Chapter 192: Wind Magic Beast, Lan Yi (4)

“Kid, defend yourself quickly!” The ancestor’s words suddenly pulled Yun Feng’s sanity back.
Yun Feng waved her wand abruptly as light shone again.
“Earth Shield!”

The shield formed by the Earth Shield protected Yun Feng firmly in front of her.
Layers and layers of Earth Shields kept stacking up.
Seeing Yun Feng’s defense, Lan Yi’s wings suddenly flapped and thousands of green light balls dashed towards Yun Feng like shooting stars!

“Boom, boom! Bang, Bang!” The Earth Shields were attacked by thousands of green light balls and they shattered immediately layer by layer.
A green aura enveloped Yun Feng’s entire body, wrapping her inside completely!

“That boy is through…” The young man with gray eyes moved his body and wanted to stop Lan Yi, but the owner of the old voice said slowly, “Lan Yi only concedes to people who can beat him.
If that human can’t even defeat him, how would she be the person we’ve been waiting for?”

The young man pondered for a while.
In the end, his body floated back again and he stared at Yun Feng firmly with his gray eyes.
Kid, don’t let me down.

Yun Feng only felt like the world around her was filled with green wind elements.
A hundred green light balls shot towards her and her earth-element defense was broken through again!

This is the so-called big move… Yun Feng thought in her mind as she waved the wand in her hand continuously.
Earth Shields appeared again.
Facing thousands of attacks at the same time was also overwhelming for people with extremely powerful mental strength like Yun Feng!

The thunderbolts in the sky weren’t helping either at this moment and the earth element also had just a little inhibitory effect.
However, when Lan Yi showed his giant wings, this inhibitory effect became so tiny.
This was a very powerful Magic Beast! When facing Yun Feng’s four-element magic attack, he could still force Yun Feng into such a situation.
Powerful, too powerful!

Yun Feng looked at Lan Yi’s body high in the sky through the green light as the enthusiasm in her body surged.
She must contract with him, she must!

Yun Feng waved the wand in her hand as the earth element immediately formed a small platform in front of Yun Feng.
“Kid, what are you doing?” The ancestor’s voice sounded in her mind.
Yun Feng’s move was undoubtedly no different than committing suicide.
However, Yun Feng smiled with her red lips and looked fearless!

Her small body hopped and stood onto the platform, exposed in the attacks of thousands of wind elements!

“Tut! This girl is crazy!” The young man couldn’t help growling deeply after seeing this scene, while the owner of the old voice chuckled.
“This human is really interesting…”

“Old man, if you’re not doing anything, I will!” The young man swung his black sleeves as he looked at Yun Feng who didn’t care about her life, but the force he swung out bounced back gently.
The young man looked viciously in the air.
“Old man, if something happens to that girl, I’ll turn your home upside down, until I drag you out!”

“Yao Guang, calm down.

The young man immediately turned his head over and saw Yun Feng, who was standing on the platform, suddenly jumped up and rushed towards Lan Yi fiercely under the attacks of thousands of wind elements!

“You…” Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel startled when he saw Yun Feng dash towards him without caring about her life.
Yun Feng gave a smile with her gorgeous facial features as countless green light balls rushed towards Yun Feng’s body.
Yun Feng clenched her fists tight and swung her arm fiercely to the side!

“Bang!” The wind elements all shattered under Yun Feng’s punch!

Lan Yi’s pupils shrank fiercely.
He watched Yun Feng crush the attacks of his wind elements as the green light balls flew towards her continuously, with a surprised look! This was impossible.
How was it possible?

Meatball suddenly jumped up on Yun Feng’s shoulder and raised its little head as it yelled, “Nana!” Lan Yi felt like a body flew out of the green light abruptly.
That beautiful little face with a confident smile immediately appeared in front of him face to face!

“Bang!” Yun Feng’s fist punched Lan Yi’s chest fiercely as Lan Yi’s body trembled and his wings flapped several times abruptly.
He landed on the ground and the thousands of attacks of the wind elements immediately disappeared!

Yun Feng’s body landed on the ground gently as she waved the wand in her hand and all the elemental force dissipated instantly.
The space was still the same.
There were no other changes, except for the cracks all over the ground and pieces of rocks that came out.

Yun Feng slowly walked to Lan Yi and looked at Lan Yi, who was lying on the ground with astonishment on his face at this moment, with her beautiful, glittering eyes.
“Am I qualified to be your Master now?”

Lan Yi flapped the two pairs of giant wings on his back slightly and they disappeared in an instant.
His skinny body got up from the ground as he looked at Yun Feng from above with a smile in his blue eyes.

“Of course, Master.” Lan Yi slowly knelt on one knee and lowered his head slightly.
The blue pattern on his cheek was shown in front of Yun Feng, looking very elegant.

Yun Feng curled up her lips and smiled.
It was something very glorious and proud when a summoner’s strength was recognized and could convince a Magic Beast.

Yun Feng’s mental strength spread from the inside of her body and the slightly slimy mental strength slowly covered Lan Yi’s area with energy.
Lan Yi didn’t resist at all.
He knelt there quietly, waiting for Yun Feng to contract with him.

“Array of Contract, open!” Yun Feng shouted with a deep voice as a five-color Array of Contract appeared on the ground underneath Lan Yi abruptly.
The five tips of the Array of Contract were shining with different colors.
The red color of the fire element was the brightest, while the other four colors were slightly dimmer.

When Lan Yi saw the five-color Array of Contract, he couldn’t help but feel shocked.
Five colors? He thought she was at most a four-element summoner at first.
He didn’t expect her to be a five-element summoner!

Lan Yi felt gratified and excited.
This Master he found was the right one!

“That kid is a five-element summoner.
Tut-tut, I didn’t expect that.
I didn’t expect that…” The young man watching the battle on the side exclaimed continuously after seeing Yun Feng’s Array of Contract, while the owner of the old voice also remained silent, as if he was in shock.

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