon claw at Yan Yu fiercely.
A few wounds immediately appeared on Yan Yu’s arm as blood oozed out.

“Why are you still standing there? Attack me quickly!” Xiao Ling calculated the time in her mind.
They dared not go out at the last minute.
If their Young Master couldn’t hang on until that time, the two of them would be trapped here and it was uncertain when the Dragon Palace would be opened again next time!

Yan Yu also took out his weapon without hesitation and attacked Xiao Ling viciously.
Xiao Ling watched Yan Yu swing his spear as she gritted her teeth.
Great, Yan Yu.
You’re taking revenge on me at this moment.
Wait until we get out of here!

Yan Yu wielded the spear in his hand hard and didn’t hold back at all when he attacked Xiao Ling.
After a harsh attack, there were wounds on Xiao Ling’s body and blood also oozed out of the corners of her mouth.
She stood there with a pale face, looking like she had gone through a fierce battle.

“You’re ruthless!” Xiao Ling glared at Yan Yu viciously, as Yan Yu burst into laughter.
“I only did what you asked.
You asked me to attack you and I just fulfilled your request.”

“Cut the crap! Let’s go.” Xiao Ling glanced at Yan Yu in disdain.
If it weren’t that both of them were members of the Dragons, they would probably have killed each other.

Yan Yu nodded with a smile at the corners of his mouth.
Both of them took out the jade pendants that Ao Jin gave each of them at the beginning and crushed them fiercely with their hands.
The jade pendants immediately shattered as a beam of golden light instantly surrounded their bodies.
Yan Yu and Xiao Ling looked at the Dragon Palace in front of their eyes with sorrow one last time.
Two beams of golden light flashed and the two of them disappeared completely from in front of the Dragon Palace.

“Phew…” Rapid panting sounds came from the space and Yan Yu and Xiao Ling ran out of the entrance of the Dragon Palace in panic.

“Xiao Ling! Yan Yu!” The elders of the Black Dragons and the Red Dragons, who had been waiting outside anxiously, got up quickly and ran to pick up their descendants.
Seeing how messy the two of them looked with injuries all over their faces, the elders were all a bit worried.

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