Chapter 193: Level (1)

Yun Feng looked at Lan Yi in the center of the Array of Contract.
The contract this time was much more convenient than the first time.
Little Fire wanted to deceive her and escape the first time, but Lan Yi was willing to do it this time!

“Wind Contract, appear!” As Yun Feng shouted with a deep voice, the five-color Array of Contract slowly became purely green.
The green wind element kept surging in the Array of Contract, enveloping Lan Yi’s entire body.

“I’m drawing up a contract.
From now on, you’ll be my beast.
Contract!” Yun Feng said these words in her mind.
When she opened her eyes, a glint of green light flashed through, like a dazzling shooting star.

Different from Little Fire’s master-servant contract, the contract between Yun Feng and Lan Yi was an equality contract.
Lan Yi’s heartfelt admiration made Yun Feng choose to give him a freer contract.
Even though Little Fire was also extremely obedient right now, he used to be irritable and ruthless at the beginning, so Yun Feng couldn’t rest assured.

The Array of Contract slowly disappeared underneath Lan Yi’s body, while Yun Feng also had a strange feeling.
Her connection with Lan Yi had already become closer.
Once a summoner contracted with a Magic Beast, their minds would be connected.

A wisp of pure green color slowly flowed out of Lan Yi’s body and turned into a green thread, twining around Yun Feng’s finger.
Yun Feng watched the strand of wind element wrap around her finger slowly.
In the end, a green light shone and an entire green ring appeared on her finger with eight tree marks on the surface of the ring.

A level-8 contracted Wind Magic Beast, Lan Yi!

“Master.” Lan Yi looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
Yun Feng nodded as she glanced at the green Ring of Contract on her finger and felt weirdly content.
The second Magic Beast she contracted was in the Dragon Palace.
This was something she had never imagined no matter what.

“Kid, congratulations.” After the space shook slightly, the young man, who had been hiding to watch the battle, showed up and he sized Yun Feng up with his gray eyes in satisfaction.

“Thank you, Senior.
I’m just lucky.” Yun Feng smiled humbly as the young man let out a weird laugh and glanced at Lan Yi.
“This boy can be your ride.
Don’t humans like to show their authority and dignity? Lan Yi can help you with that.”

Yun Feng pondered in her mind for a second.
The totem on Lan Yi’s wings should be his original appearance, a Magic Beast with four wings, a lion head and an eagle body.
If she really rode him back to the human world, the entire East Continent would probably be stirred.

“Lan Yi, what Magic Beast is your original body?” Yun Feng asked as Lan Yi answered, “A Griffin.”

“Kid, don’t underestimate Lan Yi.
Griffins are the kings among the eagles.
The number of wings a Griffin has also determines how pure its blood is.
As far as I know, Lan Yi is the only one with two pairs of wings among all the Griffins.”

Lan Yi didn’t say much, but Yun Feng knew what that meant.
Even though Lan Yi wasn’t a Mutated Magic Beast, he was the kind with strong ability in terms of type and was also the only Magic Beast with four wings among the Griffins.
He could also be regarded as a rare species!

“Kid, the Griffins rarely show up in the world.
I know very little about this species.
You’re lucky that you can meet a four-winged Griffin here!” There was strong jealousy in the ancestor’s words.
Even though he probably had some unexpected encounters as well when he was powerful, he had never experienced something like Yun Feng did, meeting the Young Master of the Dragons in reality, then being taken to Dragon Valley, followed by the Dragon Palace, and finally contracting with a four-winged Griffin!

Yun Feng smiled.
She indeed had huge blessings.
She entered the Great Crack by accident this time, but it surprisingly brought her so many opportunities.

“Human, since you’ve already defeated Lan Yi, you can enter the ninth level.” The old voice came again and Yun Feng became serious.
Lan Yi stood next to Yun Feng as he glanced at her, “Master, don’t worry.”

“Kid, you’re helping the outsider already?” The young man burst into laughter and said to Lan Yi in a teasing tone.
Lan Yi turned around with frustration in his blue eyes.
“Uncle Yao, you should say some good words.”

The young man laughed weirdly and didn’t say anything else.
One of the ten doors was opened.
Yun Feng looked at the white world inside the door as the enthusiasm in her mind surged slightly once again.

“Master, let’s go.” Lan Yi whispered next to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng nodded and walked to the front of the door with Lan Yi standing next to her.
A gentle light then dragged both of their bodies into the door.

“Bang!” The door slowly closed and made a slight noise after the two of them got in.
The young man looked at the closed door as he mumbled, “Little girl, it’s not over yet.
It’ll depend on you now.”

Meanwhile, on Yan Yu and Xiao Ling’s side, both of them entered two doors and were dragged inside by two beams of light.
The two of them were certainly holding hopes in their minds, wishing that they could go to the mysterious ninth level.
If they truly got into the ninth level, they might be able to make up for the things they lost.
Who knew what treasures there were on the ninth level? Perhaps those treasures were even better than what they got before!

The two of them were nervous and excited at the same time.
Thinking of that mysterious ninth level, thinking of the treasures that were possibly there, the enthusiasm in both of their hearts surged!

“Swish!” The white light around them had already disappeared completely.
Xiao Ling and Yan Yu both couldn’t wait to open their eyes, but what they saw were each other’s faces and they also saw the moment when the hope on their faces turned into disappointment at the same time.

“We’re out.” Xiao Ling looked at Yan Yu speechlessly, and Yan Yu looked back at her.
Both of them gazed at the Dragon Palace that was so close to them but they couldn’t enter, as they felt anxious in their minds.

“Do you think that human can enter the ninth level?” Yan Yu stared at the Dragon Palace firmly while frowning.
He looked up, as if he wanted to see the scenery up there.
However, the Dragon Palace was so towering that it went into the sky, so he couldn’t see anything at all.

Xiao Ling frowned and stood there.
She was the most frustrated right now.
Even though she didn’t return with empty hands, she could only take one thing out.
She felt like she suffered great losses just thinking about it! Also, her weapon was taken away by Yun Feng as well.
This was what made her most furious.
She and Yan Yu could be considered fully loaded along the way, but who would have thought that they would lose all the treasures on the eighth level? Who exactly made such a rule? Wasn’t that person trying to stop the Dragons from taking the things in the Dragon Palace?

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