Chapter 196: Level (4)

“Take the catalogue and the chorography.
They’ll be very useful for your future practice.” The voice sounded as the halo around the two books also disappeared slowly.
Yun Feng walked over and put them away carefully.
With the strength and insights of this summoner, this was a great invisible asset!

“As for the other things, just leave them here for now.
Since you’re able to come in here, it means that you and the Dragons have a good relationship and they’ve also told you some information about me.
What I need to tell you right now is that I’m not dead.”

Yun Feng’s heart shook immediately.
He wasn’t dead! Her Master wasn’t dead!

“With enthusiasm, I tried to take down a Fantastical Beast back then and was indeed injured, but I was framed by someone.
Even though my life was no longer in danger, I was imprisoned by them.”

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes abruptly.
Master was framed by someone? It seemed that the people who dared to frame Master must be something as well… Master was imprisoned.
For what? It must be because Master was useful to these people!

“Take this jade pendant.” The halo disappeared again and an entirely white jade pendant flew to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng grabbed it immediately and held it in her hand.
Coldness seeped into her palm while the surface of the jade pendant shone with a faint luster.

“Apprentice, I don’t know how long I’ve been trapped and I have no idea if I can find a suitable inheritor for these things.
Now that you’re here in this place, it’s kind of a blessing for both of us.
If you don’t have the ability, I won’t force you to take this risk.
If you have the ability and the heart to do it, you’ll be able to contact me when you manage to open the jade pendant.”

Yun Feng held the jade pendant in her hand tight and could hear the deep frustration and sorrow in her Master’s words.
How long had he been imprisoned? A thousand years? And in these thousand years, no human beings had ever come in here, except for her!

Her Master was suffering and being tortured somewhere in an unknown place.
Since she accepted the inheritance he gave her, since she called him Master, she should bear this responsibility, carry this morality and do something that made her worthy of this heritage!

“Master, don’t worry.
I’ll definitely practice hard and get you out, I will!”

“After entering here, the only way out is through arrays.” The voice came again.
Yun Feng saw an array with faint glitters appear in a corner in the space.
She didn’t walk over, because she knew things wouldn’t possibly be so simple.

“Being able to become my apprentice, you must be talented, but you can’t have an arrogant personality either.
So, stay here and focus on practicing.
The array can only be opened when you reach the Commander Level.
Take care.”

The voice didn’t come again after saying this.
Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
The Commander Level… It seemed that she would be here for a while.

On the most mysterious tenth level of the Dragon Palace, the tenth level that no humans or creatures had ever entered, a slim person was sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed.
Her curled eyelashes cast a thin layer of shadow on her cheeks and her entire body was in an extremely peaceful state.
Mental strength slowly moved around her, constantly mingling closely with the elemental forces in the air.

Yun Feng had already been practicing here quietly with her eyes closed for almost a month.
Ever since the moment she closed her eyes and started practicing, she had known that the concentration of the elemental force in the small space on the tenth level was a few hundred times higher than in the outside world.
Practicing here was a huge opportunity for a mage!

Yun Feng hadn’t been practicing here for a whole month and there were already signs that her strength in the early stage of level 8 was about to enter the mid-stage.
Reaching the mid-stage in less than a month was something impossible for a mage, especially for mages on the East Continent, and nobody would possibly believe it if they were told about it.
However, Yun Feng did it.

Yun Feng felt her mental strength change slowly and felt delighted.
With such a speed, it shouldn’t be difficult for her to reach the Commander Level in a year and a half!

Yun Feng focused on practicing and tried to work hard to reach the Commander Level in a year and a half wholeheartedly.
She had never thought that her speed of breaking through the levels had gone beyond people’s knowledge!

After reaching the advanced level, practicing became more difficult and required hard work, and it would take thousands of hardships to break through to an even higher level.
Normal people would need a few years to go from level 7 to level 8 and an even longer time to go from level 8 to level 9.
The rise within level 9 was also extremely hard.
People who were at the peak of level 9 were mostly middle-aged people of around 40 to 50 years old or elderly people of 60 to 70 years old.
As for the Commander Level, it was even more difficult.
Some people might even be stuck at the peak of level 9 forever.
Even though there was only one step between the peak of level 9 and the Commander Level, this step was as hard as climbing up into the sky!

Even if a level-9 powerhouse was at the peak stage, this powerhouse would have no power to fight back at all when facing a Commander-Level master, as soon as the Commander-Level master waved a hand.
That was the difference!

For the current East Continent, although there was a slight difference in the strength of the four empires, it was also quite balanced.
Take the Karan Empire as an example.
There were indeed Commander-Level powerhouses.
WIthout Commander-Level powerhouses, how would the Karan Royal Family be able to sit firmly in this position of imperial power?

However, most Commander-Level powerhouses were for praying and threatening.
All four empires had Commander-Level powerhouses and a basic balance was maintained in terms of the number.
The reason why the four empires could be so peaceful was because of the mutual suppression of the Commander-Level powerhouses.

Now, on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace, another Commander-Level powerhouse was about to appear in the world!

The longer Yun Feng practiced, the more she felt comfortable, and she lost track of time gradually, and also forgot about the fact that there was a month time limit for the exploration of the Dragon Palace.
With this Teleportation Array, she wouldn’t have to worry about being trapped in the Dragon Palace and being unable to get out.
The jade pendant Ao Jin gave her was also stored in her bracelet quietly and hadn’t been touched even once.

Yun Feng kept practicing slowly on this side, while Yan Yu and Xiao Ling, who had been waiting outside the Dragon Palace, couldn’t wait any longer.
Both of them had already been outside the Dragon Palace for almost a month.
They both waited calmly at first.
Then, Yan Yu got a bit impatient in the middle, while Xiao Ling was still very calm.
However, when it was almost the end of one month, Xiao Ling couldn’t remain calm either.

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