Chapter 190: Wind Magic Beast, Lan Yi (2)

“Hahaha!” Lan Yi raised his head and laughed as pale green light gradually emitted from his body.
Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes.
That was… the wind element, and it was… getting stronger!

The young man with gray eyes looked at Lan Yi’s changes and then laughed weirdly again.
“This kid is getting serious.
Not bad, not bad.”

“Yao Guang, why are you still like this?” The old voice came.
The young man rolled his eyes at a certain spot.
“Aren’t you the same? You’re even worse than me.
You dare not lcome out to meet anyone.”

The old voice was speechless.
After a while, the old man chuckled softly and didn’t say anything else.
Both of them focused on Yun Feng and Lan Yi.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever met who can make me use 80% of my strength.” Lan Yi looked at Yun Feng with his blue eyes.
His eyes glittered with more excitement and the wind element let out around his body also got stronger.

Yun Feng’s red lips curved up slightly.
Being able to be regarded as a match by the others was also a form of recognition.
If that was the case, she should also be a bit more serious, shouldn’t she?

Yun Feng’s wand emitted light again and the wind element, which was the same as that of Lan Yi, also appeared around the wand, enveloping Yun Feng’s entire body!

“You…” Lan Yi couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock after seeing this scene.
Yun Feng chuckled softly.
“Since you’re treating me as a match, I certainly have to be more serious as well!”

Lan Yi suddenly burst into laughter, looking like he was in a pretty good mood.
“Human, you’re really funny.
If that’s the case, we should exert ourselves to fight!” Lan Yi said as the wind element around his body immediately surged to the point that the pale green halo had already turned almost dark green in color!

As Yun Feng felt the wind element around Lan Yi’s body that got crazier, the enthusiasm in her mind started burning completely.
Being able to fight with a well-matched opponent and let go of everything to fight was also a happy thing!

The wind element around Yun Feng’s wand was the strongest and it slowly enveloped her body again, but Yun Feng’s wind element couldn’t compare to that of Lan Yi.
There was a certain difference between the concentration of the two after all.

The young man, who had been watching the battle, put a smile on his face when he saw this scene.
“This girl wants to use the wind element to fight against Lan Yi? This is too naive…”

Naive? Yun Feng certainly wasn’t a naive person.
She knew that she wouldn’t be able to beat Lan Yi’s speed using the wind element to fight with him, especially when Lan Yi exerted 100% of his strength.
The reason why she used the wind element was to increase her sensitivity to Lan Yi’s wind element, so she could sense him better.
Yun Feng wasn’t dumb enough to use the wind element to fight against the wind element when she was at a disadvantage.

Lan Yi looked at the wind element around Yun Feng’s body joyfully.
A faint smile suddenly appeared on his handsome face, which made the young man startled.
“Old man, did you see that? The boy smiled! The stone that hasn’t changed forever has blossomed!”

“Yao Guang, you can be considered an old person, really…” The old voice sounded, but also with a bit of shock.
That boy smiled.
This was the first time ever and it was earth-shattering.

“Human, take this attack!” Lan Yi shouted loudly as the wind element around his body shone fiercely.
The entire space was shining with pale green light!

Yun Feng felt the crazily surging wind element, but her body didn’t move at all.
Meatball on her shoulder seemed to be a bit anxious and it made a few soft sounds.
Yun Feng put a smile at the corners of her mouth and slowly closed her eyes!

“That little girl closed her eyes!” The young man’s body couldn’t help moving after seeing Yun Feng close her eyes.
The owner of the old voice also went silent, as if he was also in shock.

“That girl doesn’t want to live anymore? Lan Yi won’t care about anything when he starts attacking like crazy and this kid still closes her eyes.
She’s digging her own grave!”

The young man with gray eyes looked at Yun Feng, who was standing there with her eyes closed.
The wind element surged around her body violently and a tiny whirlwind appeared in the air gradually!

“This kid…” The young man couldn’t help gritting his teeth and he looked at Yun Feng a bit furiously.
After a while, the owner of the old voice laughed softly.
“Yao Guang, calm down…”

“Of course, you’re not anxious! But…” The young man still wanted to say something, but he suddenly widened his eyes and his gray pupils shrank fiercely! “That little girl…”

“Yao Guang, where exactly did you find this girl?” The owner of the old voice spoke.
He suddenly sounded very serious.
The young man remained silent and burst into laughter abruptly.
“Old man, she may be the one we’ve been waiting for!”

Yun Feng stood there with her eyes closed tight, feeling the wind element in the Earth Field that had slowed down but was still moving so rapidly that there wasn’t even a shadow.
Lan Yi’s body was completely hidden in this space.
Yun Feng couldn’t see any of his movements at all.
She closed her eyes as her wind element slowly penetrated into the space.
As she felt the tiny movements in the air, she couldn’t help frowning.

Fast, too fast, so fast that she couldn’t capture his whereabouts at all, so fast that almost no trace was left!

“Kid, calm your mind.” The ancestor’s voice sounded slowly and Yun Feng’s irritated mind gradually calmed down again.
Her mind was so calm that she looked empty.

This tangible space seemed to become intangible when Yun Feng closed her eyes.
Everything was immersed in the darkness, but Yun Feng felt those tiny and rapid fluctuations.
She knew that those were traces of Lan Yi’s movements!

“Earth Shield!” Yun Feng suddenly shouted as she raised the wand with her eyes closed.
The Earth Shield quickly appeared in front of her.
Following the sound of explosion, the Earth Shield and the blade-like wind clashed against each other and shattered.

This wasn’t the way out.
She couldn’t be passive again.
If not, even her defense would be broken through slowly! A thought suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s mind.
Even though she couldn’t keep up with Lan Yi’s speed, it didn’t mean that other things couldn’t either!

“Kid, your thought is right.
Then, he will lose in speed that he’s most proud of!” The ancestor said with a smile and Yun Feng was even more confident.
Alright, Lan Yi, let’s see how you take this attack next!

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