Chapter 191: Wind Magic Beast, Lan Yi (3)

As Yun Feng spun the wand in her hand, a pale purple color suddenly appeared on the tip of the wand and that purple color was unusually vicious, letting out beams of light that looked like tiny snakes, twisting and roaring constantly!

More and more purple elements gathered around the wand gradually and claps of thunder also sounded faintly in the space around the wand!

Lan Yi’s body that was constantly flying in the air, suddenly paused for a second, then he hid himself at a faster speed.
Did he see it correctly? That human was using the thunder element.
Together with the three elements he saw just then, she knew four, four elements!

“Old man, do you see that? The girl is a four-element summoner.
Hahaha!” The young man laughed loudly, while the owner of the old voice went silent and then chuckled.
“Yao Guang, I guess I’ll lose to you this time.”

Yun Feng closed her eyes as the wand in her hand had already been covered by the thunder element gradually.
Vague sounds of thunder came from the wand and Yun Feng’s eyes suddenly opened!

“Thunder!” Yun Feng whispered softly as the thunder element on the wand burst out.
Twisted lightning shot out of Yun Feng’s wand abruptly like raging dragons, filling the entire space in an instant!

“Bang! Bang!” Claps of thunder sounded in the sky and lightning faintly appeared like many thin, long snakes.

Yun Feng opened her eyes and looked at the fierce thunderbolts in the entire space as her red lips curved slightly.
Lan Yi was really fast, but the speed of the thunderbolts were rapid!

“Clap!” A lightning struck in the sky suddenly.
Lan Yi’s body that was flying in the air stopped right there abruptly.
Yun Feng’s lips curled up and gave a smile as she pointed the wand in her hand again.
“Fire Arrow.” The red fire-element arrow shot towards Lan Yi with a whooshing sound.
Lan Yi narrowed his blue eyes and he immediately dodged, avoiding the arrow quickly.
His body turned into a shadow, while another thunderbolt struck in the sky again!

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!” Several thunderbolts struck at Lan Yi and he finally panicked.
The speed that he had always been proud of couldn’t do anything at all at this moment!

Lan Yi dodged in panic, while Yun Feng stood right there with the wand in her hand and pointed it at Lan Yi, who stopped because of the thunderbolts.
Fire Arrows shot out consecutively one after another! Even though they didn’t injure Lan Yi, he wasn’t doing well either! The situation of the two of them immediately reversed.
Yun Feng was now the person who was controlling the battlefield!

The young man, who was watching the battle on the side, couldn’t help but sighed.
“This little girl is truly unpredictable… Lan Yi is going to lose in her hands.
Haha, I’ve only met a few people who have mastered four elements, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone with such a level at this age!”

Lan Yi kept dodging in panic, as if he also understood that his speed didn’t give him an advantage at all in this sky that was covered with lightning and with the suppression of the earth element.
If he continued to consume his energy like this, he would be the one who lost!

Lan Yi’s body suddenly stopped and the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became even wider after seeing this.
She raised the wand in her hand abruptly as she heard the thunder element make a loud noise all of a sudden!

“Bang!” A thunderbolt that was as large as a human being struck at Lan Yi’s head, flashing directly towards his body! Lan Yi narrowed his blue eyes abruptly and the patterns that extended from the side of his handsome face to the inside of his body immediately released dazzling light! Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly.
When she opened her eyes again, she found that Lan Yi already looked totally different!

He still had that handsome face, that blue mysterious pattern and that slim, slender body.
What was different was that there were two pairs of giant blue wings on Lan Yi’s back.

“Whoosh, whoosh…” The two pairs of giant blue wings suddenly wrapped around Lan Yi and the surface of the wings also emitted strong green light, forming a green halo around Lan Yi’s body!

“Bang!” A thunderbolt struck on the green halo fiercely, as Lan Yi’s body and his wings shook slightly.
The color of the green halo became paler, withstanding the attack of the thunderbolt.

Yun Feng stood right where she was a bit speechless as she looked at those two pairs of giant blue wings on Lan Yi’s back.
Those two pairs of wings were quite beautiful.
They weren’t entirely blue, but blue and white mixed together, forming a magical pattern on those wings!

Lan Yi looked at Yun Feng deeply with his blue eyes and the two pairs of giant wings on his back flapped gently, making the sounds of wind.
Lan Yi was also quite shocked that she could force him into such a situation.
This… was truly unbelievable!

“Lan Yi, are you a Magic Beast?” Yun Feng looked at Lan Yi and asked softly.
Lan Yi froze for a second, as if he understood what Yun Feng was thinking in her mind.
A smile appeared on his handsome face again as his giant wings flapped on his back.

“That’s right! I’m a Wind Magic Beast.”

The enthusiasm in Yun Feng’s mind immediately became stronger and the passion in her bones was ignited in an instant.
Even though she had no idea what kind of Magic Beast he was and didn’t really know his personality, she would take him!

Yun Feng licked her lips gently as she looked at Lan Yi with a smile in her black eyes and suddenly pointed at him with the wand in her hand.
“I’ll take you!”

Lan Yi was startled and the smile at the corners of his lips became wider.
“You want to contract with me?”

Yun Feng looked at Lan Yi and those two pairs of giant wings on his back, such an abnormal speed, such a rapid attack.
If she wasn’t a multi-element mage, how would she be able to resist it?

“If you want to contract with me, tame me first!” Lan Yi suddenly spread his wings.
Those two pairs of giant wings opened wide in front of Yun Feng and the patterns drawn on the wings were also shown completely before her!

That was a four-winged giant Magic Beast with a lion head and an eagle body.
He was gazing at Yun Feng with his lion eyes and his beast mouth opened, as if he was growling softly!

“Ha!” he shouted loudly.
The patterns on his wings seemed to come to life and the gaze of those eyes were fierce.
Thousands of light balls abruptly gathered on his wings, ready to shoot out!

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