Chapter 194: Level (2)

The more Xiao Ling thought about it, the more it felt wrong.
Logically, all the treasures in the Dragon Palace should belong to the Dragons.
Such a rule was harmful and not beneficial to the Dragons at all! This was an invisible restriction on the Dragons! Also, Yun Feng was a human being.
When humans entered the Dragon Palace, why would there be rules for them as well? Did the former owner of the Dragon Palace know there would be humans coming here?

Strange, really strange…

“Xiao Ling, what are you thinking? What should we do now? We can neither get in nor get out!” Yan Yu’s fiery temper appeared again when he saw Xiao Ling frown and stand there without talking.
This trip hadn’t been going well already, and now, so many things were taken away from them.
Yan Yu was more furious than ever! However, what could he do even if he was furious? The invisible barrier was there.
He wasn’t dumb enough to dig his own grave again!

“What else can we do? Can’t you use your brain and think? Other than just staying here and waiting for her to come out, what else can we do?” Xiao Ling was also annoyed.
Her weapon was taken by Yun Feng and she only got one treasure.
Xiao Ling was even more furious than Yan Yu at the moment.
Yan Yu flushed and forcibly repressed his anger.
He also understood that the two of them shouldn’t fight in such a situation.

“Alright! I’ll wait for Yun Feng to come out here! If she dares to take more than one treasure from the Dragon Palace, I’ll make her spit them all out!” Yan Yu sat on the ground and crossed his legs, staring at the Dragon Palace.
Xiao Ling also sat down.
The two of them could only wait here now.
The time limit was one month.
She didn’t believe that Yun Feng wouldn’t come out!

The two of them had nothing they could do.
They could only wait here like this.
Yan Yu still wanted Yun Feng’s dimension container, while Xiao Ling wanted to take back her own weapon.
Both of them were kind of united at this moment.
In this enclosed space, they both calmed their minds and used this time to practice.


After Yun Feng and Lan Yi entered the door, a gentle light kept dragging the two of them forward.
Apart from the white light, Yun Feng couldn’t see anything else.
After a while, the light disappeared and Yun Feng looked up again.
This was an extremely vast square, but there was nothing on it.

Empty? There was nothing on the ninth level?

Yun Feng looked at the empty, enormous square in front of her and raised her eyebrows gently.
“Lan Yi, do you know anything about the ninth level?”

Lan Yi shook his head.
“Master, I know nothing about it.”

Yun Feng knew Lan Yi wasn’t lying when she heard this.
She slowly glanced over all the places of the square.
Apart from a vast ground, there was really nothing on the walls around.

Strange, really strange.

Logically, it was impossible that there was nothing on the ninth level.
If there wasn’t anything, why should there be the ninth level? There must be some mystery on the ninth level.
Or the things on the ninth level were hidden?

“Kid, look at the walls.” The ancestor’s voice came to Yun Feng’s mind.
She looked over.
The four walls around the square were made of black stone.
Their surface was smooth and had no damage at all, which showed that no one seemed to have been to this place.
Yun Feng walked as she observed carefully.
After going one around, she finally noticed something special.

On the walls that surrounded the square, there were seven very special marks in seven different directions, including fire, leaf, water drop, lightning, small mountain, the sun and skeleton.
These seven special marks didn’t seem very special at first glance, but they were so conspicuous after looking carefully.

Yun Feng also understood after glancing over them.
These seven special marks represented seven different elemental forces, corresponding to each of them respectively.
The seven marks engraved on the walls must have their own uses.
They couldn’t possibly be just decorations.

Yun Feng slowly closed her eyes, while Lan Yi looked at her quietly from the side with deep appreciation in his blue eyes.
Mental strength surged out of Yun Feng’s body slowly.
When the mental strength penetrated into the space, Yun Feng discovered that the elemental force in the space was unusually strong!

Her heart pounded.
Yun Feng’s mental strength and the five types of elemental forces she could see communicated closely and slowly penetrated each other.
Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the fire mark as her mental strength rushed forward with the fire element, covering the fire mark slowly.

If she was right, this was the key to unlocking the secrets of the ninth level!

“Buzz!” The fire mark let out a subtle buzzing sound.
The fire mark that was covered by the fire element then suddenly shone and was completely ignited!

Yun Feng’s eyes brightened.
The leaf, the water drop, the lightning and the little mountain all lit up one after another! The five lighted marks on the walls shone on each other, looking gorgeous in an instant! At this moment, the locations of the seven marks suddenly changed.
The five lighted marks occupied five corners of the square respectively and five beams of colorful light shot out of the five marks all of a sudden, illuminating the center of the vast square!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked at this scene in front of her.
After the five beams of colorful light shot out, they all disappeared all of a sudden.
The marks that were lit up became dark again.
What was different was that a circle array full of dots of light appeared on the vast square on the ninth level.
Yun Feng looked at the array as her heart moved, as if something was calling her in the dark.

Yun Feng gave it a thought as Lan Yi turned into a beam of green light, flashing into the Ring of Contract.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder also got closer and leaned against Yun Feng’s cheek even more, bending its little body slightly.

Yun Feng walked into the Teleportation Array.
She didn’t know where this array would send her, but she knew that the person that set up this Teleportation Array would definitely not hurt her.

She stood inside the Teleportation Array as dazzling light burst out of the array abruptly.
Then, Yun Feng’s body immediately disappeared from the ninth level and the array also vanished after that.
The ninth level was still empty and silent, as if nobody had ever come here.

Yun Feng’s body seemed to be passing through a crack.
She held her breath and focused.
Her mind dared not relax or wander at all and was preparing for any sudden situations that might happen, so her body was constantly in an extremely tense condition.

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